Best Halal Food Penang

10 Best Halal Food Hunt in Penang for Holiday Makers

10 Best Halal Food Hunt in Penang for Holiday Makers

Smart Dory’s list of 10 Best Halal Food Hunt in Penang for Holiday Makers had made many outstation fish friends happy.

They have always lamented where to bring clients out Halal Food for business meals.

This list will make you the most popular host for a business lunch and dinner with your Muslim clients.

We listed the 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Penang that we at Smart Dory love the most from traditional and themed restaurants in Penang.

We start with the oldest and work towards good halal food near me; the best halal food in George Town.

#1 Hameediyah Restaurant

Penang’s legendary Murtabak is still made according to the original 1907 recipe in this curry institution.

This is the go-to place for Indian Muslim food in Penang has the best authentic flavours of Indian Muslim cuisines that span a lineage of seven generations of cooks!

Most Penangites will vouch that their fathers, grandpas, and great grandpas love Hameediyah Restaurant for the delicious curries that have withstood the test of time.

The halal food best sellers include Beef Rendang, Kapitan Chicken, Fried Chicken, Curry Chicken, Mutton Mysore and Duck Curry on top of Beef Lungs, Fish Roe, Squid, Dalcha, and Biryani. Read more here… 

Best Halal Food Penang


Best Halal Food Penang


HAMEEDIYAH RESTAURANT | Halal Restaurant • Indian Muslim Restaurant
164A, Lebuh Campbell, Penang
Opens Daily 10:00am – 10:30pm

#2 Restoran Minah

Another bastion of great authentic Malay cooking, Restoran Minah has kept its original delicious recipes intact since 1957.

Scrumptious favourites are Ayam Goreng Minah with a special sauce, authentic ‘Kari Kepala Ikan‘ and ‘Cencaru Bakar‘ with a toss for the Kurma Kambing.

Restoran Minah’s claim to fame was a feature Malaysian Tourism Board promotional video in the early ’60s as the first halal food Best Malay Restaurant in Malaysia!

Go early as there is limited parking.

Best Halal Food Penang


RESTORAN MINAH | Halal Restaurant • Malay Restaurant
362 S & T, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Taman Tun Sardon, Penang
Business hour is from 10 am – 10 pm. Closed on Monday

#3 Restoran Nasi Padang Minang

Loyal patron swears the signature “Torpedo Fish” a sambal-stuffed Ikan Cencaru top with fried onion is the best dish in this Nasi Padang restaurant.

Restoran Nasi Padang Minang is the only stall within the Kedai Kopi International Hotel. Selecting your favorite dishes may be a problem as there are 50 different dishes to go with your rice.

Even for non-Muslims, this is a favorite stall.

Best Halal Food Penang


Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: @en,epenggggg

RESTORAN NASI PADANG MINANG | Halal Restaurant • Indonesian Restaurant
International Hotel, 92 Transfer Road, 10050 Penang
Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11.00 am-3.00 pm

#4 Noor Bee Nasi Melayu

If freshly cooked Malay fish head curry is your favourite meal, then head to Tanjung Tokong for Noor Bee Nasi Melayu.

This unpretentious restaurant in the UDA flat is where locals come for their fix on Nasi Melayu.

What we love are the fresh green Kerabu Kacang Botol, Kerabu Taugeh and Pajri Nanas which we can’t find in other stalls. Read more… 

Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: Doris Lim

NOOR BEE NASI MELAYU | Halal Restaurant • Malay Restaurant
No.9 Flat Uda, Tanjung Tokong, 11200, Penang (Gerai J)
Business Hours: 8 am – 3 pm

#5 Lagenda Café

Lagenda Café’s feature of authentic traditional Malay-Indonesian and halal Western-Fusion cuisine is commendable in both presentation and taste. flavorful, spicy.

Every Rice Set served with condiments and side dishes housed in a wooden congkak are visually-appealing.

The real deal that gives the dishes a kick is their home-made Sambal, which packs a flavorful, spicy punch.

Desserts are simple, basic and deliciously sweet and creamy. 

Flavoured cultured Sago cups are served with Palm Sugar and Coconut Cream.

Best of all if you’re a fan of P. Ramlee, this café has the actor’s memorabilia on display. Read more… 

Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: @sywong_

LAGENDA CAFÉ | Halal Restaurant • Asian Fusion Restaurant
43, Lebuh Campbell, 10450 Penang
Business Hours: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

#6 Kesum Restaurant

At Kesum Restaurant you can eat Laksa Johor with your fingers, rather than using a fork and spoon or chopsticks!

