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Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain Bercham – Best Claypot Fatty Crabs Noodle

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Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain Bercham – Best Claypot Fatty Crabs Noodle

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain Bercham is a hidden gem in Ipoh’s suburbs. The quality of food is more authentic to the harder to pleased Ipohites in the local neighborhoods.

Ipoh’s best restaurants are far away from the commercial hub of Ipoh’s old quarters. We headed to Bercham, driving through a maze of roads and streets. For the best eats, a little food hunt will fuel your appetite.


The neighborhood can be jam-packed with cars and people during dinner times. With several Chu Char or Family Style restaurants offering delectable Chinese food, it’s good to have afternoon tea before heading out to dinner.

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain Bercham is in Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham. The restaurant is a corner shop lot with an extended area with ample tables for al fresco dining. Dinner starts early at 5.00pm onwards, so it is best to get there early to beat the crowds!

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
You’ll want to make friends with the big towkay Eng who is the restaurant manager. He gets the food moving out from the kitchen to starving diners.
Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
Big Sis and Big Bro getting our orders sorted out. Then for the looooonnnnnggggg wait. We had reservations which meant our tables were ready after a short wait before we were seated.

That night we went to dinner, we had two tables. So did several other families during the long weekend. We were prepared for a long wait as it was on a long weekend rolled over two public holidays.

The server and chefs cook non-stop under the watchful eye of the round, bald owner who looks menacing.

At Restoran Rasa Lain, the MUST HAVE signature dishes are these.

Fragrant Sotong & Chicken Intestine Fry

The fragrant Sotong and Chicken Intestines Fry are stir-fried in a spicy, sour clear sauce which makes it very appetizing. The Sotong (Squid) is thick and crunchy. The intestines crispy in the Thai inspired flavors with onions, spring onions and plenty of dried shrimps. Everyone loves the crunchy texture.

Steamed Clams in Wine

These Steamed Clams are fully flavored with rice wine and ginger. The clams are mid-sized, juicy and fresh. Every bite is juicy from the sweet, succulent morsels. I would recommend it.

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
Crunchy Chicken Intestine and Steamed Clams

Football Fish Balls

The homemade Saito Fish Balls are served boiled and served topped with dashes of soy sauce, sesame oil, and scallions. As a starter, these light bouncy fish balls are tasty, though pricey. Large, springy texture, it’s easy to eat a few of these while waiting for the main dishes.

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
A delish dinner with Unagi, Lettuce, Steamed eggs, sweet-sour spare ribs, and fish balls!

Claypot Fatty Crab Tang Hoon

The star of the night was the Claypot Fatty Crab Tang Hoon dish. Unbelievably flavourful and peppery, the soup is delicious. Full of robust wine flavor!

This is the best crab dish I’ve tasted with two big fat succulent fresh crabs. The tang hoon (glass noodles) is perfect for soaking up the tasty umami flavors of the soup beautifully. Slurp down the QQ tang hoon infused by the sweetness from the crabs. Dig further into the pot and you’ll be rewarded with thick strips of bacon.

The soupy broth is addictive. Don’t be surprised if you start scraping the bottom of the clay pot for every last drop of the sweet soup! Highly recommended for crab lovers! Don’t say boh jio when it comes to eating at Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain Bercham.

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
Worth the wait! Slurp down the QQ tang hoon, with a full-bodied soup flavored with fresh mud crabs, thick strips of bacon and Chinese wine!

KEDAI MAKANAN RASA LAIN (non-Halal) | 69, Persiaran Medan Bercham 2, Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham, 31400 Ipoh | Business hours: 5 pm-10 pm daily | Telephone: 012-512 8407

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