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All Right! Western Food @ Hai Being Coffee Shop

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All Right! Western Food @ Hai Beng Coffee Shop

All Right! Western Food @ Hai Being Coffee Shop

All Right! Western Food is  is one of Penang’s best and affordable stalls located in a kopitiam or coffee shop.

Before the flourish of fancy cafes, most Penangites would flock to the kopitiam Western food stalls for weekend family dinners. Most will remember outings with their grandparents to these places.

Western food in Penang is based on the Hainanese chef’s adaptation of English dishes to suit the local palate. Penangites simply referred to this as “Western Food”.

The western food places are always packed, hurried with many customers jostling for space. There is no air conditioning, no ceiling fans. If you are lucky, you get to sit on the fringes of the awning extension.

The tables and chairs are mismatched and sometimes rickety. The table tops are grease and dirt.

The ordering system is simple. The waiters shout your orders above the din.

When the food is served, the plates are unceremoniously plonked on your table.

What do these Western food kopitiam serve?

Most serve a good and cheaper versions of what you need to pay at a proper western restaurant or café.

Local favourites are Chicken Chop and the often ordered Fish and Chips. Some stalls have a Chicken Maryland on the menu. (we love the banana and corn fritters).

Some stalls offer more “sophisticated” dishes like chicken Cordon bleu, Grilled Lamb Chops, Steak and Mixed Grill.

All Right! Western Food

I have been eating here since 1990. The stall only opens at night and the regulars have followed the bearded chef from his location at Burma Food Paradise Kopitiam to a defunct outlet on Penang Road to Hai Beng Coffee Shop.

All Right! Western Food only open at night and it is the only stall operating at night.

All Right! Western Food Menu.

This stall is one of the few Western food stalls that offers starters. You can order a simple Mixed Salad (RM7.00) with a thick Thousand Islands dressing.

There are 3 types of soups made from scratch.

  • Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM7.50)
  • Spicy Mutton Soup (RM10.50)
  • Fresh Oxtail Soup (RM12.00)
Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM7.50) Photo: Doris Lim
Spicy Mutton Soup (RM10.50) Photo: Chuck Chan
Fresh Oxtail Soup (RM12.00) Photo: Ibox Bowie

All three soups are good. The Spicy Mutton Soup is  the local Malaysian Sup Kambing. This is a warming mutton broth with carrots and potatoes.

What is All Right! Western Food’s specialty?

The bearded chef made a Grilled Lamb Loin (RM32.50) with perfect tenderness. For big eaters, their Mixed Grill (RM32.50) of lamb, steak, and chicken is a crowd favorite.

What I recommend?

I would recommend a Fresh Oxtail Soup and a Grilled Minute Steak (RM25.00) for a nice dinner that is not too filling.

If you don’t take red meat, there are several styles of chicken and fish on the menu.

  • Garlic Chicken (RM14.50)
  • Grill Chicken (RM14.50)
  • Stuffed Fish (RM16.50)
Grill Chicken (RM14.50) Photo: Doris Lim
Stuffed Fish (RM16.50) Photo: Chuck Chan
Fish and Chips (RM14.00)
Grill Salmon Steak (RM22.00) Photo: Doris Lim

All Right! Western Food Review:

Why go to an upscale restaurant when kopitiam western food is about the price of a low-end cafes but in a larger portion?

All Right! Western Food has 24 items on the menu and over the years they maintain the quality. The outlet was closed for a year as the chef was not well and resting. Now it has reopened for business.

All Right! Western Food @ Hai Being Coffee Shop. Photo: Doris Lim

All Right! Western Food @ Hai Being Coffee Shop | Junction of Burmah Road and Jones Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang | Business Hours: 6.00 pm-11.00 pm.

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