The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar

When I walked into the Craftisan, I felt the “Zen” ambiance’s calm and peace.

I suggested trying out the handcrafted dessert and coffee bar.

Our criteria, friendly vibes, easy parking, fabulous food, great coffee, and decadent desserts.

For an extended Friday lunch date with friends, the Hardwicke House next to Vouk Hotel was perfect.

The friendly parking attendant greets you and will ask where you are headed.

You get an RM4 rebate off the RM6 parking fee for diners, so don’t be alarmed.

What is the Craftisan?

Just as the moniker suggests, the Craftisan prides itself on its unique and handcrafted coffee, homemade desserts, and treats (read gelato!)

The original location of the café was above the Soul Café, touted as the 1st Photography Café in Malaysia.

The Soul Cafe, their sister cafe, has some of the best recipes for pasta in George Town!

That was when I meet the team behind the brand years ago.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

The Craftisan Coffee

The list of coffee is engaging with the Tasting Plates standing out

You get single espresso coffee – espresso, long black, and latte.

For their best-handcrafted delights – their unique hand-dripped coffee is memorable.

As I mentioned to Barista Hui Ying, my favorite is the Butterscotch Caramel Coffee that she makes.

For that drink, you will need to head over to the Soul Café.

The Craftisan Ambiance

I love the muted colors, and the café has a great chill vibe for dessert and coffee lovers.

If you love selfies, you can find interesting spots to take some great shots here.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

Sit up close to the Barista as your coffee is brewed.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

The dining area with a Zen Garden and plants for sale.

The Craftisan Shop

As you enter, the lobby to the premise’s right are outlets with exciting product displays.

Some of the handcrafted ceramics on display are unique and beautiful.

You can ask for help, and the nice young lady in charge will explain to you.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

Check out the product displays!

The Craftisan Gelato RM10

The Craftisan has tea-inspired gelato, which is slow-churned for increased flavor and density.

There are a selected number of flavors that you can choose from the Homemade Gelato Menu.

I was surprised by traditional Chinese tea in creating Italian gelato when I visited the Craftisan @ Kek Chuan Street.

The unique flavors include all-time favorites Rum & Raisin and Tie Guan Yin’s interesting taste (the Taiwanese oolong tea), Matcha, and Hojicha.

    • Tie Kuan Yin
    • Rum & Raisin
    • Matcha
    • Hojicha
    • Pistachio
    • Salted Caramel
The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

Artisan Gelato for sale. Check out the flavors.

The Craftisan Menu

If you appreciate healthy food, excellent drinks, desserts, and a quiet hideaway from the hustle and bustle of George Town.

We ordered a few items to try for the four of us.

Salmon Egg Benedict RM24

One of Craftisan’s signature dishes, the Salmon Egg Benedict, has homemade cured salmon slices that go very well paired with the homemade hollandaise sauce.

Multigrain bread, avocado, onsen egg, homemade hollandaise sauce, and house salad make a perfect brunch item.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

Salmon Egg Benedict RM24

The Big Breakfast RM35

Multigrain bread, Beef Bacon, Lamb Sausage, Chicken Ham, Portobello Mushroom, Tomato, Sunny Side Up Egg.

The Big Breakfast is quite an enormous set and best shared, or if you have a huge appetite, you can eat that by yourself and stay full most of the day!

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

The Big Breakfast RM35

The Craftisan Teas

The cafe offers premium tea from famous tea regions globally. The selection of teas complements its creative desserts perfectly.

Just the right lightness – perfect to accompany sweet cakes!

The Craftisan Coffee

The café has a wide range of single-origin coffee and, not to worry -experienced baristas to make your delicious cuppa.

If you ask me if there is a difference in who pulls your coffee – yes, there is.

A great barista is a skilled technician and understands the science of brewing; he or she learns to control the flavor of the final cup of coffee.

When done correctly, the barista is the one who creates a consistent, delicious coffee.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

The Craftisan Coffee.

Tips: Ask the friendly staff to discover any specials or limited offerings, such as seasonal tea or hand-drip coffee.

We found the Egg Tart as a promotional display near the Cashier as this item was not on the official menu!

The Craftisan Dessert Menu (RM15 to RM20)

It depends on what strikes your fancy if you’re up for some luscious sweets options with premium quality desserts.

Cakes, brownies, crepe, or gelato, the dessert offerings should be delicious and satisfy your cravings.

  • Creme Brulee
  • Matchmisu
  • Hojichamisu
  • Chocolate Lava Cake
  • Match Lava Cake
  • Hojicha Lava Cake
  • French Vanilla Crepe Cake
  • Oreo Crepe Cake
  • Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake

Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake RM15

There were several pretty cakes to choose from from the glass showcase.

I’ve tasted the Chocolate and Matcha Lava Cake a few times – impressive.

For this outing, we tried the Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake as a shared dessert and loved it.

Crepes are intentionally incredibly thin.

Sometimes, if you pour just a wee too much batter into the pan, the crepe becomes thicker and maybe a tad chewy.

However, that aside, the Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake was well presented and deliciously flavorful.

The Craftisan Egg Tart (RM15 for nine tarts)

One of the nicest surprises is the little one mouth a bite Macau-type Portuguese Egg Tarts.

Unlike the shortcrust casing used by the Hong Kong pastry shops, Macau’s Portuguese egg tarts are made from puff pastry.

The Macanese egg tarts are slightly sweeter, and the tops are caramelized.

The burned bits, of course, tasted the best, so those went first into our greedy mouths.

The Craftisan Handcrafted Dessert And Coffee Bar 

Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake RM15 and The Craftisan Egg Tart (RM15 for nine tarts)

The Craftisan Service

The servers speak predominately Mandarin, English, and Hokkien, so a banana like me, feel free to switch to Penang Hokkien to converse.

Generally, the staff is friendly, helpful with the menu or any explanation.

The Craftisan Review

The Craftisan has, over the years, continuously created an exciting combination of flavors and textures in their desserts.

The staff is always smiling (yes, behind the masks) and friendly.

The brightly lit deco is clean and relaxing – just the perfect ambiance to while away a free afternoon as you indulge in a coffee and delicious treats.

By the way, the café is Pork Free, so it is a good outlet for health-conscious folks who omit Pork and Lard from their diet.

My only comment is three is only one dining table near the lobby area.

If you don’t mind sitting on a high stool at the bar, that’s fine.

I would recommend this cafe to everyone looking for a quiet bistro to chill with great desserts on the side.

A café is a perfect place for gathering with friends, and we would come back again.

The Craftisan 
Wellings Mansion,
67, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, George Town, Penang 10050 Malaysia
Contact: 04-2278200
Operation hours: 8 am – 5 pm (Sun Close)

The Craftisan Facebook

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