Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Breakfast with Wendy is an absolute must at Restoran Four Eight 8888 – we both love noodles and buns, not necessarily in that order.

It is always good to meet up and catch up. I look forward to our meals together – the memory and smell of delicious sweet BBQ pork and noodles linger.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 – Breakfast Joint

In the heart of Damansara Perdana, a popular Kopitiam, Restoran Four Eight 8888, has been feeding many white and blue-collar workers in the areas for years.

The food is well priced, and the selection is good. I would call this a tasty and friendly Unker (Uncle) Hawker food fare.

Must try Noodles at Restoran Four Eight 8888

If you are a Wonton Mee, Kolo Mee, or Char Siew lover, you will love the breakfast noodles here.

Wendy suggested trying the duck egg Franky’s Char Koay Teow, but it was just too early for CKT for me.

For Penangites, CKT is more of a lunchtime or suppertime indulgence.

Kolo Mee at Restoran Four Eight

Every time we eat, Wendy and I must have our Kolo Mee.

For Sarawakians, Kolo Mee is the must-have noodle dish.

I have come to love this ever since I tried my first bowl of Oriental Park Kolo Mee in Kuching.

Sarawak’s iconic Mee Kolok or Kolo Mee taste different away from Kuching.

Many Malaysians in the Peninsular have also fallen in love with the taste of Kolo Mee.

However, the local variety never quite hits the mark for me.

Sarawakians even dream of Kolo Mee, and Wendy’s recommendation is a fair assessment of what constitutes an accurate, faithful blue rendition of the “Breakfast of the Gods” dish.

Kolo Mee is a simple dish with wriggly, al dente egg noodles tossed in the cook’s secret pork sauce mix. Aha!

The noodles are topped with minced pork, glistening BBQ pork slices, and served with pickled green chilis.

It is a simple enough dish, but getting it right is not a skill that many hawkers possess.

I find that the best noodles are entirely “dry” (not a soggy lump) and slathered with just the right amount of lard oil.

Not too much or too little.

The Kolo Mee at Restoran Four Eight 8888 has two slices of sweet BBQ Chinese sausages instead of BBQ Char Siew, minced pork, and scallions.

The soup has fish balls and deep-fried bean curd skin.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Kolo Mee at Restoran Four Eight. Photo: Doris Lim.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Kolo Mee Soup with Fish Cakes and Deep Fried Bean Curd. Photo: Doris Lim.

Wonton Mee at Restoran Four Eight

The Wonton Mee noodle is dry but not a sticky mess. The noodles are coated generously with lard oil and dark soya sauce.

The noodles are springy with a pleasant bite.

There are lard bits in the mix for much-needed aroma.

The thick slices of pork belly char siew are undeniably delicious.

If you want the melt in your mouth type of BBQ Char Siew, you will need equally fatty to lean pork ratios.

However, the BBQ Char Siew meat is tender and not chewy.

Taste-wise it is slightly sweet for my taste, but not something I can not correct with soya sauce.

Overall it complements the noodle exceptionally well.

The plump wontons are the right size and filled with a flavourful mix of meat and prawn.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Long Life Wonton Mee. Photo: Doris Lim.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Wonton Mee with dark soy sauce and lard oil. Photo: Doris Lim.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Plump Wonton. Photo: Doris Lim.

Chicken Floss Breakfast Buns with Egg at Restoran Four Eight 8888

Children love these soft Chicken Floss Breakfast Buns.

I remember we would make Chicken Floss sandwiches with a little butter for snacks.

To get the full flavor and taste and a hearty bite, we need soft buns.

The stall has a Chinese name, which Wendy and I can’t read, but the sets are a good indication of the filling.

We decided to go with Chicken Floss, a Fried Egg, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber slices with a toasted bun.

The filling is excellent, and the Chicken Floss compacted well.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Restoran Four Eight 8888 has friendly Uncle Hawkers. Photo: Doris Lim.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Chicken Floss Bun with Fried Egg. Photo: Doris Lim.

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Cut into half; the Chicken Floss Bun is compact and full of ingredients. Photo: Doris Lim.

What is Chicken Meat Floss?

In case you’re not from Asia, this is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture.

I think the best description – is similar to coarse cotton.

Most Chinese families have Chicken Floss at home. Chicken Floss is excellent as a topping for many dishes.

  • Congee
  • Tofu
  • Blanched Lettuce (at Bak Kut Teh stalls)

You can also eat this as a snack food or use it as a filling for various Chinese pastries and buns.

The Chicken Floss at this stall is cooked well, very dry, flavourful, and has some fragrant crispy nearly scorched bits tasty.

The simple picture menu has items that you can pick according to the sets.

  • Chicken Floss
  • Egg
  • Chicken Ham
  • Chicken Sausage

The price range from RM3.50 to RM5.50

There are two breakfast sets to choose from, too, if you prefer a western breakfast.

Kopi Cham at Restoran Four Eight

We ordered the Kopi Cham. Wendy loves Kopi Cham, and I adore a good cuppa.

The best Kopi Cham I had was in the original Thong Kee Coffee Shop in Bentong, Pahang.

The Golden Ratio of Kopi Cham is Coffee (45%) + tea (45%) + condensed milk (10%)

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast

Restoran Four Eight 8888 Breakfast shared is best! Photo: Doris Lim.

What Else to Try at Restoran Four Eight?

  • Dry chicken curry noodles
  • Pork Mee
  • Meehoon with Pork Curry
  • Char Koay Teow

Frankie’s Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow best-rated as one of the Top 5 CKT in the Klang Valley. You could order your noodles with either duck (for extra creaminess) or chicken egg.

Chap Fun (Economy Rice Stall) is reputed to be the cheapest around.

Restoran Four Eight (8888)
Jalan PJU 8/5C, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 6 am–10:30 pm | Close on Sunday

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