Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

A walk at night looking for the Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok  Thailand spells temptation from the incredible smells of grilling meats, chicken, and shellfish over hot coals from street foods stalls. The juicy grilled Thai Grilled Pork (Moo Ping หมูปิ้ง) and Thai Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang ไก่ย่าง) makes my mouth water even as I write this. It’s a fabulous eating trip that makes me hungry all over again when I recall the sweet creamy desserts. This is a Top 10 Street Foods list of my absolute favorites that I dive for. If you have another list of must-eats hawker fares, do feel free to share.

Let’s Start With The Best Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok 

#1 Thai Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang ไก่ย่าง)

Thai-style grilled chicken is one of the tastiest Thai street foods you’ll never get enough of. Coated in a marinade flavored with cilantro, white pepper, garlic, and fish sauce, the grilled chicken is bursting with flavor! Most of the time I practically drool as I watch the vendor baste both sides of chicken the marinade.

The best way to eat this is straight off the coals of a street vendor’s BBQ.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Gai Yang ไก่ย่าง (Thai Grilled Chicken) Photo: Doris Lim

#2 Thai Grilled Pork (Moo Ping หมูปิ้ง)

Moo Ping or grilled pork on a skewer is the answer to why pork tastes so darn good. It is the simplest way to prepare the best cut of pork marinated with coriander root, pepper, and garlic. Milk is used as a pork tenderizer.

The pork slices are threaded onto the skewers and grilled over the flame on a charcoal BBQ for that smoky charred smell. Eat that with Sticky Rice.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Moo Ping (Thai Grilled Pork Skewers) Photo: Doris Lim

#3 Thai Deep Fried Crispy Chicken Skin (หนังไก่ทอดกรอบ) 

Thai Deep-Fried Crispy Chicken Skin is a complimentary snack as popular in Thailand as hot chips are in McD. The best-fried chicken skin is remarkably light, airy, and not oily at all. It is salty with savory notes of umami-boosting soy sauce in the batter. I was told that it is mixed with cilantro powder and garlic powder.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Thai Deep Fried Chicken Skin (nhang kai thod) Photo: Doris Lim

#4 Thai Boat Noddles (Doy Kuay Teow Reua ต้อยก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ)

Thai Boat Noodles has a robust flavorful soup made of rich beef broth intensified by a splash of fresh cow’s blood! Boat noodles have the most flavorsome of all Thai noodle soups.

Traditionally, boat noodles are served from small boats gliding along with Thailand’s floating markets. The roadside stall that I like is located a short distance from the Sadao border. There’s a choice of beef or pork with meatballs and sliced meat and pork liver. I like the dark robust blood soup which has a strong flavor. The noodles are topped with fresh herbs and soft boiled eggs.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Doy Kuay Teow Reua (ต้อยก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ) Photo: Doris Lim

#5 Thai Wanton Noodles (Ba Mee บะหมี่แห้ง)

Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong have their version of Wanton Noodles. The Thai dry version is in a light soy sauce with pork lard oil and topped with chili flakes. The egg noodles are delicious and springy and drier with minimal sauce. Thai Wonton Noodles has a distinct taste that I enjoyed.

The portion is large and the hawkers are not stingy with the ingredients. This makes it quite a filling bowl of noodles. You’ll love the meatier bites of regular char siew and plenty of wantons with plump minced pork fillings. If you’re in Dan Nok, this is the stall you need to try.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Thai Wonton Noodles (Ba Mee) Photo: Doris Lim

#6 Pad Thai Noodle (ผัดไทยกุ้งสด)

Pad Thai Noodles is one of the cheapest satisfying meals you can get in Thailand. The noodles are flavorful and delicious. It’s a staple of the Thai diet eaten as street food in many local eateries. The flavor of Pad Thai Noodles is unique from the Thai ‘fish sauce’ that gives it a special zing.

Pad Thai Noodles is a fast and easy meal to prepare and eat. The ingredients are shrimps, garlic, red chili pepper, bean sprouts. As you eat it with a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables, it is nutritious too.

For a lux version, sometimes meat is added to this simple dish. It can be cooked with chicken, fresh shrimp, crab, or as a vegetarian dish. The wide range of texture in every mouthful of Pad Thai makes the experience enjoyable.

You get to bite on soft noodles and crunch on raw fresh bean sprouts and green chives. Due to its affordability, the range of texture, and complexities of flavor, these noodles receive high praise from food bloggers.

A popular topping is a cut-up wedge of lime and chopped peanuts.

Pad Thai Noodle – Nut Allergy Alert

If you have a nut allergy, it is best to avoid Pad Thai completely.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Pad Thai Noodle. Photo by Alyssa Kowalski on Unsplash

#7 Deep-Fried Green Papaya Salad Recipe (Som Tum ส้มตำไทย)

Deep-Fried Som Tam (Thai Salad). It tastes as a light airy Thai tempura served with a wickedly delicious sweet, spicy and sour dipping sauce poured on top. This fried version keeps the papaya crisp and from getting soggy.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Deep-Fried Som Tam (Thai Salad) Photo: Doris Lim

#8 Sweet Drumstick Pineapples

Thailand mini pineapples are sweet crunchy and you can eat the stem too.

Found in all street markets across Thailand, these are sold with a salt chili powder to dip in.

You will be mesmerized to see how the Thais cut out the eyes from the pineapple.

I swear I’ve never tasted sweeter and juicer pineapples that the baby whole Thai pineapples. This mini pineapple looks exactly like their larger cousins.

Taste-wise, the flavor is more intense and the flesh a lot sweeter. The best part is the inner core of the mini pineapple not too hard or fibrous. It is edible. I am sure these pineapples will taste excellent in salsa or as a kerabu or tart filling.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Mini Thailand Pineapple you can eat by holding the stem. Photo: B L Khoo

#9 Thai Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango  (Khao Neeo Mamuang ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง)

This simple Thai dessert is addictive. Made of steamed glutinous sticky rice, served with fragrant tender sweet slices of mango. Drenched and seasoned with salty-sweet coconut milk, the cream will make an addict out of you.

The secret is in the sauce. Make that by mixing 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and the tapioca starch. Mix this in a saucepan; bring to a boil.

Place the sticky rice on a serving dish. Prepare mango by cutting it open and slicing into bite-size pieces. Arrange the mangos on top of the rice. Spoon over the coconut crème and top that with toasted sesame seeds.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Khao Neeo Mamuang (Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango) Photo: Doris Lim

#10 Thai Signature Coconut Ice Cream (ไอติมกะทิ)

Dangerously delicious I cannot have enough coconut ice cream in Thailand. This wonder has a base of cooked sticky glutinous rice with white bread cubes topped with 6 small scoops of coconut ice-cream. The topping is candied pineapple, fresh coconut flesh, peanuts, drizzled with condensed milk and raspberry jam.

It cost 30 THB in a normal ice-cream container and 40 THB served in a coconut shell.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

Thai Signature Coconut Ice Creams Photo: Doris Lim

Still hungry even after trying the Top 10 Street Foods in Dannok Songkhla Province you can spend the wee hours at a 7-Eleven LIKE us!

Top 10 Thai Street Foods in Dan Nok Thailand

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