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12 Bright Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers For Christmas Time

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Christmas Presents

12 Bright Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers For Christmas Time

It’s the brightest time of the year! Everyone relaxes and looks forward to Christmas and bonding over meals and parties. Lots of invites? That’s great. I feel excited too. I’m bubbling over with bright gift ideas.

If you are clueless like little fish, can’t sew, knit, cook, or bake to save your life? Not crafty either? Making a present is definitely out of the question. Some of you might remember Mork giving Mindy the original “Lord of the (dead flies) Rings”. URGH!!!

Will You Love My Christmas Gift and Love Me Too?

Sometimes I get that sinking feeling and a fear that my thoughtful gift will get a polite “thank you”. To be stored away until the next office party and be recycled. I always wanted to offer nice thoughtful presents for family, friends, and business associates. Short of buying a bottle of wine, I’m basically clueless.

What do you give a Traveller for Christmas?

Fear not. If your friend loves to travel like a little fish. <Big smile, squinty eyes here.> Smart Dory might be able to help. Baby fish helped compiled this list for anyone who loves to travel. Want to travel. Travel lots. Dream of traveling. Traveling! And also to help some other clueless folks like a little fish.

12 Gift Ideas for 12 Days of Christmas

Baby fish think of everything it seems. Little fish has one conclusion. She has a bigger clam purse than Mama. Here we go for the fun of sharing! First things first. Little fish says show the clam purse. Baby says we show perfume. Oh well…

#1 Marc Jacobs Dot Solid Perfume Necklace

One of my pet peeves. How to smell nice when traveling if I can’t bring along a body mist! You know us fish. We like a splash. But if we can’t then a mist-ter is good. (Sounds wrong, ahem!) Alas, there’s this thing called liquid regulations and not being able to board with any bottle over 100 ml.

Nothing beats a luxurious solid perfume treatment. This sweet gift is the wearable version of the bestselling Dot fragrance. I just love this. Period. Dot. (pun intended!)
Dot butterfly has an oversized, artificial pearl at its center. The top of the pendant swivels to reveal the solid perfume encased in the smooth gold of the pendant base. Run your finger over the solid perfume. Heat it a little and apply. GET Marc Jacobs Dot for Women Eau de Parfum 100ml is now 91% OFF!!!

Marc Jacobs Dot for Women Eau de Parfum 100ml
Marc Jacobs Dot for Women Eau de Parfum 100ml

#2 Everything Solid and Nice

Brillant. We have a list of good flight safe alternatives;  solid cosmetic and toiletries here. Toothpaste included. Oh, yea! See the videos on toothpaste. Little fish got 3 free samples this month alone from the nice pretty Tooth Fairy, or… Fairies!

Chewable Toothpaste Tablets
Chewable Toothpaste Tablets

Chewable Toothpaste Tablets aren’t liquid or paste, so we can carry them on planes without taking up room in your 3-1-1-kit.

The Dirt All Natural Tooth Powder For Organic Teeth Whitening, 3 Month Tub 0.7 oz

Healthy Hair Starter Kit 2 | 5 Sample Shampoo Bars

# 3 A portable Travel Safe

Keeping your belongings safe is crucial to safe travels. Enough said. Unless you have a nice big clam purse, (big hint) we suggest this.

VAULTEK VE10 Quick Access Portable Safe Auto Open Lid Quick-release Security Cable Rechargeable Lithium-ion (Luxe Blue)
VAULTEK VE10 Quick Access Portable Safe Auto Open Lid Quick-release Security Cable Rechargeable Lithium-ion (Luxe Blue)

VAULTEK VE10 Quick Access Portable Safe Dorm Safe Auto Open Lid Quick-release Security Cable Rechargeable Battery

#4  Waterproof Handbag Double Layer Travel Gear Organizer

For clueless people this is great. Little fish was using a quilted toiletry bag for her cables, chargers and such. And throws her make up in a plastic bag. Baby fish rolls her eyes, “No, Mama. You need this!”

BUBM Large Double Layer Electronics Accessories Bag Travel Gear Organizer Phone Charger Cable Storage Bag (Grey&Orange)
BUBM Large Double Layer Electronics Accessories Bag Travel Gear Organizer Phone Charger Cable Storage Bag (Grey&Orange)

BUBM Double Layer Gear Organizer / Electronics Accessories Bag/Travel Cases For Electronics(L, Gray, and Orange) GET BUBM Double Layer Gear Organizer at 62% OFF!!