The restaurant’s laksa is fragrant, spicy with a robust delicious taste of rich Santan and kerisik. The way authentic Laksa Johor is made in homes in the southern state.

For an authentic halal meal, order Botok Botok steamed fish custard made with julienne healing herbs, shredded coconut flesh, and spices.

The spicy sambal belacan is guaranteed to bring out a film of sweat to your brows! Temper that heats with sweet Malay desserts before you check out the art gallery on the first floor. Read more here…

Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: @maszchilloutpenang

KESUM ART RESTAURANT | Halal Restaurant • Johorean Cuisine
57, Stewart Lane, Penang
Business hours: 11:30 am–6.00 pm Closed on Friday

#7 JT Restaurant

JT Restaurant is a halal-certified restaurant located inside The Heritage Club

The restaurant is opened to the public and not solely for club members.

The central location with ample FREE Parking is perfect for business lunches, family dinners, and office and reunion celebrations. 

JT Restaurant provides catering services.

The cuisine is international with an Asian menu for halal food which various Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western dishes.

The restaurant is friendly and accommodating. If you want a halal buffet, a set menu, BBQ or even a steamboat, they can arrange it to fit your requirements.

The popular items are the Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Mongolian Lamb Shank with Crispy Fried Rice and Deep Fried Hor Fun with King Prawn. Read more… 

Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: @rachel_imm

JT RESTAURANT | Halal Restaurant • International Restaurant
2, Jalan Scotland Road (inside The Heritage Club)
Business hours: 12noon to 10 pm

#8 Passions of Kerala New World Park

A casual ambience and a loyal following of regulars mark this Indian restaurant.

Best known for serving delicious South Indian cuisine. Hot white rice is served on a banana leaf with Signature Deep-fried Bawal Hitam, Fried Squid, Fried Chicken, Chicken Curry, Mutton, Deep Fried Bitter Gourd Chips and a sensational Signature Crab Masala.

Top everything with Vegetables, Papadom, and a beautiful Dahl. What else would you ask for? Crispy Papadom and Rasam (spicy pepper tangy soup). Another outlet!

Best Halal Food Penang


PASSIONS OF KERALA | Pork Free • Indian Restaurant • Family Style Restaurant
New World Park, Jalan Burma, Penang | Business Hours: Daily 11.30 am – 3.30 pm & 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm
5, Lorong Endah 4, Taman Minden Heights, Brown Garden, Penang.

# 9 Vkusno Dom

Vkusno Dom is the only European Muslim Restaurant serving authentic halal food from Russian and Central Asian, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

Run by the friendly chef-owners, the restaurant’s atmosphere is down to earth and homey. The owners are attentive, friendly and passionate about their halal food.

Plov is Uzbekistan’s national dish. The flavorful Uzbekistan Plov is a rice dish simmered in a broth of meat and vegetables with a fragrant bouquet of spices. 

You will enjoy the beetroot salad, kompot (sweet non-alcoholic drink), and solyanka (spicy Russian soup).

Other popular dishes are the Georgian Roast Chicken, Uzbek Lamb Stew, and Beef Stroganoff. 

Do call ahead for reservations.

Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: Doris Lim

VKUSNO DOM | Halal Restaurant • European Muslim Restaurant
150 Campbell Street, Penang | Business Hours: 11 am – 11 pm

Update 2 December 2019 – The restaurant is permanently closed.

#10 Ayu Mee Udang

It has been some time since I drove all the way to Teluk Kumbar for this prawn noodle treat. Ayu Mee Udang is often as Mee Udang Cantik (Beautiful Prawn Noodles).

It’s actually a simple dish. Fresh Prawns, Yellow Noodles and a tomato-based sauce.

Unlike the Penang Hokkien Mee, the popular Malay-style Mee Udang has very generous servings of fresh firm prawns, yellow noodles topped with aromatic fried shallots and chopped fresh coriander.

I like the thickness of the sweet-tasting tomatoey broth which is a bit on the sweet side.

You could try the Nasi Goreng Udang in case you don’t want something soupy.

Best Halal Food Penang

Photo: Restoran Ayu Mee Udang FB Page

Restoran Ayu Mee Udang | Halal Restaurant • Local Muslim Restaurant | 936B, Lengkok Kampung Masjid 1, 11920 Teluk Kumbar, Penang | Business Hours: 1 pm – 10 pm | Closed on Monday and Tuesday

For Muslim travellers, these 10 Must-Try Best Halal Food Penang has guaranteed to make you wish you have a bigger appetite. If you’re like me, you’ll probably just wish that for Halal 24 hours!

GET READY FOR A HALAL EATING SPREE! Don’t Worry You can just Waze Penang for the location of the restaurants if you want to drive.


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