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5 Great Ways to Eat Your Leftover Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken

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5 Great Ways to Eat Your Leftover Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken

5 Great Ways to Eat Your Leftover Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken

Before I discovered the 5 Great Ways to Eat Your Leftover Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken, I thought it was a tad too salty for my liking! It is delicious and flavorful.

But I couldn’t chow on it like fried chicken. So when I bought a bird back it, we found that we couldn’t finish in seating.

Leftover Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken Recipe

The chicken breast was nicely done BUT the wings, neck, and drumsticks were tasted the saltiest. It was as salty as salted fish!

So I checked with a few friends and here are the suggestions to make it palatable..

Chicken Rice

Debone the meat and set aside. The Chicken bone can be added to cook Chicken Rice. This draws out the last drop of the delicious flavor to infuse your rice.

Chicken Sandwich

For an oriental touch, the herbal taste of Salt Baked Chicken makes a delicious sandwich.

Salt Baked Chicken Noodles

Take the bone and cook that with water and add chicken stock to make a flavorful gravy. You can add wolfberries to the stock. Blanch noodles and serve with reduced gravy. Garnish with julienned young ginger and cilantro.

Vietnamese Style Shredded Chicken Salad

Use the leftover Salt Baked Chicken. Combine with shredded colorful vegetables, including white and purple cabbage, carrots and cucumber. Top with chopped mint and coriander.

Make the dressing with light brown sugar, rice wine or white wine vinegar. Add fresh lime juice, bird’s eye chillis. In the dressing, stir in very finely chopped shallot, very finely sliced garlic.

Add cooked rice cellophane noodles for a complete meal.

As The Main Dish for Congee

One of the great ways to eat salty food is with plain, bland congee. For lovers of plain soupy thin porridge, the Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken is a perfect main dish.

Cooking Tips: Adding a potato is the perfect way to reduce the salt in soups and gravy. Just throw a clean and skinned potato into the pot and let it simmer.

The potatoes will it’s absorbed some of the salt. Remove it after. You will have less salty soup. There is no need to add more liquid or other ingredients to help disperse the extra salt.

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