Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

For maximum indulgence the MacAlister Mansion High Tea is the perfect cure for a balmy afternoon Tai Tai tête-à-tête.

Macalister Mansion

Macalister Mansion is a stately all-white mansion, befitting of a luxury boutique café in a hotel.

The high tea set here is different from those faux gold-gilded three-tier high tea racks and golden cake stands that shout BLING.

I am not sure about you, but I find these over the top and “in your face” display rather intrusive.

Tea parties are lovely when we can sit across from each other and have a beautiful afternoon Tai Tai tête-à-tête without obstructions.

Instead, the attentive staff will serve you High Tea with a simple rectangular wooden tray to match small appetizer-sized bites.

We want a tea time treat for two to share a pot of Tea, delicious bites, meaningful conversations (or gossips – whatever floats your boat, Hunny!)

Suppose you’re looking for a pleasant environment, more Tea (I’m a coffee gal), scone, and dainty little cream cakes. In that case, this is a perfect afternoon escape from the heat in George Town.

We stopped at Macalister Mansion to enjoy their high Tea on a rainy Friday afternoon.

Lay Ean and I meet every year to celebrate our birthdays, and indeed MacAlister Mansion is the “best afternoon tea in Penang.”

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

MacAlister Mansion is the all-white mansion befitting of a luxury boutique café in a hotel. Photo: Macalister Mansion Facebook

The Living Room at the Macalister Mansion

The Living Room is an all-day dining and casual space.

The menu is a selection of local cuisine and international flavors.

Guests enjoy an indulgent high tea with savories and pastries with a wide selection of beverages inclusive of a wide selection of TWG teas.

Continue reading our Macalister Mansion High Tea Review.

Time flies.

SmartDory had ranked Macalister Mansion as one of the best for a luxurious tea time experience back in 2019.

I was on a mission to look forward to tasting the best scones in Penang back then.

Two years later, the Atas venue has not only maintained but made the experience even more incredible with well-prepared scrumptious treats.

When I started calling the set afternoon tea, most Penangite didn’t understand.

They began to correct me, saying, “Oh, you mean the high tea, Dory.”

On the second thought, it didn’t hurt if you want to call it High Tea either.

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

The Savory Tray –

The atmosphere at the Macalister Mansion

The décor of the Living Room is visually appealing as you step in.

Everything is pulled together elegantly.

The Macalister Mansion is a popular spot with people on dates and business people for afternoon indulgences.

I was lucky that Lay Ean managed to have a table booked for us.

If you want to walk in, I’m afraid that the Living Room is packed most of the time, especially over the weekends – be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

A minimum of 1 day before reservation is required.

The Macalister Mansion’s Living Room was abuzz with fellow diners out for tea-time treats.
Even though the Living Room was fully occupied, it wasn’t too noisy.

We could have a decent conversation.

We sat near the entrance with lovely light pouring in for a nice photoshoot.

Looking out, what started as an obvious day turned from an afternoon drizzle to an isolated downpour.

The past week’s weather got hot, with the temperate hovering around 32C and a humidity of 67%.

Today’s drizzle was a welcome respite.

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

The Sweet Tray – So pretty!

TWG Tea Selection at the Macalister Mansion High Tea

At the Macalister Mansion High Tea, you get to choose from TWG, a high-quality tea brand.

You get a large pot of TWG tea, made perfectly made for two people to share.

The TWG Tea has an excellent selection of

• Morrocan Mint
• Camomile
• Jasmine Green Tea
• Earl Grey
• Oolong
• English Breakfast

I selected Earl Grey.

Lay Ean ordered a Black Coffee.

Macalister Mansion High Tea Menu

The menu changes seasonally.

In the Garden of Spring Menu, the decorations are flower-themed with sugar gum paste flowers and even a little cutie bee.

Unlike fondant, sugar gum paste flowers will dry hard and hold their shape well.


1. Crab Croquette with Tobikko and Bonito Mayo
2. Beef Taco Grilled Cheese Sandwich
3. Smoked Duck Asparagus Roll With Olive Sand*

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

L to R: Pina Colada Shooter, Crab Croquette with Tobikko and Bonito Mayo/Smoked Duck Asparagus Roll With Olive Sand* and Hojicha Éclair*

Sweets for Sweeties

1. Blood Orange Basil Lollipop*
2. Hojicha Éclair*
3. Pina Colada Shooter
4. Foret Noire
5. Tiramisu Dates Crème Brûlée
6. Scallion Scones With Cheese Spread

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

L to R: Foret Noire, Pina Colada Shooter, and Scallion Scones With Cheese Spread.

