My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya 1

My Toast n Roast SS2 – Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

My Toast n Roast SS2 – Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

“My Toast n Roast SS2 has the best melt in your mouth Char Siew,” teased Wendy as we drove around Petaling Jaya.

I licked my lips hungrily at the thought of devouring the tantalizing images of their glistening Char Siew with caramelized bits.

What is Char Siew?

Chinese Char Siew is a sticky sweet, salty pork dish served as a main dish or appetizer.

The pork tenderloin with a proper distribution of fat marinated in a mix of honey, sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and Chinese Cooking Wine.

Its distinctive red tinge is from a tiny bit of food coloring mixed in with the marinade.

BBQ Char Siew is a famous street-side Chinese hawker ingredient that makes or breaks a Wanton Noodle dish.

The history of Toast n Roast SS2

In 2012, Johorkaki wrote about the Toast & Roast. Mr. KC Ong founded it in 2009 with recipes he developed himself.

Mr. Ong’s Char Siew stall started in this little neighborhood at Jalan SS2/72, Petaling Jaya.

The knack for marking great char siew runs in the Ong family.

  • Famous Seremban Favourites (Owner Mr. Bill Khoo is the cousin of Mr. KC Ong’s wife)
  • Roast Paradise in Singapore (Bill Khoon’s nephew, Kai Koh, is the co-owner)

Thanks for the informative heads up, Tony Boey.

I am now curious to check out the other stalls for the similarity of taste.

Where is My Toast n Roast SS2?

Restaurant, My Toast n Roast, is still within the SS2 area. Parking is always challenging in SS2 but is relatively more comfortable than the old location.

The restaurant is rebranded TNR The Real Charsiew by Sean & Angie.

The real deal when it comes to Char Siew.

My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

Roast Chicken (Smoked) Siew Yoke and Char Siew. Photo: TNR Facebook Page

Where to park at My Toast n Roast?

We were so blessed to arrive just as a car pulled out and got to park at the front of the shop.
At 3.30 pm, my stomach was growling.

I flew in this morning from Jakarta and had, would you believe it, a Hakka Mee Bakso for early breakfast!

Wendy was equally hungry, waiting for me to make my way down from KLIA2.

The shop’s interior is uncomplicated.

Necessary tables and chairs and grey cement rendered walls. The plus point is delicious food in an air-conditioned shop.

My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

Too late for Siew Yoke! Photo: TNR Facebook Page

It’s was a late Saturday afternoon. We were lucky as the lunch crowds have just left.

Wendy makes the order for us.

Their signature Char Siew and Hakka Noodles still take center stage in the menu.

We got a portion of perfect cut Char Siew.

The half lean meat, half tender melting fat layer is melt in the mouth good!

The meat is coated with a sticky sweet caramelized layer with charred bits.

The best Char Siew is tasty yet does not feel greasy.

Everyone comes here for the Char Siew

Everyone loves the skewers of pork meat marinated in a secret homemade sauce and roasted until it’s smoky, charred, and sticky sweet.

To make excellent Char Siew required just pork, a wet marinade, and a hot stove.

Some will swear by fatty pork belly.

Others like the meatier pork loin.

Whatever you choose, it is a balance of fat and lean meat that makes the best BBQ Char Siew.

Some people go for lean, others fatty.

Wendy says the best ratio is or ‘half fatty and half lean,’ which her uncle always orders.

You will know how it will taste by looking at the finished product.

When the meat looks like it is held together by a dark, gooey caramelized sticky outer layer, that is the best.

You will want the roasted meat tender and succulent with layers of fat that melt in your mouth and drip from the sides of your lips.

For the entire sticky, sugary layer, the Char Siew is actually not as sweet as it looked.

There lies the perfect balance in savories, sweetness, and smokiness.

My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

Toast & Roast Signature Premium Char Siew. Photo: Doris Lim

The Toast & Roast Signature Premium Char Siew

The look of The Toast & Roast’s Signature Premium Char Siew already speaks for itself.

The Char Siew is made in a charcoal fire Tandoor oven.

The ropes of Char Siew, which are hung closer to the charcoal fire at the bottom, get the best-charred marks.

It is not surprising that Char Siew is described as Honey Roasted BBQ Pork (Char Siu).

When our Char Siew arrived, it was hot and toasty, glistening with the caramelized sweet-savory marinate.

The is tender and moist, surrounded by warm juicy fat.

The best parts are the smoky charred edges, which complement the natural sweetness of fresh pork.

It was hard to hold back from popping these chunky Char Siew into my mouth and chewing on the warm sweet alluring sheen on the surface.

My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

Toast & Roast Signature Premium Char Siew. Photo: TNR Facebook Page

Siew Yoke Roast Pork Belly (by portion size)

“The Siew Yoke is not roasted. It is actually smoked!” said Wendy.

The Siew Yoke and Roast Chicken are taken up a notch with the savory, smoky wood flavor of Hickory Wood Charcoal.

We were disappointed as it was sold out when I arrived for lunch past 3.00 pm.

There was another 30 min wait, and I had a wedding dinner to attend.

According to Wendy, the Siew Yoke is the best, beautiful crackly skin, juicy fat, and tender meat with a natural porky sweetness.

Original My Toast n Roast Hakka Noodles RM7

Chinese Hakka noodles are made with boiled flat yellow noodles mixed with mild savory soy sauce and lard oil.

The toppings are

  • minced pork
  • spongy bits “popcorn” fish cake

The Hakka noodle is springy, tasty, and well flavored, with fried onions and crispy fish flakes.

They’re ae good on its own.

My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

Our lunch of Hakka Noodle and Char Siew. Photo: Doris Lim


  • Iced Cincau RM3.80
  • V Soy Soya Bean Milk RM3.30
  • Iced Chinese Tea RM0.70

Other My Toast n Roast Menu Items

      • Wonton Mee with Char Siew
      • Wonton Mee with Siew Yoke (roasted pork)
      • Roast Chicken (Smoked)
      • Roast Chicken Rice
      • Char Siew Rice
      • Siew Yoke Rice
      • Steamed Chicken
      • Fish Roll
      • Fried Wonton
      • Wonton Soup
      • Fried Sui Kow
      • Sui Kow Soup
      • Pork Meat Ball Soup
      • Choy Sum
      • Chicken Curry Rice
      • Pork Green Curry Rice
      • Thai Laksa
My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

My Toast n Roast TNR Thai Laksa. Photo: TNR Facebook Page

Can I order a takeaway for lunch?

For lunch, you can order via the app for food delivery.

My Toast n Roast SS2 - Best Char Siew in Petaling Jaya

You can use DeliverEat or Grab food to order online. Photo: Doris Lim

Restaurant My Toast n Roast SS2 Review:

As for Wendy and me, we are more than happy with our bowls of Hakka Mee.

The star dish – The Toast & Roast’s Signature Premium Char Siew has the perfect texture that I enjoy.

This is one of the best food to eat in Selangor. 

However, the shop is missing the herbs’ perfumes, and spices mingle I found in Restaurant SYW in Ipoh.

Restaurant My Toast & Roast | GPS: 3°07’41.5″N 101°37’40.2″E | 3.128182, 101.627825
No. 20, Jalan SS 2/72, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | Tel: +6012-230 7766
Business Hours: 8:30am – 4:00pm (Tuesdays off)

Chinese/Asian Cuisine/Non Halal

Historical Reference: Johor Kaki Blog

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