Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

For Taiwan Snack Food fans, Osmanthus Alley Restaurant serves lip-smacking Taiwanese Kochabi noodles, and rice sets, simple stir-fry dishes, snacks, and light eats – and a crowd favourite Tang Yuan.

Osmanthus Alley is right next to Wholey Wonder and part of Hin Bus Depot’s quirky cafes collection.

You can enter the outlet from its back entrance at Hin Bus Depot. The frontage faces Jalan Gurdwara.

Baby Fish and I went to eat in their 2nd month of operations.

Apparently, the owners used to run a trailer cabin food-truck at Hin Bus Depot charmingly called the Mama Goose.

“Mama, they have expanded their menu,” Baby said, checking out the food.

I was more or less set on what I wanted to eat and drink.

“You decide, girl. I want..”

“Fried Chicken and your Black Coffee.” Baby Fish quipped.

“I think we can manage some room for 4 items you choose.”

We were seated next to the counter, and I looked around the café.

Osmanthus Alley Deco

I checked out the restaurant’s Facebook and found out that the deco made with some driftwood art-pieces is the chef’s own handiwork.

Osmanthus Alley serves a variety of fusion cuisine with Taiwanese delights.

Baby read the menu and rattled off some suggestions.

The menu has several light Taiwanese snack items.

I remember my adventures in Taiwan years ago before I started this travel and food blog.

Salted Crispy Chicken was one of the items I enjoyed in Shilin Night Market in Taipeh.

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Interior

What We Ordered at Osmanthus Alley Restaurant.

  1. Salted Crispy Chicken RM18
  2. Sesame Prawn Toast RM12
  3. Crispy Shredded Beef RM24
  4. Wasabi Prawns RM32
  5. Arissto Cappuccino RM7
  6. Arissto Long Black Coffee RM6

Belle suggested ordering the “Lion’s head dumpling” – Shanghainese braised pork-meat ball.

I started telling Belle of my experience ordering Konigsberger Klopse (German Meatball in a creamy caper sauce) when I went to Europe in the 90s.

The single meatball that arrived was the size of a cat’s head. Actually, a tennis ball is a better description (don’t ask me why I said that), but it what 20 golf-ball-sized meatballs would look like – combined.

It was massive, and the quantity of ground sirloin, pork and veal were delicious in the creamy caper sauce.

“No, Mama! We’re not ordering that, okay.”

“Er… OOPSY.”

So I cut it with my food narratives, and we drank our coffee and joked about other things we found funny instead.

First to arrive.

Wasabi Prawns RM32

Prawns, Apples and Wasabi Mayo sounds very interesting.

The deep-fried large, Crispy Wasabi Prawns and Apple Cubes coated in a creamy wasabi sauce is a good appetiser.

The Wasabi Mayo was a little spicy and sweet with a slightly pungent flavour.

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Wasabi Prawns RM32

Sesame Prawn Toast RM12

One of the snacks I used to make (a very long time ago), and I still think it’s the best – Crispy Shrimp Toasts which is crunchy, flaky, sumptuous with a sweet, mild flavour of minced prawns.

This is something my mom used to make back in the 60s.

Once we transitioned from lard to coconut oil and palm oil – she could fry things up for supper.

Osmanthus Alley’s version is to top bread triangles with a simple prawn mix, coat in sesame seeds and fry to golden perfection!

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Sesame Prawn Toast RM12

Crispy Shredded Beef RM24

We would order this dish over and over again.

The Crispy Shredded Beef are tasty with a strong black pepper flavour.

We’re beginning to think that Osmanthus Alley’s chef like to sprinkle everything with white or black sesame seeds.

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Crispy Shredded Beef RM24

Salted Crispy Chicken RM18

The Taiwanese Salty Crispy Chicken was more nostalgia than anything else.

At Shi Lin Night Market, I remember a rude encounter with Fried Stinky Tofu Cubes in a bag.

I was so hungry but felt wretched after taking a few Stinky Tofu bites that I couldn’t eat anything else.

When I came across the fried chicken, I felt it was the best thing I could eat!

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Salted Crispy Chicken RM18

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Menu

Apart from the Taiwanese light eats that we ordered, the menu offers various noodle and rice sets.

There are Taiwanese Desserts with interesting choices like Black Sesame Tang Yuan in Rice Wine and Red Bean Soup that we didn’t have room for.

Taiwan Snack Food Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Penang

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant’s Taiwanese Noodle and Rice Sets and Desserts. Photo: Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Facebook

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant Review:

A small family-run restaurant, the eatery is popular with locals who enjoy Taiwanese food, snacks and desserts.

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant street frontage

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant October 2020

Osmanthus Alley Restaurant
Hin Bus Depot, 59 Jalan Gurdwara
10300 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6011-1181 2722
Operating hours: 11 am to 9 pm Mon-Tue, Thu to Sun.
Closed on Wed.
Landmark: A 3-min walk from Gama Supermarket & Departmental Store
Parking: Across the street near Hotel NEO+ Penang

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