Add On If you like to drink something other than tea or coffee

A glass of Moscato Wine RM30.

We enjoyed the tranquillity of the pretty Spring Season set with savories and petite treats.

The most decadent dishes on the wooden tray would be these

Smoked Duck Asparagus Roll With Olive Sand*
We loved the tender baby Asparagus wrapped in Smoked Duck on a bed of Black Olive Sand.

I particularly like the Olive Sand, which reminds me of Black Olive Tapenade – a savory paste made from olives, capers, and anchovies that’s delicious served on toasts or a dip.

Blood Orange Basil Lollipop*
The combination of fresh-squeezed Blood Orange juice, fresh basil leaves into a bite-sized lollipop is fantastic.

The Sorbet was cold enough to give me a brain freeze.

Now, if only there’s orange liqueur (Cointreau), that would be heady in the afternoon to suck on the ice lolly!

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

Blood Orange Basil Lollipop with that cutie bee!

Scones at the Macalister Mansion High Tea

As for the scones, it is now Scallion Scones with Cheese Spread.

The Scallion Scones were fragrant, tasted good but floury instead of buttery.

I finished half.

The previous incarnation was two-bite-miniature raisin scones accompanied with homemade strawberry jam and butter.

I would have preferred Salted Butter, Strawberry Conserve, and Clotted Cream (not that there was any!)

Yes, I’m still stubborn when it comes to the kind of scones I love.

The Macalister Mansion Afternoon Tea Set costs RM128+ per set for two.

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

The Menu.

The Debate Continues – Is It High Tea or Afternoon Tea?

Outside of the United Kingdom, most people refer to afternoon tea as ‘high tea.’

Although most subscribe to the idea that high Tea is a meal that serves scones and finger sandwiches, which isn’t correct in the historical sense.

What Is Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea is also known as ‘low tea,’ is typically served in the mid-afternoon.

It was traditionally served on low tables.

An afternoon tea menu is lighter and focuses on scones, finger sandwiches.

Favorite teas include
• Earl Grey
• Assam
• Chamomile and
• Mint.

What Is A High Tea?

Traditionally, High Teas are a working-class family meal served on a high table at the end of the workday, shortly after 5 pm.

High Tea is the opposite of afternoon tea, which is more of an elite social gathering.

High Tea was heavy meal meat, fish dishes, and baked goods, including casseroles and baked beans.

The dishes include

• steak and kidney pie
• pickled salmon
• crumpets
• potatoes or onion cakes
• baked beans and
• cheesy casseroles

In Malaysia, we see that the traditional rules don’t apply and the dishes served are intertwined.

You will find the “casual supper with heavier dishes” served in miniature bite sizes at the Macalister Mansion.

Whatever floats your boat – the Macalister Mansion is by far the most instagrammable place to enjoy a merry little feast.

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review

Overall, Living Room offers a pleasant ambiance for dining with the high tea set making a list for Penang’s best afternoon tea.

If you like eating a selection of savories and sweets, the high Tea would be suitable for an afternoon delight.

The two trays of goodies are more than enough.

We couldn’t finish everything and left behind the Crème Brûlée.

Macalister Mansion High Tea Review – An Afternoon Indulgence

Hojicha Éclair is superb!

Final Thoughts Macalister Mansion High Tea

The service at the Macalister Mansion is par excellence with the attentive wait staff.

On the same note, the presentation is INSTAGRAM picture-perfect, and the taste of each delicious morsel and be described as delectable and surprising.

There is no shortage of little cafes in George Town that compete on even keel and try to seduce with impeccable tastes.

Most certainly, the High Tea is to be experienced and not to be missed and comes warmly recommended.

The flower-themed Garden of Spring Menu is available from March-May 2021 from Tuesday – Sunday, 2 pm – 5 pm.

A minimum of 1 day before reservation is required.

More info here https://bit.ly/2NVAq2d

The Living Room
Macalister Mansion
Operation hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 am (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-228 3888 WhatsApp  +60 12-526 1630.
Address: 228, Jalan Macalister 10400, Penang
GPS: 5.4189103,100.3165523



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