A quick overview of affiliate links

Hey, it’s Smart Dory!

What are the affiliate disclaimer and affiliate links?

An affiliate link is a link on a website that refers to a product or service, and if a customer makes a purchase, a referral commission is given.

What do affiliate disclaimer and affiliate links mean to you?

When I recommend items that I use for my travels, which I like, and if you were to purchase the item or services through the link on my resources page, at no extra cost to you, I would receive a commission for my referral.

The most important thing is this; I only recommend things I have used for myself.

The affiliate links on Smartdory.com are like a curated list of things I use and would recommend to a friend.

Product or Services I use for my travels.

How do I maintain my blog?

Even though blogging is a passion, I’ll be upfront about it.

Running a blog is not free.

I do not outsource the writing of the content – I write all the blog posts myself, however lengthy.

I spend a considerable chunk of my own time maintaining this blog – which includes everything from writing up new and informative posts about my experiences and traveling.

I spend a lot of my time on research, editing and uploading photos, website development, and answering your questions.

There are costs associated with maintaining a blog, such as domain name cost and hosting fees, to ensure this blog is always up and running.

Other costs include my travel time, air tickets, bus tickets, admission fees, cost of my meals, cost of maintaining my car, or sometimes when I use Grab.

How does affiliate marketing help SmartDory?

Being an affiliate helps me earn money to continue providing helpful travel tips and food reviews on my blog.

You will find that I have included affiliate links to products, services, and hotels that I recommend.’

If you have any questions about affiliates and products I recommend, don’t hesitate to contact me on my contact page.

Thank you, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week ahead.