Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Hoshino Coffee – Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Hoshino Coffee – Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Hoshino Coffee is the perfect introduction to Japanese Coffee, Yōshoku – Foreign (Western) food, delectable Japanese Desserts, and Sweet Treats.

Many Western dishes have been adapted to Japanese taste and are now part of any Japanese family menu in Japan.

Many Yōshoku dishes are served alongside rice and miso soup and eaten with chopsticks.

What is Hoshino Coffee?

Hoshino Coffee was Founded in 2011 in Japan. Hoshino Coffee uses premium Arabica roasted coffee beans selected by coffee blend specialist Master Kanno – the specialty coffee is “Hand-Dripped.”

Hoshino Coffee – Japan Famous Coffee and Dessert

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Japanese Milk Coffee. Image: Doris Lim.

What to order at Hoshino Coffee?

You can see the menu Hoshino Coffee has on the window display to represent the dishes available inside.

The food replicas are inspiring as they look exactly like actual food.

If you travel to Japan, you will see food samples or replicas of a food item commonly used in restaurant street displays.

They made the material from similar materials like

  • Plastic
  • Wax
  • Resin

Before we entered the shop, Belle and I had decided what to have for our lunch.

Left on my own, the order is simple – I will always order the Japanese Milk Coffee with either.

  • French Toast
  • Souffle
  • Souffle Pancake

Hoshino Coffee Interior is Elegant

The cafe’s interior is classy and cozy – entirely decked in an eclectic European decor complete with low-hanging chandeliers, mini chandeliers, and leather couches.

The dark brown theme and warm lighting are relaxing.

The relaxing aroma of roasted coffee beans filled the entire restaurant.

Little Kitchen Goddess Belle and I were seated next to the coffee machines -, we are sure you wouldn’t want to leave the place too soon.

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Image: Hoshino Coffee Malaysia

Hoshino Coffee Food Menu

The food is quality Japanese-Western fusion food.

The menu is not extensive but is sufficient.
Signature Dishes are little gems that keep us going back.

  • French Toast
  • Pancake Soufflé (RM6.38)
  • Japanese Milk Coffee (RM11.29)
  • Iced Fruit Coffee (RM8.06)
  • Chocolate Soufflé (RM13.62)

The signature Hoshino Blend Coffee – my favorite is perfect for the caffeine lover.

The Coffee’s aroma was fragrant; the taste was smooth, with a slightly bitter note.

The Iced Fruit Coffee has generous slices of oranges giving it a sweet and slightly tangy taste.

If you fancy something refreshing and fruity, try this out!

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Iced Fruit Coffee. Image: Doris Lim

For the Mains

As for the main course, Belle ordered Omu Rice Chicken Teriyaki (RM20.40)

I already had my favorite Sub (most satisfying) while waiting for her.

I would have fancied the complicated Pot Curry Rice topped with baked curry, cheese, a poached egg, cheese-filled sausages, and tender chicken cubes.

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Omu Rice Chicken Teriyaki. Image: Doris Lim.

Japanese Pancake Soufflé

The pancakes from Japan’s Hoshino Cafe are legendary.

These gorgeous pancakes are less fiddly and temperamental than a souffle.

If you have made a sponge cake, you’ll find these beautifully light pancakes your go-to meal for a decadent brunch.

And they’re just made for maple syrup and cream!

These super thick fluffy Japanese pancakes, Fuwa Fuwa, are spreading happiness and smiles.

I adore pancakes and love American multinational pancake house IHOP for their breakfast.

So, I adore these inch-high pillowy soft, light, airy pancakes.

The soufflé was known to be soft and fluffy, freshly baked upon order, requiring a *minimum of 20 minutes waiting time.

We ordered this with whipped butter (so tiny ball of butter – I complained bitterly) and maple syrup.

Pancakes put smiles on my face and brightened up my day instantly.

Fuwa Fuwa means “fluffy fluffy” in Japanese, which is the feeling you’ll get when you’re having pancakes at Hoshino Coffee.

Looks so pretty and jiggly, but taste-wise, it is pretty ordinary.

I still prefer IHOP as a matter of personal preference.

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Japanese Pancake Soufflé. Image: Doris Lim.

French Toast

French Toast came in two thick slices of toasts (cooked with butter and egg) topped with whipped cream.

The first time I had this, I thought it was an unusual ice cream ball that held its form well as we took photographs.

*Vanilla Soufflé with Chocolate/Custard/Matcha sauce

Belle wanted to try the Matcha, but somehow green tea and I don’t get along. So, we settled for the Chocolate sauce.

The Soufflé arrived covered with cocoa powder and icing sugar.

The instruction from the waiter was to stir the Chocolate sauce in and eat it.

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Coffee Delectable Desserts

Vanilla Soufflé with Chocolate. Image: Doris Lim.

How to eat Soufflé?

One key to eating a souffle is to start eating it before it falls.

It’s essential to have all condiments, sauces, or accompaniments for the souffle on hand.

Get everything ready – before the souffle comes out of the oven.

In Hoshino Coffee, the Soufflé is served in individual ramekins.

A beautiful way, which makes eating a matter of plunging a spoon directly into the Soufflé.

A spoon is an essential utensil; however, some prefer to keep a fork handy to push on the soufflé on the spoon.

It depends on how fussy you are.

The top part of the souffle was sieved with icing sugar and chocolate powder.

We poured the chocolate sauce on top of the souffle and left some for the bottom’s custard.

The custard under it was smooth and creamy, and it melted perfectly in the mouth.

I want to devour it before the entire souffle falls.

Whatever you do, please don’t mix everything!

The instruction from the waiter was unusual – mix everything up.

A soufflé is the pinnacle of egg dishes.

Getting it to rise is like coaxing life into a thick whipped cream and egg mixture.

Almost impossible – that is why I would never bake a soufflé.

It is just too hard.

When I eat it alone, I eat the top half. I like the sweet, airy omelet taste of baked cheese.

When everything is mixed in, it’s like eating gooey chocolatey sweet hot steamed egg custard.

All the desserts are big in portion and are suitable for sharing.

Again, this depends on how hungry you are.

Hoshino Coffee Review

Hoshino is a delightful Family-friendly restaurant with a relaxing environment with a combination of comfortable settings.

The grand-looking leather sofas are perfect for friends and families to lounge.

You can enjoy decent Japanese -western fusion food that is pocket-friendly.

All in all, it was an enjoyable dining experience at Hoshino Coffee. The ambiance is conducive for me to go back several times – six times!

The service is prompt and polite even when the outlet is running full.

The wait staff will apologize for the delays.

The appearance, taste, price, and portion of the food are good.

You will be spoilt for choice when choosing your desserts. We just wanted to eat everything.

Visit their Facebook Page for their latest promotions and menu.

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