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How To Seek Kuan Yin Oracle Fortune Telling 100 Divine Lots Interpretation

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How To Seek Guan Yin Oracle Fortune Telling 100 Divine Lots

Kuan Yin Temple, Penang

How to Seek Kuan Yin Oracle Fortune Telling 100 Divine Lots Interpretation

The Kuan Yin Oracle fortune telling 100 Divine Lots interpretation at the Goddess of Mercy Temple is popular with devotees.

As you explore George Town, you will see many prayer article stall near this Taoist temple.

‘Street of Harmony’

Pitt Street (Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling) is known as the ‘Street of Harmony’.

George Town’s four main landmark religious buildings are on the same street.

For tourists, this provides a quick tour of the different communities and religious celebrations.

The Kuan Yin Temple is at the junction of Stewart Lane and Pitt Street in the core zone of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo: Doris Lim.

Kuan Yin Temple, Pitt Street

Penang’s oldest temple, the Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple) was constructed by early Chinese immigrant settlers.

The famous temple built in 1728 is a landmark building in early George Town.

Step into the temple and your senses will be greeted by thick burning incense; flocks of pigeons flying low to feed at the entrance to the temple.

The Kuan Yin Temple is one of the most magnificent Chinese-style temple buildings in northern Malaysia. Every 1st and 15th of the lunar month the temple is busy with devotees and worshippers.

The amazing colors are made by soaking the white flowers in dyes is vibrant! Photo: Doris Lim.

Indian Flower Stalls

Bright kaleidoscope colored posies jostle for breathing space with Indian flower garlands made from fragrant jasmine, champaka, roses and the chrysanthemum with religiously significant leaves used for worship.

Flowers with a riot of unbelievable colors are displayed in large blue and white pails standing two to three tiers high with hanging garlands.

The loose flowers, limes, and betel leaves are for cleansing prayers at the Guan Yin Temple, Penang. Photo: Doris Lim.

Stalls Selling Chinese Prayer Articles for Kuan Yin Oracle

Several stalls are selling religious praying items next to the Kuan Yin temple. There are stalls selling birds for release, performing a good deed as giving them freedom.

Madam Cheah Tong Long consulting with a client who has asked for an interpretation of the Kuan Yin 100 Divine Lots from the Kau Cim or Lottery poetry. Photo: Doris Lim

The Kuan Yin Oracle – Fortune Telling 100 Divine Lots Interpretation

Madam Cheah Tong Long’s religious goods stall has been in business for over 30 years at the same spot. She became a seer after inheriting the gift of interpretation of the celestial oracle of Kuan Yin 100 Divine Lots Interpretation from her father-in-law. He was a gifted scholar from Hainan Island, China.

A devotee may have unanswered questions close to his heart be it about business or job, the love relationship or family issues can offer prayers and seek direction from Kuan Yin by Chinese fortune stick (Kew Chiam in Hokkien).

Taoist prayer items
After the consultation, Madam Cheah will gather the set of prayer items used to pray to the White Tiger deity inside Guan Yin Temple. Photo: Doris Lim

“Even if you’re the biggest klutz ever bumbling and fumbling at anything and everything; lethal for no clear reasons or plagued by fierce nightmares constantly. There is a solution at hand,” Madam Cheah confides.

There is a man inside the Kuan Yin Temple who will conduct the prayer, which involves hitting of the petty person symbolic of spiritual cleansing!

Goddess Of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Teng) | Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Penang
Opening hours: 5.00 am to 6.00 pm (the hours vary during festivities and celebrations)

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