Great Things to Eat at a Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store 1

Great Things to Eat at a Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Great Things to Eat at a Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

The Taiwanese 7-Eleven is the most visited convenience store or grocery store on the island.

When we visited Taiwan, we stayed at Just Sleep Hotel in downtown Ximending, Taipei.

We choose this hotel as there’s a Taiwanese 7-11 on the ground floor. Seriously, I love it!

There are so many great things I love to eat here.

Some Malaysians like me are like that. We like to stay where comfort equals food is!

What’s the difference between the local 7-Eleven and Taiwanese 7-Eleven?

Well, they sell goods from Taiwan or Japan or Korea!

For someone who doesn’t shop, I could spend a few hours in the 7-Eleven! Someone, please drag me out of there. LOL.

7-Eleven stores are found everywhere in Taiwan.

Facts: 7-Eleven has 56,600 stores in 18 countries worldwide. Taiwan has a whopping 5,161 stores at the end of October 2017.

They rank Taiwan as having one of the highest densities of 7-Eleven in the world.

It feels like there’s a 7-Eleven around the corner when we went sight-seeing.

I kid you not.

We got to hang out and browse happily in the little convenience store.

24-hour grocery shopping takes on a new meaning.

How Many Times? Every time we trooped back to the hotel and every time before we headed out.

Plus, a few times in the night after all the shops and street food stalls were closed.

Surprisingly, we felt hungry for some snacks all the time in Taiwan.

It must be chilly weather. Or the magic draw of the 7-Eleven.

Then there’s all the kawaii stuff.

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Great Things To Eat At A Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store.

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store Food!

7-Eleven Food Heaven is the best and most apt description I can think of.

  • Tea Eggs (NT$10)
  • Mini Oden Hot (Start at NT$10 per stick/item)
  • Ice-cream
  • Bentos (Range from NT$40 to NT$100)
  • Bubble Tea & Coffee @ City Cafe
  • Unique Taiwanese Flavoured Instant Noodles
  • Pineapple Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup (NT$49)
  • Steamed Sweet Potatoes (NT$25 to NT$50/based on weight)
  • Rice Balls (NT$35)
  • Taiwanese Milk Tea & Coffee (NT$35)
  • Unique Flavoured Milk (NT$35)
  • Unique potato chip Flavours (NT$75)
  • Traditional Taiwanese Snacks
  • Unique Pudding Desserts
Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Even the sandwiches taste better with the pillowy soft bread and buns.

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Lots of great tasting ice-cold drinks.

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Welcome to Bubble Tea Land!

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store Herbal Tea Egg

In Taiwan, I fancy it must be tea eggs! Step into a Taiwanese 7-Eleven, and the scent of Assam black tea perfumes the air.

The sight of a pot of hot tea eggs on the rolling boil is very comforting. I had one every night for supper.

Well, the tea egg and a large piece of soy-braised turnip “burger.” See why I like it so much that I repeat that like a chant.

Tea Eggs have a common name in Asia.

  • Cha Ye Dan 茶叶蛋
  • Chinese Marbled Eggs
  • Tea Leaf Eggs

Lightly cracked hard-boiled, the eggs are simmered in a large pot with tea bags, salt, cinnamon, Szechuan pepper, star anise, black pepper, and tamari sauce for a marbled effect.

There are many meatballs and my favourite braised turnips, which I will eat every night for supper.

Most 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan carry a range of Mini Oden Hot Pot items right next to the oversized boiling pot of tea eggs.

You can fill a mini bowl with a choice of meatballs, squid balls, fish cakes, corn, stewed tofu, braised turnip (I must eat item), and noodles, including ramen.

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Taiwanese Herbal Tea Egg is an excellent protein snack that everyone loves.

Now that you’ve got your food settled, why not indulge in some sightseeing activities that will complete your Taiwan holiday!

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store Locator Click the 7-Eleven logo for directions!

Taiwanese 7-Eleven Convenience Store

Image: Google Map

Source: 7-Eleven Taiwan Website

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