Restaurant SYW Ipoh

Restaurant SYW Ipoh – Modern Roast Duck Specialist

Restaurant SYW Ipoh – Modern Roast Duck Specialist

When Lily suggested Restaurant SYW Ipoh, my immediate response was, “Let’s have Roast Duck, Pork, and the works!”

I tend to seek out the best roast pork whenever I travel to eat.

We headed to one of Ipoh famous speciality barbeque and roasted meat restaurants.

Lily, an Ipohite, has been patronizing this shop for over two decades.

We headed to Restaurant SYW Ipoh on Jalan Mustapha al-Bakri (Clare Street).

It’s located opposite Sin Eng Heong (the famous Baked Kaya Puff shop).

The moment I stepped into Restaurant SYW, the fragrance was so delicious.

The smell is so appetizing. The perfumes of the herbs and spices mingle so well that I couldn’t wait to chow down.

The casual café concept has a large glass display at the front.

The barbecued meats (duck, chicken, roasted pork “Siew Yoke” and Barbecued Pork “Char Siew” hang on metal hooks.

There are pre-cooked and displayed behind the glass counter. Fresh fruit ready for juicing on display.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh - Modern Roast Duck Specialist

Delicious and fragrant roast meats perfume the restaurant. I have never been to such a tasty smelling shop!

Restaurant SYW Ipoh - Modern Roast Duck Specialist

Lots of add-ons of pre-cooked dishes. There are double-boiled soups, salads, and stir-fries.

How to order Roast Duck?

We ordered a platter of roast and barbecued caramelized pork. Both types of pork meat are sliced about half an inch thick.

Perfect bite-size for eating with rice.

My personal preference is for one-inch cubes of Roasted Pork Belly to bit into the warm juicy meat with its layers of melting fat!

The oil price is so fragrant.

“This is where the locals come for their favourite lunch of crunchy roasted pork “Siew Yoke” and sweet barbecued “Char Siew”.

“Most patrons love the Roast Duck with crispy skin. The meats are juicy after roasting and are tasty,” Lily said.

I couldn’t agree more.

At first, we complained as the “Char Siew” was a little fat.

I compared it to the leaner cuts that I used to eat.

Eventually, things evened out, and we had two serves of the beautiful (slightly fatter) sweet “Char Siew”.

I like the cilantro topping and the garnish of Japanese Cucumber and fresh Tomato slices.

The accompanying Chili Sauce is not overpoweringly spicy or sharp.

It did its job without overwhelming the taste of the meats.

The signature Restaurant SYW Ipoh Roast Duck Leg is crispy, but the meat is tender and juicy.

I finished it by myself as Lily is not fond of duck meat per se.

No complaints here. Just happy faces and full tummies.

How the food rates are in direct proportion to the bowls of the delicious fragrant rice we had.

We shared three large bowls between us.

Restaurant SYW Ipoh - Modern Roast Duck Specialist

The festive feel of the café theme restaurant. There’s even Christmas roast turkey for pre-order!

How Restaurant SYW Ipoh Became Famous

The owner, Danny’s father, is the patriarch of Sun Yeong Wai restaurants who travelled every year to Hong Kong from 1980 to 1990.

He wanted to enhance his culinary skills in the preparation of roast ducks.

In the 1990s, the business passed from father to son. Now Danny runs the family business today.

The restaurant is modern, clean with a café theme.

For the festive season, the restaurant even has Christmas Roast Turkey on the menu!

Restaurant SYW Ipoh - Modern Roast Duck Specialist

Juicy tender roasts topped with cilantro.

Signature Restaurant SYW Ipoh Roast Duck

The mark of a perfect roast duck is crispy skin, juicy and succulent, tender meat fragrant with herbs.

Just look at that glistening golden brown crispy skin of the signature roast duck.

Roast Pork “Siew Yoke” and BBQ Pork “Char Siew”

The crunch of the extra crispy skin is from using a traditional charcoal furnace with high temperatures.

Pork belly is used for both “Siew Yoke” and “Char Siew”.

Pork belly has a good balance of fat and lean meat and makes a juicy roast that is not dry.

Lily’s favourite, the sweet “Char Siew”, has a nice shiny glaze from maltose and tastes delicious.

When you’re next in Ipoh, head over for some porky delights and loads of that wonderful rice.

I would go for two bowls the next time I eat there.

RESTAURANT SYW (SUN YEONG WAI) (Non-Halal) | 63, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (Clare Street) Ipoh, Perak. Business hours: Opens for lunch and dinner daily, until about 8.00 pm



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