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Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store

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Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Most of us think of just getting snacks, beers, and condoms but there are other things you can get done at 7-Eleven Convenience Stores that even I didn’t know about!


I have tried this myself but have stayed and chatted with the staff and found out. Remember I love hanging out at the local 7-Eleven in Taiwan! My all-time favorite is the Toasties Breads in 7-Eleven Thailand! 

# 1 Recharge Your Cell Phone In Minutes

Keeping your cell phone well stocked with minutes is the way a local cell phone works in Taiwan. Most are pay-as-you-go. This is when that crucial 10-second window comes in when you need to purchase more minutes. The staff at the 7-Eleven will help you out on this.

# 2 Pay Utility Bills and Parking Tickets

The bare necessities of life besides eating! If you drive in Taiwan and get a speeding ticket, you just take it to getting it to get the barcode scan and pay at the 7-Eleven.

# 3 Renew your driver’s license

I heard that this can be done at the 7-Eleven as well

# 4 Calling a Taxi

In case, you forgot to renew your driving license. Next time you need a ride just ask the attendant at the nearest 7-Eleven to call a taxi for you.

# 5 Send packages

You can only send your package from 7-Eleven to 7-Eleven. It’s probably easier to locate a 7-Eleven than a post office.

# 6 Buy tickets to shows and games

Ibon is an ATM-like machine in every 7-Eleven store. This is where you can purchase any kind of ‘ticket’ you need. It will help if you can’t navigate the Chinese website as some doesn’t translate well.

# 7 Use an ATM

ATMs in 7-Eleven stores are very handy. You can withdraw money and also send money to other bank accounts. This is great for wiring a small deposit to hold hotel reservations.

# 8 Redeem Taiwan Receipt Lottery Winnings

One of the best things is the lucky lottery draws. This is not a gambling ticket but rather on every receipt in Taiwan, there is a number. These numbers are chosen as the lottery winners every two months.
Earnings can range from NT$200 to NT$10 million. If you’re lucky and win a small amount, the local 7-Eleven will redeem it for you.

# 9 Print, fax, copy and Wi-Fi

There’s free Wi-Fi, but you do have to sign up for it. As for Print, fax, copy, that’s self-explanatory. Just check with the 7-Eleven store attendants.

# 10 Get your dry cleaning done

You can drop off your dry cleaning at 7-Eleven and they’ll take care of it for you. Just check with the 7-Eleven store attendants.

7-Eleven is my favorite for convenience and diverse selection. Drinks and meals are better in cafes, but when you’re rush and feel hungry at odd hours; 7-11 can be very convenient.

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