PACE Coffee Penang

PACE Coffee Penang Sets The Pace For Cafes

PACE Coffee Penang Sets The Pace For Cafes

PACE Coffee next to Seang Hin Leong Rattan Weaver along Beach Street, George Town, has been packed daily since its opening in March 2021.

One of the newer cafes in Penang, this spacious outlet has a simple design with a soothing theme.

Many Penangites wonder if it is worth a trip to the many newly opened expensive coffee shops cropped up during MCO.

There are great western dishes, desserts, and coffee on the menu for everyone.

Whether you’re alone, a couple dining together, or big groups and family with children–there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The café sets the pace for other Penang cafes to keep the momentum going in the face of the pandemic.

Many restaurants and cafes in George Town have winded up, and this spanking new coffee café seems to draw in the crowds.

Penelope Pussycat and I had our weekly brunch out to check out the coffee, food, and ambiance – not necessarily in that order.

“If someone dates you, you’ll probably drag the poor sod all over George Town for food. You and your food, Dory,” Penelope tested.

“And you- your dirty Matcha no less,” I retorted.

PACE Coffee Penang

PACE Coffee counter has a semi-circular canopy that picks up the shape of the archway and reflects a part of the counter.

Choosing PACE Coffee was an excellent decision.

I went and waited for Penelope at an unknown location – the ambiance of which was jarring.

Just too loud.

It felt unnervingly like a college canteen.

Sharp cutlery noises and everyone talking and laughing at the top of their voices.

I left and went in search of PACE Coffee.

Parking around Beach Street is a challenge on a Saturday. We circled and found some empty lots a few streets away.

PACE Coffee Penang

There’s a room at the top of the stairs at PACE Coffee.

PACE Coffee Ambiance

The café is peaceful even though it was packed.

Outside young ladies beautifully attired posed for photos/

We waited in the little seating area and glanced through the menu.

I already knew what I wanted to eat and drink.

Penelope read the menu and made suggestions.

The modern cafe has a clean interior for a brunch spot – all white, light wood tones and the lime plaster hacked off to reveal the layer of red bricks beneath.

Overall, the environment is easygoing with smooth jazz instrumentals.

What a change of environment and type of patrons from the other unknown venue.

PACE Coffee Penang

PACE Coffee’s upstairs dining area is larger than the ground floor.

PACE Coffee Dining Area

The PACE coffee tables are round.

It was a little too small for more prominent groups to join the tables.

When you have people who have eyes bigger than their stomachs and want to order everything – there is little room left.

There is a combination of stools and chairs.

We liked the idea of the café bringing the rattan element in the furnishing, screen, door, and seats from Seang Hin Leong next door.

Even the skewers are made of rattan.

Such a pleasant touch for a new younger establishment to honor an older business.

I think being a good neighbor is all about supporting each other in the business community.

PACE Coffee Penang

Seang Hin Leong Rattan & Bamboo crafts is an exciting shop to browse while you are waiting for a table at PACE Coffee.

PACE Coffee Menu

PACE Coffee’s menu is solid for a coffee shop.

There are familiar brunch favorites, which at first has prices are slightly on the expensive side.

BUT then again, we didn’t see the portions.

Just check when you place your orders if you don’t take pork.

The Big Boss Breakfast contains Iberico Smoked Bacon.

The PACE Breakfast’s English Sausages contains pork.

Other items that contain Iberico Smoked Bacon are

  • Croissant with Egg Mayo
  • Smokey BLT Sandwich
  • Eggs Benedict with a choice of Iberico Smoked Bacon or Smoked Salmon
PACE Coffee Penang

Our Saturday Brunch at PACE Coffee Restaurant Penang

PACE Coffee – Penelope Pussycat’s Order

  • Avocado Prawn Salad
  • Dirty Matcha
  • Homemade Honeycomb Latte

PACE Coffee – SmartDory’s Order

  • Grilled Chicken Pesto
  • Coconut Americano
  • Affogato

PACE Coffee Cake

  • Khaula Chocolate Cake

We ordered a salad, pasta, four coffees, and a cake to share between us.

We both agreed that the seasoning was spot on and enjoyed our food immensely.

Avocado Prawn Salad RM24

Mesclun Salad served with Avocado, Grilled Prawns, Deep Fried Lotus Root with a dressing of your choice.

The Salad is good, Grilled Prawns fresh.

Avocado is just perfect, soft, smooth, and creamy without being over riped and mushy.

