Bangkok Best Gourmet Food Delivery During Covid-19

Bangkok Best Gourmet Food Delivery During Covid-19

Bangkok Best Gourmet Food Delivery During Covid-19

Bangkok’s best restaurants are keeping the rich fed with the best gourmet food delivery during Covid-19.

You might be thinking, are there any restaurants that ship food nationwide in light of the lockdown.

As the world moves the new social norms, home-cooked meals become a rare weekday luxury.

The elite in Bangkok is keeping the city’s fine dining restaurants humming with gourmet food delivery services.

Bangkok Best Gourmet Food Delivery During Covid-19 for Super Luxurious Meals

Bangkok’s millionaires enjoy lockdown luxury. Bangkok’s top fine dining restaurants have delivery options to order in with Michelin starred set menu.

With an abundance of upscale gourmet meals sent straight to your doorstep, any upscale self-isolating foodies will be spoilt for choice.

Bangkok’s best fine dining delivery options include elegant Thai fare prepared using premium ingredients and age-old recipes to Haute European cuisine.

Meals from The Spice Market, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel has both best-selling menus and signature dishes available for home delivery or takeaway.

Bangkok Best Gourmet Food Delivery During Covid-19

Image: Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel

Cooked and delivered to your doorsteps. You stay at home.

Gourmet take-out delivered by a butler wearing white gloves in a black sedan no less.

Thailand’s super-rich has not forgone luxury during the COVID-19  pandemic, which has locked the country down.

As global business travel staggered to a halt, many in Bangkok look for ways to live a happy affluent lifestyle.

Concierge company, the Silver Voyage Club, has retooled its limousine services from point to point VIP airport transfer to delivering high-end meals from the top-tier restaurants.

To meet the elite Silver Voyage Club’s cravings, Concierge delivers premium food – focused on minimal touch food delivery in a sterile limousine sedan.

The new service adapted to the current epidemic situation now delivers premium food to customers at the front of the house or to your condo’s ground floor.

White-Glove Delivery by Silver Voyage Club is a food delivery service with highly trained staff.

The food pack is placed in another layer of the bag to minimize contact. Most importantly, the limo is sprayed and sterilized.

What is the cost of ordering the best gourmet food delivery?

With a menu that starts at 1,000 baht, you can order from famous restaurants in Bangkok. Wagyu beef, seafood, and dim sum are on offer from 24 restaurants, some housed in luxury hotels or listed on the Michelin Guide.

The MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020 selection at a glance:

The food set starts at 1,000 baht (3 menus) plus the delivery cost (250 baht) in Bangkok and metropolitan areas. 250 baht. Can ask for the menu and book the delivery at Silver Voyage Club concierge, DAIL 02-016-9975.

Bo.lan Set Lunch

Bangkok Best Gourmet Food Delivery During Covid-19

Bo.lan set lunch. Image: Phavitch Theeraphong/Time Out Bangkok

Is there a market for the best gourmet food delivery in Bangkok?

According to Forbes, Thailand has 27 billionaires, with the Chearavanont family, who head agro-industrial conglomerate CP Group topping the list worth an estimated US$27.3 billion.

For rich Bangkokians, the pandemic has brought the inconvenience of restricted movement.

Coupled with the new norm of social distancing lifestyle service business like Silver Voyage is the perfect service provider – it helps support fine restaurants and keep high-net-worth individuals happy.

Clients include corporate diners and celebrities, their meals delivered in carefully packaged boxes to their housekeepers in upscale Bangkok neighborhoods or company headquarters.

A butler – wearing white gloves – can also come along to set the table and present the food.

Silver Voyage Club founder Jakkapun Rattanapet said that  White Glove also donates 1,000 meals a day to frontline workers in hospitals.

Restrictions on Bangkok’s restaurants were eased Sunday, allowing customers to eat in with social distancing.

But with alcohol off the menu, many food businesses are still relying on delivery for an income.


The Bangkok Post – Bangkok’s millionaires’ club enjoys lockdown luxury.

Bangkok’s millionaires’ club enjoys lockdown luxury.

Food takeout and delivery options in Bangkok

The MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020 selection

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