Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

Best Soups in Penang – Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

Best Soups in Penang – Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

Sup Hameed dishes up cauldron sized boiling South Indian style peppery soups.
Famous Mamak Soup is popular with the Malay, Indian and Indian Muslim community.

Chinese men love the Tumeric peppery, spicy “Sup Torpedo” believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Sup Hameed’s “Sup Torpedo” (bull’s penis soup) was so famous that it was featured in an episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – an American travel and food show on CNN.

Growing up in Penang, we know where to go for the best soups outside our homes.

Made with fresh turmeric, the soups have that distinctly nice aroma and are delicious and healthy.

Sup Hameed

The soups at Sup Hameed Restaurant are recognized as the best in Penang.

The alfresco seating area is a collection of warung like stalls favoured by locals and visitors for hangout cheap meals.

There are several meat choices to select from.

However, the soup base is the same.

Years ago, when my friend from Iowa visited, she went to ask about the soups.

She was a Convent girl and could still read Bahasa after spending three decades in the USA.

The most intriguing soup was, of course, the Beef Torpedo Soup.

Pat asked Mamak, “Apa Sup Torpedo?”

Mamak: Itu, Aunty.

Pat: Itek I Tahu, APA Itu?

Mamak: Itu LAH Aunty. ITU!

Needless to say, the young Mamak was a bit flustered with Aunty and quickly headed back to the kitchen.

Pat: Dory, wth is an ITU?

Dory: That’s a Bull Pen Soup.

Pat: Marker Pen? Red ink Pen? WTH is that? Adui?

Dory: PEN is a nice Chinese euphemism for penis LAH.

Pat: Adui, say LAH! OMG, who eats that stuff.

Dory: Malaysian men.

Pat: Why????

Dory: These kinds of soups will put hair on your chest LAH

Pat: <faints>

Pat, after a thoughtful 10 minutes.

Pat: Dory, you want to try?

Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

Huge pots of boiling soups at Sup Hameed, Penang.

Beef Torpedo Soup

Recently I went to my favorite soup stall with my running friends.

By running friends, I mean to say that they run and I’m just the friend.

But Dory, you said, “You run, I chase..”

Adui, say only LAH.

Soup Torpedo

It Doesn’t Just Put Hair on Your Chest!

Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

In this case, the meats – a certain part of a bull, all 100cm of the organ meat.

What does Sup Torpedo AKA Bull’s Penis Soup taste like?

Since this is a soup for men only.

I asked Pepé Le Pew if he will help me out with the taste test.


Pepe: You ask Gordon Ramsay LAH!

Dory: <Sniggers>

Pepe: Gordon Ramsay Tried Sup Torpedo AKA Bull’s Penis Soup In KL before, you know. He’s that Hell’s Kitchen chef that’s forever roasting his fans and other chefs wannabe.

Dory: He’s always entertaining to watch. Besides, his recipe for Shepard’s Pie is to die for.

Back in 2009, some Malaysians made Ramsay try a “soup, especially for men.”

Ramsay’s initial reaction was one of bewilderment…

When he finally tasted it, Ramsay said the soup was “very spicy” and likened it to an oxtail “but with a soft bone inside” – get it? Boner?

The texture?

  • Muscly
  • Gristly
  • Chewy

The size – the penis of a mature bull is about 3–4 cm in diameter and 80–100 cm in length.

Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

Bengali Roti Bakar Planta best dunked into hot Sup Hameed signature soups.

Sup Hameed Menu

  • Chicken Soup RM4.80
  • Mutton Soup RM7.80
  • Mutton Leg Soup RM10.00 / RM15.00
  • Quail Soup RM7.80
  • Beef Soup RM4.80
  • Oxtail Soup RM8.00
  • Beef Tendon Soup RM8.00
  • Beef Tongue Soup RM8.00
  • Beef Stomach Soup RM7.00
  • Beef Torpedo Soup RM8.00
  • Beef Mixed Soup RM10.00/ RM25.00
  • Bengali Roti (per pc) RM0.50

Sup Hameed Bone Broth Soups

Nothing is more satisfying than a hot bowl of bone broth soups if you are fasting.

Bone broth is highly recommended as It contains numerous minerals and vitamins.

The soups are quite ‘filling’ in terms of reducing hunger pangs.

