Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food 1

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Restoran Jaya AGD is one of the brightest and most cheerful restaurants on Jalan Gottlieb that sells affordable and tasty Indian food.

Compared to other Indian restaurants this eatery at the corner shop lot draws regulars to its tasty food.

The menu is simple but there are lots of curries, Tandoori, naans, roti, chapati, Thosai and even cakes, ice cream, toasts, and eggs!

Restoran Jaya Outlets.

There are several Jaya Restaurants in Penang.

Food and travel go hand in hand, that is why I make it a point to try as many restaurants from the same brand before deciding on my favorite.

While many of my friends tell me the importance of trying new food, new restaurants, I like to spend time at my favorites.

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Restoran Jaya (Jalan Tengah)

The first Jaya I visited was Restoran Jaya, Jalan Tengah, Bandar Bayan Baru, where I would go tapao Thosai and curries.

I used to drive all the up to Bayan Baru to get my Thosai and curries.

Don’t ask me why I would drive 15km just to buy dinner.

The simple answer is that my family and I like food.

Restoran Jaya
14, Jalan Tengah, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Restoran Jaya AGD (Jaya Restoran) (Jalan Dato Keramat)

After I discovered the outlet here, I sometimes drop by to pick up some Thosai and curries.

I’ll pick up some Roti Bengali at Patchee Bakery nearby to eat with the overnight curry for the next day’s lunch.

Restoran Jaya AGD (Jaya Restoran)
531, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Restoran Jaya AGD Sdn Bhd (Seberang Jaya)

I would go for their banana leaf rice with decadent curries and that Onion Raita.

There is onion raita and there are Indian Onion Raita to go with your Biryani so well, you’ll remember it for years after you had it.

While you can make it at home, there’s no hard and fast rule for a budget-friendly condiment.

Make it in less than 5 minutes with only 5 ingredients – onions, yoghurt, green chillies, salt and cilantro leaves for garnishing.

Few basic ingredients that you already have in your pantry.

The perfect Onion (Pyaaz) Raita need only sugar, and salt to taste.

Just this one condiment makes your Biryanis, Kebabs, Butter chicken sing!

Restoran Jaya Agd Sdn Bhd (Seberang Jaya)
14, Jalan Todak 2, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Perai, Pulau Pinang

Restoran Jaya AGD Sdn Bhd (Penang Road)

Whenever we attend a workshop at Cititel Penang one of our natural eating spots is the nearby Kopitiam or Jaya Restaurant across the road.

If you’re driving by, there is a convenient car park next to it, but it can be rather expensive after the first hour.

The Jaya Restaurant is clean, and the service is fast.

One of the items we tired I enjoyed the dry Mutton Curry.

Restoran Jaya AGD Sdn Bhd (Penang Road) Jaya Restaurant (Jaya Restoran)
99, 99A, Jalan Penang, George Town, Pulau Pinang

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Restoran Jaya AGD Sdn Bhd (Jalan Gottlieb)

Ever since I started going for my walks in the Botanical Gardens, I would swing to Restoran Jaya AGD on Jalan Gottlieb for my meals.

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I went with Mala – right after a workshop at the Penangpac.

I enjoyed the new food experiences.

The food was great; we had Thosai and Bru Coffee.

The service was efficient and friendly.

It was a clean, safe place to hang out at night in a pleasant environment.

After that visit, I returned to try various item alone and with friends.

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Plenty of Variety at Restoran Jaya AGD

Aside from the good tasty food, I like the variety.

Depending on how busy the restaurant is, the servers are quick, and food is served quickly.
The staff is good and they do not waste time on chit chat.

Sometimes they may appear to be a little slow, but that’s because they are checking on orders from Food Delivery.

You will see several motorcycles parked outside waiting for the kitchen to prepare the meals.

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Breakfast /Tea Sets at Restoran Jaya AGD

While many think that traveling the world for food is what food blogger do,

I beg to differ.

