4 Must Try Unusual Noodles When In Kuah Langkawi.

4 Must Try Unusual Noodle Dishes in Langkawi

4 Must-Try Unusual Noodle Dishes in Langkawi

When it comes to street food, you must try these four types of unusual noodles in Langkawi.

The best people to hang out with are the construction boys.

They move around with their project and go local.

By the time the construction is halfway through, they know all the best places to eat in the surrounding area.

On a recent tour to Langkawi, the boys took me out to eat, and I discovered four exciting noodle places that the locals favor.

In Malaysia, you have tried these regular noodles in local Kopitiam and even restaurants.

Try These Unusual Noodle Dishes in Langkawi

Mee Rebus (Malay Noodle Dish)

We raced to Kuah’s favorite Mee Rebus, which opened for just 4 hours a day. When we finished our meeting, it was almost three-thirty.

Siang packed us into his car and zipped to Arked Pokok Assam 2 in the middle of Kuah town.

From the outside, the arcade looks a little sad, with most shops not trading. As we walked in, the young Malay man tilted the soup pot.

We were hopeful and asked if there’s enough gravy for another four serves.

His answer was, “Yes, next time come earlier la” I met some locals, and they bought a “tapau” takeaway.

I’m not speaking of one or two but about six packets for each customer.

Aziz Mee Rebus | Pokok Assam Arcade, Kuah Town, Langkawi
Hours: 1 pm to 4 pm | Close on Fri and Sat

4 Must Try Unusual Noodles When In Kuah Langkawi_Mee Rebus

The mee rebus is simple, but the prawn fritter the size of small disks has the loudest crunch when cut with a knife. “Chrrrick chrrrick chrrrick chrrrrick!!!” That alone sounded so appetizing

Hokkien Fried Mee (KL Style Hokkien Noodle)

Found in almost any zhu zhar restaurant, this simple thick-cut yellow noodle is popular street food in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Rootian Seafood Restaurant is in the middle of Kuah town.

At night, the area is lively, with tables laid out on the five-foot way when the shops close in the evenings.

We ordered one huge platter, and it wasn’t enough to go around. It was just fabulous. Sweet and heavy with the right balance of sweet and salty taste.

4 Must Try Unusual Noodles When In Kuah Langkawi_ Tai Lok Mee

Cooked in lard with pork crackling and black sweet soy sauce, the best Tai Lok Mee is stir-fried with a charcoal fire. Photo: Doris Lim

Kiam Hu Beehoon (Fried Rice Noodles with Salted Fish)

The Kiam Hu Beehoon is a stir-fried rice noodle dish with salted fish, cuttlefish rings, eggs, onions, and shredded carrots.

To get this simple dish perfect, the temperature and oil control needs to be precise. Not too oily as the bee hoon will clump up into a ball. Not too hot, so the bee hoon burns.

The bee hoon is perfectly cooked and fluffy and evenly coated with bits of salted fish, cuttlefish rings, eggs, and onions!

The smell of deep-fried Kiam Hu (salted fish) is intoxicating to the local connoisseurs.

It is tasty served with sambal belacan. A squeeze of the lime wedges makes all the difference and heightens the taste.

A definite must-try!

Rootian Seafood Restaurant89, Jalan Panda Mayah 5, Pusat Bandar Kuah,  Langkawi
Telephone: 012-433 3338

4 Must Try Unusual Noodles When In Kuah Langkawi_Kiam Hu Beehoon

Kiam Hu Beehoon.

Huan Chu Mee (Sweet Potato Noodles) – the most Unusual Noodles

When KC took us for breakfast, I thought he said Huan Chu Moi (sweet potato porridge).

Then I thought it must be the Chinese name for a Mee Rebus (the gravy made with sweet potato).

“Sweet potato noodle, “he said. Yup, we heard that right this time. Its boiled sweet potatoes mixed with flour to make noodles, and its taste great!

The noodle has a particular bite. Flavourful when mixed with the black soy sauce and sambal taste great.

My only wish would be some sweet potato leave with the noodles.

Yup, from a tiny stall, this is pretty epic food.

Hawker Stall at the food court next to Century Suria Service Apartment Langkawi

4 Must Try Unusual Noodles When In Kuah Langkawi_Huan Chu Mee (Sweet potato noodles)

The Huan Chu Mee (Sweet potato noodles) has the full flavor of sweet potato.



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