The soups are chockful of the fragrance of

  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • black pepper
  • fresh Tumeric
  • cloves
  • cardamom
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • poppy seeds powder


  • chopped spring onion
  • coriander
  • shallot crisps

Sup Hameed Mutton Soup Cures

I’ve heard that Mutton Soup (Soup Kambing) is considered an amazing remedy to cure fever, cough, and hands and limb pain.

Soup Kambing lovers enjoy the gamey flavour of goats will enjoy this dish.

In Malaysia, sometimes a combination of goat and lamb meat is used.

Main Ingredient of Sup Hameed

Fresh Turmeric is the main ingredient; used not only a superfood for weight loss but aid digestion and has great detox properties.

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties also help in relieving symptoms associated with both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Sup Kambing is a delicious combination of mutton and various flavourful spices besides being a refreshing and nutritious dish to keep your body warm during the monsoon and rainy seasons.

For the elderly Chinese community, they believe the Mutton Soup to be very potent and too heaty to take.

Great mutton soup very flavourful without being too strong. The meat was tender but still had a bite.

Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

The meats for the soups. The chef will select and cut these beef and mutton into bite-size chunks for your soup.

Sup Hameed Chicken Soup

The renowned soup has a unique taste.

If you look at the soup, it isn’t starchy or thick – what distinguishes their soups is the characteristic taste.

For the past 30 years, I will normally have Chicken Soup like a sensible Convent school girl.

Other times, I would crave for a good Chicken Rasam.

The flavors of Sup Ayam and Chicken Rasam are distinctly different.

I love the Chicken Rasam – a South Indian soup that is a hot, gingery, peppery, garlicky, spicy soup full of peppercorns and green chilies that provide extra heat.

My favourite is having two Roti Bengali Bakar (toasted Benggali Bread) pieces, smothered in Planta (margarine), to dip in my two bowls of Chicken Soup.

The order is Sup Ayam and Sup Ayam Kosong.

I get a serve of chopped Chicken in the Sup Ayam.

For the Sup Ayam Kosong – that’s more soup.

Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

My first order is Sup Ayam, followed by Sup Ayam Kosong – just more of the tasty soup with Bengali Bread.

Other Items at Sup Hameed

Most orders of soup are served with Roti Bengali.

You can have it toasted – Roti Bakar style with Kaya and Butter or just plain.

There is the usual Mamak fare that you can have in addition to your soups.

Roti Canai or Roti Paratha (to Singaporeans) is a crispy, buttery and flaky Indian flatbread originated from southern India.

Review of Sup Hameed

Sup Hameed gets full star rating for the best soups in Penang.
One of my favourite late-night places to visit and hang out since 2004.

Even though there are a few Sup Hameed outlets, my go-to is the alfresco outlet near Penang Road next to the Balai.

If you go early, you can squeeze in an afternoon Chendol session before crossing Penang Road to Sup Hameed.

Malaysian Restaurants with Outdoor Seating are not the best in terms of comfort or cleanliness but if you’re a food lover who wants the punch of full flavors – you’re okay to dine on rickety plastic tables, with less than spanking clean surface and chairs or stools.

The soups are tasty, hits the right spot, especially after a heavy workout to replenish fluids.

Sup Hameed does good soups, and it was rich in ingredients.

The hearty soups are best paired with toasty Roti Benggali instead of White Bread.

Sup Hameed Bone Meat Soups

Chunks of Chicken in the Sup Ayam.

Excellent value at Sup Hameed

All the soups are delicious at a reasonable price and exceed expectations in terms of taste and flavour.

The meats are chunky, good size portions, and the soup is full of turmeric goodness.

Every time I drop by, the soup tastes the same, satisfied, and the food serving is fast.

The soups are strong and thick with various meat options to choose from. Well, worth every sip of it.

If you’re feeling adventurous, do try the Sup Torpedo, which is guaranteed to put hair on your chest (for men).

They also serve simple Nasi Lemak Bungkus, Nasi Kandar with curries, Maggie Goreng, Roti Canai and a nice Roti Telur.

Restoran Sup Hameed Penang Road
Landmark: Next to Penang Contingent Police Headquarters
48 Jalan Penang, George Town, Penang
Telephone: +60 4-261 8007
Opening Hours: 7.00 AM – 12.00 AM

Facebook: Restoran Sup Hameed

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