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Home Chef BL Khoo Makes Penang Famous Roast Pork

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Home Chef BL Khoo Makes Penang Famous Roast Pork

Roast Pork with Water Melon Salad

Home Chef BL Khoo Makes Penang Famous Roast Pork

Travel magazine columnist and Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Penang Chapter Chairperson; B L Khoo is a true blue Penangite and a “MAKAN” King.
Just like the rest of the Penang Kia, Khoo loves his food.
Not many know that this Liverpool man is a home chef. In his confession, Khoo says “My specialty is “babi” (pork dishes).”
Khoo started experimenting with local favorite, the crunchy “sio bak” Chinese style roast pork, and progressed to “char siew” soy sauce honey marinade BBQ pork tenderloin and the latest pork pies!

The Secret to Making Roast Pork

Dory coaxed Khoo to share his recipe of his famous “sio bak” which is a hit with family and friends.
“The recipe, simple la it’s on YouTube. Just follow the step by step,” Khoo hinted with a huge wink!
Khoo gamely shares his photos which shows the prep and roasting process.

Roast Pork Prickling Tool

Home Chef BL Khoo Makes Penang Famous Roast Pork_Spiker
This fierce looking thing is a handheld spiker used to prick the skin of the pork belly. A loving present from Mrs. Khoo!
A nice cleaned slab of pork belly. Photo: BL Khoo
Look at the layer of skin, fat, and meat, ready to be pricked and covered with coarse salt. Photo: BL Khoo
The various stages of roasting. Photo: BL Khoo
Done to perfection! Photo: BL Khoo
Close up of the amazing crackling.  You could almost hear the incredible crunch! Photo: BL Khoo

Roast Pork in a Salad and Why Not?!

Most people would just enjoy popping a cube of the roast pork to chow down.

I tasted this unusual version which serves cubed roast pork in a salad with lychee and watermelon, some rocket, julienne purple cabbage/ red kraut, carrots, with a light calamansi lime vinaigrette recipe dressing with a scattering of black sesame seeds.

When shown a photo of the salad, the Man grinned and said, “Why complicate things? Sio bak is sio bak and should be enjoyed in its original form la!”

Anyway here’s the recipe if you want to chow down!

Roast Pork, Lychee & Watermelon Salad Recipe

Ingredients (serving for 4)

half watermelon (cut into square pieces)
1 can of lychees (drained and cut)
Roast Pork Cubes or Sio Bak (warm) and/or
Bacon Strips (grilled till crispy) I like both in the recipe!
Go for fewer greens if you don’t like leaves (you’re the boss of your salad remember!)
Small bunch coriander, roughly chopped
Small bunch mint, roughly chopped
Black sesame seeds, roasted or Chia Seeds (omit peanuts in case of allergy)
Juice of 2 orange
Juice of 1 lemon
a drop of mustard (optional)
extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
Salt and pepper to taste

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