Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Book Cafe is the best combination of creativity in a bookshop and coffee, and Selangor, Malaysia, has no shortage of either item.

While most prefer customers to grab n go, a book café is a perfect spot to hideaway.

You find a quiet respite, your little corner for extended stays, and a sophisticated ambiance in Kuala Lumpur. 

Where else can you pick up a good read and enjoy an excellent cuppa for hours?

For coffee lovers and bookworms, Coffee and books are a winning combination!

So come with me and visit the restaurants to enjoy the silence, a good drink, and a comfortable location.

These six book cafes are happy to host you for the duration (please, don’t forget to buy a coffee and a meal).

Check out the reviews of these book cafes hangout spots that are nicely decorated, super cozy, and suitable for you to read.

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Let’s look at some top picks!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one” – George R.R. Martin

Kamilah’s Lifestyle & Book Cafe

The country living ambiance, homey with calming blue walls, and antique furniture, will make you feel at home here. 

Located in Subang Jaya, this cafe serves both Malaysian and Western cuisine, pasta, and pastries at a reasonable price.

Besides that, you can choose plenty of books ranging from a fancy romance book or a thriller mystery.

Most of their books are in English. The cafe opens from 10.30 am till 6.30 pm and closes on Sundays.

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Image: Kamilah’s Lifestyle & Book Cafe Facebook

Me Time Book Cafe

Book café with a huge difference.

Me Time Book Cafe provides a sleeping pod  – great creativity – where you have a  rest challenge with your friends while you read.

Manga readers will fall in love with this café for sure; it also gives every reader privacy to enjoy their reading time in peace.

Yes, you can lie down to read but surely never in a restaurant or cafe!

There are lots of mangas comic books and a wide range of genres for Chinese and English readers. 

You will only pay RM5 for the first two hours and get a free cup of coffee or tea for first-timers!

Sign up as a member for a much cheaper fee and read books anytime you want because the café in Petaling Jaya opens daily from 10 am till 12 am.

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Image: Me Time Book Cafe Instagram

Book Barter Cafe

If you love nature, cake, coffee, books, not necessarily in that order, check out this forest-like themed book cafe in Cyberjaya.

At Book Barter Cafe, readers will get to read and enjoy various delicious pastries and cakes and a range of coffee choices.

The exciting challenge about this book cafe is that customers can trade books for free from the shelves. 

Those book lovers who want to share some of their books’ collections are welcome to donate their pre-loved items to this cafe!

In most books, there is English fiction. The cafe opens daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Book Barter Cafe. Image: Eat Drink KL

Bukku Cafe

This European-style book cafe in Klang is Instagram-worthy and has a pleasing aesthetic. 

The ambiance of the book café is suitable for assignments and study.

This two-level outlet has indoor and outdoor seating.

Popular snack items are Salted Egg Yolk and Green Tea Croissant, apart from various desserts and pastries.

Customers can read various books from the shelves in this book café.

And those who wish to donate their books can do so on the first floor.

The book cafe is closed on Sunday.

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

Bukku Cafe. Image: The Nat Channel

The Little Giraffe Book Club

The kampong–style interior of the book café gives out the rustic vibe with aesthetic appeal for any event.

The café located inside the community library in Cheras serves an all-day breakfast, desserts, and coffee.

Most regular customers come here for their specials, which are the Rojak and Taufu Bakar. 

Since the book café is in a residential area, the parking is limited.

The book café is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Drop by early to enjoy a peaceful environment.

The book café is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

The Little Giraffe Book Club. Image: Eat Drink KL

BookXcess’s Madeleine Café @ Starling Mall

BookXcess’s unique architect and design of their home-grown Malaysian bookstore chain are outstanding. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves will make your jaw drop—this proves that a long stretch of books can be just as impressive as a tall one. 

The latest outlet in Starling Mall, Petaling Jaya, is the largest one and the first BookXcess interconnected to the Madeleine Cafe.

This huge friendly space is perfect for you to chill and read for hours and hours.

Books are available for you to read for free, and best of all – you get to buy at a very affordable price.

This book cafe opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

There are many other exciting book cafes that you can chill in and enjoy your read, but these are our top picks.

Each of the listed book cafes has its specialty.

So, for all bookworms and avid readers, head over to these book cafes and enjoy your read accompanied by a good meal and that cuppa coffee. 

Top 6 Book Cafe Bookworms Love in Selangor

BookXcess’s Madeleine Café @ Starling Mall. Image: BookXcess Facebook


The most famous study spot for undergraduate students who want a chill, quiet place, head to a cafe.

You can find the perfect cafe to grab a bite to eat or a caffeine pick-me-up before an intense study session.

If you’re in Kuala Lumpur or even visiting from Singapore and you want some peace, head to a book cafe for some quiet to relax and chill.

All the book cafes have their appeal; find the best one for yourself and a study buddy – or you could try all of six!

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