Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

Thai Crab Porridge – Thai Style Seafood Penang

Thai Crab Porridge – Thai Style Seafood Penang

Thai Crab Porridge is a new Thai style seafood restaurant at Lebuh Keng Kwee.

The famous Penang Cendol stalls are found at the entrance of the street near Penang Street.

If you go further down Lebuh Keng Kwee, you can find a few restaurants and Kopitiam style eateries selling Chendol, Laksa, and local biscuits.

Most of the outlets seemed overshadowed by the popular Penang Cendol stalls and Joo Hooi Café.

Thai Crab Porridge Restaurant

The Thai style restaurant has an uncomplicated menu specialising in crabs and reasonably priced seafood.

The eatery feels like dining in someone’s home; its surrounding has a praying altar, a baby spring cot, and other household items.

When we went for our lunch, the baby was bathed and dressed as we ate and looked on.

The eatery is like your usual hawker place with simple plastic stools and tables.

Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

Fatty Crabs at Thai Crab Porridge – Thai Style Seafood Penang

Thai Crab Porridge Menu

The two-page menu is straightforward with fresh seafood offerings.

I asked if I could see the crab and was taken to the kitchen to peer in the darkened Styrofoam boxes that they’re kept in.

The eatery has everything from crabs to fish, prawns, squid, cockles, and oysters.

If you are craving crab, you can opt to have it barbequed, stir-fried, or cooked with Porridge.

Thai Crab Porridge (RM 16/ serves 1) – With Roe (add RM2)

Jok is Thailand’s much-loved rice porridge, sold by street vendors.

Pronounced “joke” in Thailand, this rice streetfood breakfast dish is commonly served with pork meatballs.

“In Asian countries, congee is a real comfort meal that people can have in the morning or for dinner.”

Sold by street vendors all over Thailand, this tempting eatery has the top five Thai street food dishes to try.

The Thai Crab Porridge, a well-loved favourite.

We used to drive to Butterworth for our dose of Crab Porridge.

The serve is a creamy soft Porridge cooked with tiny cubes of carrot, crab, and fresh ginger.

You can choose to have a small ordinary Crab or a Roe Crab that requires a top-up of an additional RM 2.

There was not much meat in the crab.

The Porridge was mildly seasoned and had the hint of sweetness from the little crab.

The topping of fresh coriander, sesame oil, garlic oil, white pepper, and crispy pork lard, although high in calories sprinkled on the porridge, makes it worth savouring the flavour.

Serve with white pepper and the fresh-cut red chilli, soy sauce for dipping.

Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

Thai Crab Porridge

Thai Seafood Tom Yum Noodles (RM 15)

Spicy Thai style seafood lovers can request the Thai Seafood Tom Yum Noodles to be made mild or more piquant.

Kat’s version is spicy and acidic with a good kick that she enjoys.

Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

Thai Seafood Tom Yum Noodles

Pad Thai (RM 8)

We wanted to try the Pad Thai, but we are both small eaters and will need to make another trip to try this.

Some friends have tried and remarked that while the portion was on the smaller side, the flavour and seasonings were spot on and tasty.

The plate of Pad Thai noodles is lightly charred with pork lard, prawns and holds a slightly sweet-tart, fish sauce spiced flavour.

Pad Thai is a dish you would have just one more serving to satisfy the palate.

It got us to order another two more servings!

Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

L to R: Prawn Porridge, Pad Thai and Tom Yum Noodles

Thai-styled Steamed Clams (market price)

We ordered the Thai-styled Steamed Clams, which were an impressive dish because it’s fresh.

The Thai spicy and sour sauce was redolent of citrus, sour, spicy with a healthy dose of minced garlic.

Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

Steamed Squids and Steamed Clams

Deep-Fried “Snuah Chooi” Fish

The crunchy deep-fried deep-sea smelt fish is delicious with the accompanying vibrant green chilli sauce.

Thai Crab Porridge - Thai Style Seafood Penang

Fried Fish

Thai Crab Porridge Review

Overall, we enjoyed the meal, which was a good value for money (given the wallet-friendly price tags and serving portion).

If you’re like me and hate peeling crabs, perhaps the Thai Crab Porridge made with soft shell crab would be a lovely choice.

Thai Crab Porridge
No. 9, Lebuh Keng Kwee, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
Contact Number: 6016- 499 0066
Thai Crab Porridge Facebook Page


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