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Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown

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Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown

Damansara Uptown

Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown

The reward for waking up early on a Saturday morning is the simple joy of eating Village Park Restaurant Nasi Lemak. When Fish Frens Steph and Jeannie suggested, the smile that broke on Smart Dory’s face was brighter than the yellow of a sunny side egg. We all have our ideal weekend mornings. Mine is eating!

What Happened On My Nasi Lemak Morning

What happened is this. I slept late and got up past 9 am. By the time we reached Damansara Uptown (Damansara Utama) the place was a messy choc a bloc full of vehicles. Going to a tag team of three seems to work out best. Our driver dropped us off. One went into the restaurant proper, the third stood on the pavement eyeballing other customers.

There was a mental mantra that went. “Finish and leave.” Which by now, I should have known, it DOESN’T works?

Steph rang from inside the restaurant. “Quickly, I hoarded a table!”

It is with such glee that we regrouped and ordered.

I felt dizzy. The entire restaurant was full and new customers were standing around doing the mental mantra.


Village Park Restaurant has tables spilling out the door beyond the five-foot way onto car parks, The walkways, and even the steps are always fully packed. I have never seen the restaurant empty.

Tips on Getting a Table During Peak Hours

Getting to Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak is a planned operative. I had to go during peak hours on a Saturday morning to learn this so you can go at odd hours!

Here are the Tips (I learned the hard way…)

#1 Wake up early (this means no rolling around and snuggling in the comforter with air-cond. humming merrily)

#2 Leave the house at the appointed time. (no Stations of the Cross at various parts of the house before getting into the car together)

#3 Get into the car and drive

#4 Find a car park (this one needs oodles of luck, prayers, and steely determination!) Good parking skill helps enormously as Damansara Utama (Damansara Uptown) is as always. Congested.

#5 Don’t let the crowds deter you. You will EAT NASI LEMAK today!

#6 A good plan is by going in a group of 3 minimum. One park the car. Another stakeout on the pavement. The last one stakes out in the restaurant. The restaurant is in 2 shop lots. You need to walk through a human wall to get to the huge seating area.

Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
Smart Dory waited a full 10minutes to get this clear shot of the cashier line and Ayam Goreng station. Photo: Doris Lim
Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
Lots of seating area if you can find an empty table! Photo: Doris Lim

Sweet Sambal Success

Going local is the best way to eat. We got all the plans in place. Shared a long canteen-style table at the back and Steph ordered. When Jeannie arrived, the food was at our table in 10 minutes. No matter how packed, Village Park Restaurant gets the order out speedily and keeps to the same consistent good taste.

What to order at Village Park Restaurant other than Nasi Lemak?

The fresh hot from the fryer crispy fried chicken. The Malay fragrant rice dish, Nasi Lemak Kukus (steamed rice) cooked in coconut milk and flavored with pandan leaves. This is a favorite Malaysian national dish.

This is what Malaysians can and will eat Nasi Lemak for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper!

They serve this delicious mound of white rice with condiments of a halved hard-boiled egg fried Ikan Bilis, peanuts, and cucumber slivers. But it is that blood-red sambal that kicks you.

The sambal should tease with sweetness, a hint of sour from Assam (tamarind) and the slow tingling burn of your lips and tongue from the spiciness of the chili.

The sambal is hot, but it does not overwhelm the flavor of the fragrant rice.

We stick to basics. Almost every table has the same order or variants to it. Nasi Lemak with the Best Ayam Goreng. By best, I meant the chicken is juicy and delicious and you get to taste just enough crispy fried batter with the chicken.

Village Park Restaurant Signature Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng. Image: Village Park Restaurant Facebook

Alternatively, order the equally popular Nasi Lemak with Cuttle Fish. The cuttlefish is chewy and soft without being rubbery.

We got one each and a Soto Ayam with Bee Hoon.

Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
The reward. Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng. Photo: Doris Lim
Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak with Sotong Photo: Doris Lim
Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
Village Park Restaurant’s Soto Ayam with a robust broth. Photo: Doris Lim

Side Dishes for your Nasi Lemak

The Nasi Lemak goes well on its own. I think it suffices. But if you’re one who needs side dishes, you can order from the tantalizing full spread of Gulai, vegetable dishes, Ikan Goreng (fried fish), Sambal Udang (prawns), mutton and even a fish head curry. For me, a good side dish would be an extra piece of Ayam Goreng (fried chicken).

Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
Who needs side dishes and Malay Kuihs? I need more stomach space seriously! Photo: Doris Lim

Malay Kuih

Like all good Malay eateries, Village Park Restaurant has a delicious selection of Malay Kuih Muih. You need to get in early to get your hands on those deep-fried bits of dough that I so love.

The hard to find Cucur Badak are a prize I savor. Fat balls of, crispy deep-fried dough pucks stuffed with a spicy chili-coconut stuffing.

The mark of a perfect Cucur Badak is its badge of honor of a single prawn.

The nicest Nasi Lemak are all sold out by the time I crawled out of bed with one eye opened. We got our hands on two banana leaf-wrapped coconut gluttonous rice cakes.

They topped it with a delicious plump ball of Gula Melaka infused sweet coconut stuffing.

Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
The best order is Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak with Malay Kuih for desserts for early birds. Photo: Doris Lim.

What else to order?

Jeannie’s friend recommended the Roti Bakar with the homemade Kaya. The toast was crisp and sliced so thinly. The coffee was strong but not at all bitter and not too sweet.

Eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown
Smart Dory and friends digging in. Photo: Doris Lim


Over the years, the restaurant is consistently good, with many recorded positive feedback from its customers for its delicious quality of food and speedy service.

I heard food descriptions of the Lontong and Assam Laksa purportedly swimming with deliciousness. There’s the prattle of Malay Kuih Muih names that makes me so hungry that I want to set the alarm clock back by at least an hour on a weekend.

I just want to eat at this place again! Can’t wait to get up early on a weekend than eating Village Park Famous Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown for a true Malaysian breakfast!

Do you want to eat Nasi Lemak? Well, there are lots of types of Nasi Lemak to try out from cakes to Nasi Lemak burgers in Malaysia.

Village Park Restaurant | Halal Malay Restaurant
Address: 5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama
Opening Hours: 07:00AM – 08:00PM Monday – Saturday 07:00AM – 06:00PM Sunday


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  1. This is such an amazing post ! Really detailed, I felt as if I was there with you and your friends. So much recommendations as well and thanks for the heads up on how to conquer the parking and table seating.

    1. Hi MasaMasak
      Yes, the Nasi Lemak is so totally worth getting up in the mornings for. I also follow you posts and would love to find out your take on making this national dish on your blog! Love the name of your blog. Masa (Time) Masak (to Cook) that’s absolutely Brillant!

      1. Hi Dory !
        I’m honoured that you read my posts. Thank you again for the compliments . I also read your blogs and they are literally mouth watering!! Makes you wanna get up and drive to that place instantly.
        Keep on swimming, Dory! You are the greatest adventurer out there in the vast ocean.

        1. That’s so funny MasaMasak, we Malaysians have such a lively supper culture that we think nothing of drinking across town for our food fixes. With your good healthy food recipes, I hope to be able to eat healthily 5 days a week. At the very least and binge on the weekends like all true blue Malaysians.

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