Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

The Gurney Plaza Food Hall is Penang’s newest and latest upscale food court.

On the fourth floor, the main wing of Gurney Plaza, this is the largest and most attractive food court on Penang Island.

For two weeks since the soft opening, the food hall with great local and international cuisine – seems to be at the top of everyone’s meal list.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall

The spanking new, clean, and impressive food hall refurbishment cost RM10.93M.

The interiors are spacious, cozy, and welcoming in blue, cyan shades and warm accents from the wood flooring.

There are four zones marked by the interior design elements that break up the massive space with greeneries around the fringes.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall Concept

They design the food haven with various details based on local Penang elements; each zone represents important landmarks around Penang.

  1. The Pier
  2. The Port
  3. The Palm
  4. The Patio

The Pier is the first entry point for merchants and travelers into The Port.

The Port greet visitors with nautical elements, plants, and vibrant colors of “shipping containers” inside of a port.

The Palm represents Penang’s natural wonders from the beach and verdant hills to the Green Penang city.

Finally, The Patio – a berthing point for ships; crucial for every Port.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

Gurney Plaza Food Hall Zones, Pier, Port, Patio, and Palm

Gurney Plaza Food Hall Selection

With over 25 outlets, there is an excellent selection of stalls for every tastebud.

Overall, the food court has a good choice of price-appropriate yet delectable quick meals and snacks.

A rundown on the stalls available –

Crowd favorites Mr. Shawerma and the Dry Chilli Pan Mee stalls are there.

One of our island’s most iconic dishes from local stalwart chicken rice shop Sin Nam Huat – The Roasted C. is a firm favorite minus the pork.

You can order your roasted chicken and duck, with side dishes – chai boey and braised egg.

New Treats include :

  • Penang Hong Zai
  • Thailander
  • Tamarind Tom yam
  • Kyrin Sushi
  • Teochew Chendol
  • 888 Canteen

Is Gurney Plaza Food Hall Halal?

The selection of food, both Western and Asian food sold at Gurney Food Hall, cater to most patrons.

The Food Hall is pork-free.

It is best for Muslims to inquire directly at the individual stalls if you have any concerns before placing your orders.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

Gurney Plaza Food Hall’s interesting interiors!

What I ate at Gurney Plaza Food Hall.

I was at the Food Hall for an early brunch and was attracted to the Thailander stall.

There were several Thai customers in the queue.

I wanted to eat Crab Omelet Rice (RM10.00), alas, it was not available as the “crab meat” hasn’t arrived.

Since I couldn’t travel, I was hankering after a poor man’s version of at Raan Jay Fai’s Thai Crab Omelette (Kai-Jeaw Poo)

That massive roll of egg and lump crab meat that is what a foodie dreams of.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

Thailander’s Menu – as always, the menu looks promising. Typos notwithstanding. The important thing is the taste of food!

I prattle on and on about not ordering this dish, sounding like an annoying aunt. LOL.

The lovely “Lady Boss” was so cool, patient, and managed both the till, kitchen and desserts!

She is great at getting our orders out quickly.

Value Meal A (RM7.30) – Southern Fried Chicken Rice with Omelette

Thai Fried Chicken – crispy, moist, and so good; the BEST fried chicken ever.

I choose this over KFC any day.

Thai Fried Chicken is well marinated with cilantro, garlic, fish sauce, and other seasonings.

The taste is flavourful, very crispy, and tasty.

Yes, I contemplated packing half a dozen pieces home.

At RM4.50 per piece, why not, but then that’s me being very greedy.

I enjoyed the taste of the sweetish fried.

I think they forgot the omelet and gave me an imperfect Sunny-Side-Up Egg instead.

I would rather a soft yolk; it was overcooked.

The rice was coated with two types of curry gravy and a little too wet for me.

Basil Leave Chicken (RM5.00)

Did the Basil “leave” the Chicken?

The printer’s Hantu is at work again.

The correct version is Thai Basil Leaf Chicken.

I used to eat at Balck Canyon every week and order two items: Pad Kra Praw Minced Chicken with Hot Basil & Fried Eggs or Sticky and Moist Thai Red Curry Shrimp Stir Fry with Egg.

I guess I was missing authentic Thai food so much that everything tasted delicious to me.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court

Thailander Thai Food Stall at Gurney Plaza Food Hall.

Red Ruby with Jackfruit (RM5.20)

Thai Dessert Tum Tim Krob is decadent and is made of Water Chestnuts in Syrup and Coconut Milk with ice.

However, like many other food court Thai stalls, the Red Ruby is yam bean or “bangkuang.”

Overall, the taste is good, and I will probably go back again for more.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall—Penang’s Newest Upscale Food Court 1

Red Ruby with Jackfruit dessert.

Let me know your favorite stall at Gurney Plaza Food Hall in the comment section, and I will visit there to check it out.

Gurney Plaza Food Hall
Location: Main Wing of Gurney Plaza, 4th Floor.
Operating Hours: Daily, 10:00 a.m.—10:00 p.m.

Status: Pork-Free


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