We liked the Deep Fried Lotus Root chips very much – crunchy, tasty, and savory!

PACE Coffee Penang

Avocado Prawn Salad RM24

Grilled Chicken Pesto RM24

Homemade Basil Pesto Pasta served with Grilled Chicken.

My favorite Italian pasta must have pesto in it.

It isn’t easy to find a cafe that does it well.

Believe me, and I think I’ve ordered this dish wherever I go.

A version that I like is Kimberly’s Green Sausage Pasta at Nanny’s Pavillon at Central Park Jakarta – I have this order whenever I visit.

Traditional pesto is a thick, green sauce that tastes bright and herby from the basil and salty and rich from the cheeses and pine nuts.

PACE Coffee’s version is garlicky, with pleasant grassiness from good quality olive oil, lots of pine nuts, and a well-balanced taste.

Yes, I would go back for a second or third order!

It is that good!

PACE Coffee Penang

Grilled Chicken Pesto RM24

PACE Coffee Drinks

Aside from Coffee & Tea, there are many drinks if you are not a coffee drinker, so you have plenty of choices to select something you like to drink.

PACE has many delicious coffee items on the menu.

We started slowly.

A cuppa with our food and dessert and another cup of coffee for after food.

We were in for a quality coffee experience.

Homemade Honeycomb Latte RM12

Penelope finds the hot coffee a tad too strong for her.

“Coffee too strong for me. Dizzy now. Too much caffeine.”

Coffee does different things for people.

After two coffee that put hair on my chest, I felt I could conquer the world of food, more food, and write through the night. AGAIN.

As long as I don’t get a rapid heartbeat, I’m OK with the double shot espresso, or was that three?

The Honeycomb Meringues were too sweet for us.

Affogato RM13

I used to make an Affogato whenever I went to hotels for buffets.

Back in the day, I remembered when my classmates all asked me to make them one each.

Way before any café had a more robust coffee like Affogato on their menu.

The service here has two squares of milk chocolate and two hollow wafers with a chocolate-flavored interior.

Did I like this?

You bet. I love the robust flavor of the coffee.

PACE Coffee Penang

Affogato RM13 and Homemade Honeycomb Latte RM12 (center)

Coconut Americano RM12

My all-time favorite beverage, the humble coconut water.

The skewer holds a piece of coconut flesh.

At first, I wasn’t too sure, but the sweet coconut water and expresso blended well after the initial sip.

“Something I can make at home since I drink quite a fair bit of coconut water. I need to get the delicate-looking glass,” I remarked to Penelope.

Dirty Matcha RM16

Served with Creamy Gelatamio Green Tea Ice Cream

Penelope loves her Matcha and thinks it’s divine.

Dory has a distaste and rarely likes Green Tea at all.

Dory says, “Peace to all Match lovers.”

PACE Coffee Penang

Dirty Matcha RM16 and Coconut Americano RM12

PACE Coffee Desserts

The desserts looked darn good.

It was a tough choice between Waffles and Brownies, but the alcohol won when we saw the Kahlua.

Nevertheless, we will be back for the Waffles and Brownies on another trip.

Chocolate Kahlua Cake RM23

The Chocolate Kahlua Cake is the bomb.

We instantly love it drenched with a shot of Kahlua and Espresso!

The only thing anyone could add to make it more decadent would be to sandwich the Chocolate Cake Layers with PEANUT BUTTER MOUSSE!

Some of you will probably know how greedy I get with Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and you get the idea. <winky face>

PACE Coffee Penang

Chocolate Kahlua Cake RM23

PACE Coffee Review

Although very busy, the service is friendly with a committed team of helpful young servers that seemed to fly from the front of the shop to the kitchen and the first floor.

The team tries very hard to accommodate and serve everyone with the shortest wait time possible.

Foodwise, the taste, and seasonings are spot on. Ingredients (Prawns) are fresh and cooked perfectly.

The pasta was still warm even after we took some time to take our photos.

Food portions are large (Penang style large – not American) and are more than sufficient for small eaters.

So when you weigh that against the price, it is not expensive.

Coffees are creative and excellent.

For those who don’t have a sweet tooth, you may find the honeycombs a tad too sweet.

Both Penelope and I would return to try the other dishes and the more coffees.

We wish PACE all the best in its business.

PACE Coffee Restaurant (Western, Non-Halal)
Address: 397, Beach Street, 10300, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Closed on Wednesdays.
Contact Number: 6014- 368 1789

PACE Coffee Facebook Page

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