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7 Eleven Prepared Meals You Must Try in Thailand

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Hot Ready Made Meals You Must Try in 7-Eleven Thailand!

7 Eleven Prepared Meals

7 Eleven Prepared Meals You Must Try in Thailand

When it rains, get hold of these hot 7 Eleven Prepared Meals You Must Try in Thailand.

Even if you’re just broke or craving for a piping hot meal, nothing is more satisfying than rice when you travel in Asia. Ready-Made Meals of the day and night is a lifesaver! One of the best flavors that I like immensely is Thai Basil Chicken Rice which is also on the menu in MacDonald’s.

However, getting to a 7-Eleven is much easier than heading to an McD. There are over 8,000 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand. In Bangkok, there’s one within a 5-minute walk from anywhere.

Don’t look at their chiller and the Ready-Made Meals suspiciously. The cashier will heat it up for you after paying. The food is perfect, hot and aromatic.

Here are our favorites which we tried in the middle of the night.

What’s important is this leading convenience store provides you the snacks which you can only buy in Thailand with the cheapest price! One bite of the delicious hot meals will send you back for more like me.

If you like Japanese Rice Balls try these!

7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Saba Teriyaki Rice Ball
7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) おにぎり

Check out these Rice Ready Made Meals!

7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Fried Rice with Clams
7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Fried Rice with Prawns

Where can I get a porridge to feed my child?

Family safe, you can bring small children here to buy a nice meal or even porridge! Promise them treats of candy, buns or ice cream. Here are some delicious rice meal and porridge to try!

The rice porridge is made from real jasmine rice and tastes is like fresh porridge. The porridge has a nice soft texture and smells good from ginger, garlic which gives a delicious home-cooked taste.

7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Boiled Rice Soup with Shrimp
7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Rice Porridge Meal

What About a Noodle Meal?

Not everyone loves Ham & Egg toastie sandwiches like me. Jing the biggest noodle fan I know goes for all sorts of noodles and her best bet is the Mama Noodles.

7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Cup Pork Noodles
7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Prawn Noodle
7 Eleven Prepared Meals
Creamy Spicy Noodles

7 Eleven Bangkok Store Locator Click the 7-Eleven logo for GPS locations!

7 Eleven Prepared Meals

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