It is a combination of finding the restaurant or eatery that makes the best recipe of my favorite dish that appeals to me.

Kothu Parotta Chicken

The noisy dance and the sound of stir-frying Kothu Parotta from a distance and will tempt you to order the snack.

Kothu Parotta, a popular South Indian street food delicacy sold at small restaurants.

They make it with Roti Canai shredded into small pieces and stir-fried with cooked Chicken and Curry.

Kothu Parotta is cooked on a large cast-iron pan, chopped and mixed by repeated pounding the Roti and Chicken with heavy iron spatulas – which gives out that amazing sound.

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Rava Thosai (Dosa)

An absolute favourite of mine is the Rava Thosai – made from a thin batter made of sooji, rice flour, maida and water.

They make the best Rava from a buttermilk batter spiced with onions, green chillies, herbs and spices.

They then pour the batter on a hot cast iron griddle for that netted effect.

The dosa is cooked till golden crisp and served hot.

Rava dosa is usually served with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and chicken curry.

If you want a lux version, try the Rava Masala Dosa with the filling of the Potato Masala with bits of carrots and some chickpeas.

Tandoori Chicken and Garlic Naan

Penangites may swear with the Tandoori Chicken from Kashmir Restaurant or Restoran Kapitan (Chulia Street) – but I find the dish at Jaya to be equally good.

Watching the Chef make the Tandoori was mesmerizing and entertaining.

The Grilled Tandoori Chicken is succulently juicy from being marinated in a yoghurt and lemon spiced marinade.

The taste is smoky and the flavors from garam masala is a perfect balance to be eaten together with Garlic Cheese Naan.

Sometimes the Chicken is a little undercook, so do check and send it back to the kitchen if you prefer the Chicken to be slightly overcooked.

Most of the time I feel this is too especially heavy when taken with a Salty and Sweet Lassi.

Recently Pepe and Bunny introduced me to Cheese Chapati.

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food


Last night we ate at home, I was craving for some decent Chapatis.

Chapati is a basic unleavened bread made without yeast.

With only 3 simple ingredients Atta flour, water, and salt.

The Chapati is pale-brown and gritty in texture.

Every family household in India prepares a batch of fresh chapatis every single day.

They cook the best Chapatis fresh.

While you can spread your favorite pickle or chutney over them, the best is with a dollop of homemade ghee.

Chapati Mushroom Roll

I like this Chapati Roll filled with curried sliced tinned mushroom.

Sometimes I have this as a light dinner with 2 side vegetarian dishes.

Cheese Chapati Add RM2.00

All that is needed is some processed cheese slices in a folded Chapati that makes a great roti.

Restoran Jaya AGD Jalan Gottlieb – Affordable Indian Food

Restoran Jaya AGD Tasty and Fresh Food

The food at Jaya is freshly prepared.

Other restaurants have ready fried meats and seafood.

At Restoran Jaya AGD you can find the marinated chicken, fish, prawns and squids ready to be deep-fried when you order.

The assortment of ready-cooked dishes with each one tasty and freshly cooked.

Every time I go for dinner, I will see the kitchen sending out freshly prepared and stir-fried vegetable.

I am not a Nasi Kandar fan I prefer Chapatis and Rotis.

If I take rice, I normally order my meal to be served banana leaf food.

Restoran Jaya AGD Review

Few patrons realize that the upstairs (first floor) is available for quiet dining.

You can fill your plate Nasi Kandar style and bring that up to enjoy in air-conditioned comfort.

It is less crowded and spotless.

The washrooms are on the first floor and are spanking clean, dry and smells fresh.

Your taste buds and budget will love you for it.

Restoran Jaya AGD Sdn Bhd (Jalan Gottlieb) 
Cuisine: Indian
Landmark: Hope Children Hospital, Jalan Gottlieb
25, Jalan Gottlieb, Taman Selamat, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 7 am to 11 pm
Phone: 04-218 9800

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