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Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store

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Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store

7 Eleven in Taiwan

Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Most of us think of just getting snacks, beers, and condoms but there are other things you can get done at 7-Eleven Convenience Stores that even I didn’t know about!

I have tried this myself but have stayed and chatted with the staff and found out. Remember I love hanging out at the local 7-Eleven in Taiwan!

You get to handle all the bare necessities of life besides eating at a 7-Eleven!

Here’s a list of things of errands you get done at 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Recharge Your Cell Phone In Minutes

Keeping your cell phone well stocked with minutes is the way a local cell phone works in Taiwan. Most are pay-as-you-go. This is when that crucial 10-second window comes in when you need to purchase more minutes. The staff at the 7-Eleven will help you out on this.

Pay Utility Bills and Parking Tickets

If you drive in Taiwan and get a speeding ticket, you just take it to getting it to get the bar code scan and pay at the 7-Eleven.

Renew your driver’s license

I heard that this can be done at the 7-Eleven as well

You Can Call a Taxi

In case, you forgot to renew your driving license. Next time you need a ride just ask the attendant at the nearest 7-Eleven to call a taxi for you.

Send packages

You can only send your package from 7-Eleven to 7-Eleven. It’s probably easier to locate a 7-Eleven than a post office.

Buy tickets to shows and games

Ibon is an ATM-like machine in every 7-Eleven store. This is where you can purchase any kind of ‘ticket’ you need. It will help if you can’t navigate the Chinese website as some doesn’t translate well.

Use an ATM

ATMs in 7-Eleven stores are very handy. You can withdraw money and also send money to other bank accounts. This is great for wiring a small deposit to hold hotel reservations.

Redeem Taiwan Receipt Lottery Winnings

One of the best things is the lucky lottery draws. This is not a gambling ticket but rather the numerical code at the top of receipts, there is a number. These numbers are chosen as the lottery winners every two months.

Earnings can range from NT$200 to NT$10 million. If you’re lucky and win a small amount, the local 7-Eleven will redeem it for you.

Other Things You Can Get Done At 7-Eleven Convenience Store
The numerical code at the top of receipts is a lottery. Image credit: Guide to Taipei.com

Print, fax, copy and Wi-Fi

There’s free Wi-Fi, but you do have to sign up for it. As for Print, fax, copy, that’s self-explanatory. Just check with the 7-Eleven store attendants.

Get your dry cleaning done

If you’re travelling and can’t find a dry cleaner in the city, you can drop off your dry cleaning at 7-Eleven and they’ll take care of it for you. Just check with the 7-Eleven store attendants for details on pick up, cost etc.

7-Eleven is my favorite for convenience and diverse selection. Drinks and meals are better in cafes, but when you’re rush and feel hungry at odd hours; 7-11 can be very convenient.

Source: Taiwan Receipt Lottery


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