#5 Travel Accessories Kit

Self-explanatory. Everything you will ever need.

6 in 1 Travel Accessories Kit – TSA Lock, Luggage Scale, International Travel Adapter, Passport Cover, Eye Mask, Earplugs, Gift Set

#6 Hiking Day Pack

This is great when we go hiking. Except we don’t really go hiking. But then, the colors too pretty to resist, so…

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Water Resistant Hiking Daypack, Small Backpack Handy Foldable Camping Outdoor Backpack Little Bag

#7 Drink Coffee Anywhere!

One of the most compact designs, this coffee mug brewer is perfect for dorm rooms and on the go. No need to buy expensive coffee. Can make your own 27/7

K-Cup Coffee Maker Portable Travel K-Cup Brewer by Mounchain Capsule Coffee Machine Battery Operated (2AAA) Compatible with K-Cup Brewer Coffee Lover’s Gift for Commuter Camping Outdoors Office

#8 Best Protection for Your Passport

For travelers, your passport is the most valuable item. Keep it protected and safe at all times.

One of the best bet is Venture 4th versatile passport holder which is made of a water-resistant material with RFID blocking. It’s medium-sized with two zippered pockets, a clear ID display, and a velcro pouch. You can choose to wear it over your clothes or under your shirt to conceal it.  There is a choice of colors; grey, brown, black, or silver. Amazon buyers felt that the neck pouch was light weight, comfortable and well made.

Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking – Passport Holder to Keep Your Cash And Documents Safe – Peace Of Mind When Traveling

#9 BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottle

For hydration on the go, this easy and convenient water bottle is also microwavable. You can flip the water bottle inside out to clean it!

Collapsible Water Bottle, YUANFENG 20oz BPA-Free Leak-Proof Lightweight Silicone Sports Travel Camping Water Bottles

#10 Portable Kettle, great for making coffee tea and hot cocoa!

For keeping company and making endless cups of hot drinks. This is perfect for boiling water in those countries where the tap water may not be drinkable.

Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle – Dual Voltage – Food Grade Silicone, Collapses for Easy & Convenient Storage, Boil Dry Protection, .5 Quart – Black

#11 iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 Plus Case with Wide Lens Kit

Moment’s 18mm wide-angle gets a sweeping vista into your device’s photo easily without having to lug around a DSLR.
This is perfect if you don’t like the idea of sticking something to your phone. It has a specialized case for your particular hand phone model. Plus it also adds a dedicated shutter button.
Amazon buyers recommend this product as it takes nice sharp, good quality images.


#12 WODISON Zipper Carry-on Travel Jewelry Case

Wodison Travel Jewelry Case is made of nylon that is water and rip-resistant. This is more durable than those made of PU leather. It has an interior made with soft suede material and has six snaps for hanging necklaces and designated slots for rings. The portable pouch measures 9.44 x 6.5 inches with a small, zipped pocket on the outside.

Amazon buyers recommend this product as it is the right size for travel. Most love the protective suede which protects all their precious jewels!

WODISON Zipper Carry-on Travel Jewelry Case Organizer with Removable Pouch Black
WODISON Zipper Carry-on Travel Jewelry Case Organizer with Removable Pouch Black

# 12 Pacsafe Citysafe CS150 Anti-Theft Cross-Body Shoulder Bag

Stylish in bold Cranberry, this Pacsafe Citysafe CS150 anti-theft cross body shoulder bag is padded and ideal for traveling with an iPad or tablet.

The box design is perfect for wearing across the body for extra comfort and security. Hard wearing and practical, the Pacsafe signature nylon material fabric is lightweight. This no-nonsense travel handbag has a compatible sleeve and zippered compartments. The unique anti-theft features include eXomesh® slashguards in lower front, side, and bottom panels. Slashproof detachable Carrysafe® shoulder strap, Smart zipper security™. There is an RFID-blocking pocket and Turn & lock security hook™

So we have two number #12 from not being able to decide. Clam purse versus Jewelry Case. LOL

Happy shopping! Merry Christmas and a Bright New 2018 Fishings!


P.S. If you make a purchase, little fish may earn a small affiliate income at no extra cost to you. She’s eyeing that cranberry clam purse. It’s on her wishlist! If you gift her this. She will promise to love it and use it for her travels! XOXO

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