SS2 Murni Discovery Review - Best Late Supper Live Sports Student Hangout 1

SS2 Murni Discovery Review – Best Late Supper Live Sports Student Hangout

SS2 Murni Discovery Review – Best Late Supper Live Sports Student Hangout

The SS2 Murni Discovery is built on a simple formula.

Serve a great variety of food at an affordable price with crazy large portions.

This restaurant is home to Malaysia’s multi-ethnic and multicultural loyal customers who are regulars since its inception in 1999.

I’ve been there three times, and every trip is almost the same. We know SS2 as the treasure ground for good food in Klang Valley.

Murni is packed like sardines, with diners spilling out on the pavement. It’s almost a celebration to sit our group of 15 to 20 adults and children when we get in. From young teenagers to elder folks, it seems like everyone is out for supper here.

The first SS2 Murni Discovery opened in 1999.

SS2 Murni Discovery

SS2 Murni Discovery is on the ground floor of two shop lots.

How many Murni Outlets did you say?

Since SS2 Murni Discovery opened in the year 1999, there are nine outlets in the Klang Valley.

The best way to get a table is…

By making a RESERVATION.

The restaurant caters to private parties and corporate events.

Overall Good Food

Murni spoils her customers with the choices.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you will probably find it on their long list of menus.

Quantity Vs. Pricing

The servings are large. The prices are reasonable considering the portion and quality of food they serve.

Service at Murni

Not much service from the wait staff as the restaurant is packed at all hours. If you’re hungry and impatient, this place is not for you.

SS2 Murni Discovery

SS2 Murni Discovery Fast Service

What to order at Murni?

We love our rice for Malaysians, and the Nasi Lemak at Murni Discovery is an all-time favorite. There are five types of Nasi Lemak to choose from the menu.

Types of Nasi Lemak at Murni Discovery

Malaysians love their Nasi Lemak and can eat this dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper!

If you prefer a Roti, there’s another long list to ponder.

Types of Roti Canai at Murni Discovery

I wanted to try a Murtabak, but the closest I could order was a Roti Bawang with Egg.

  • Roti Bawang
  • Roti Beckham
  • Roti Bom
  • Roti Canai
  • Roti Cheese
  • Roti Hawaii
  • Roti Jepun
  • Roti Kaya
  • Roti Pisang
  • Roti Planta
  • Roti Scrambled
  • Roti Seafood
SS2 Murni Discovery

Roti Bom

Naan Varieties at Murni Discovery

  • Naan Bawang Chili Padi
  • Naan Bombay
  • Naan Cheese
  • Naan Garlic
  • Naan Garlic Cheese
  • Naan Kosong
  • Naan Mozzarella Beckham Special – Fusion of chicken meatloaf, turkey slice, & mozzarella cheese together
  • Tandoori Ayam
SS2 Murni Discovery

Naan Garlic Cheese


Lord of the Wings – Best seller nasi goreng seafood chili serve with chicken wing
Maggi Germany – Murni’s hot dish.

Maggi mee cooked with special sauce.

You can make your own Maggi Goreng at home with a simple recipe.

SS2 Murni Discovery

Maggi Germany

Goreng Special Selection

  • Cantonese Fried (Mee, Maggi, Bihun, Kuey Teow)
  • Claypot Lou Shu Fan
  • Income
  • Mee Bandung
  • Mee Udon
  • Mee Utara
  • Chicken Ala Kiew Nasi Goreng
  • Nasi Goreng Ecuador
  • Ghana Nasi Goreng
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Ayam Goreng
  • Ayam Pandan

Soup Choices

  • Mee Soup
  • Soup Ayam
  • Vegetable Soup/ Soup Sayur
  • Tomyam Mee Soup
  • Soup Tomyam
  • Seafood Tomyam Soup

Egg Choices

  • Half boiled Eggs/Telur ½ Masak
  • Telur Dadar
  • Sunnyside up Eggs?Telur Goreng/Mata Kerbau

SS2 Murni Discovery Review

Even after going on three trips, and with a big group of friends, we still could eat through the menu.

In true Mamak style, there is a long list of items on the menu. I kid you not. Just for roti canai, there are 12 types of roti to choose from the menu.

One of my favorite Roti Canai in Penang has Telur Mata, with a special Chicken curry gravy.

If you’re big and, this is the place that worth your money. The Mee Raja comes highly recommended.

If you walk around (if you can), you can see most patrons ordering this dish with a combo.

The Nasi Lemak sambal is good without being too spicy. If you like spicy, you can try the Nasi Goreng Meletup.

The portion is big, and the Nasi is explosive Hot!!!

SS2 Murni Discovery

Nasi Goreng Meletop

There are a lot of drinks that you could order to your heart’s content.

I would recommend the three-layer of tea. If you don’t like a sweet gulp, try lifting the straw and stirring the drink gently first.

SS2 Murni Discovery

SS2 Murni Discovery has lots of varieties of hot and iced drinks!

I find Murni to be the Best Late Supper, Live Sports, Student Hangout in SS2.

What are the Must Tries?

My must-try list includes Roti Hawaii, Nasi Goreng Soft-Shell Crabs, and Mee Raja Butter Milk Chicken. The combos are best and HUGE.

Suitable For After work dinner, a casual drink, supper.

SS2 Murni Discovery (HALAL)
53, Jalan SS 2/75, SS 2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300
Cuisine: Halal Malaysian, Western
Business Hours: 8 am – 5 am (Tue-Sat), 5 pm – 5 am (Sun) Closed on Mondays

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