Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight 1

Angus Pares – Filipino Beef Pares Delight

Angus Pares – Filipino Beef Pares Delight

One of my best finds in Manila is Angus Pares.

My favorite is Chicken, but once in a while, I like a Beef Dinner.

I was in SM City Manila to get a few items and decided to check out the basement’s food court.

Veronique knows Manila well, more importantly, where to find the yummy Filipino food.

Angus Pares at Food Court SM City Manila

We headed to the food court during dinner, and it was packed. I was looking at all the exciting dishes on sale; most were pork-based.

I wanted to try Sisig, but the queue was about 20 people.

I spoke to some friendly Filipina, and they recommended a mild beef noodle.

After walking up and down for 20 minutes, I headed to Angus Pares.

The servers were dressed in black and white stripe tee shirts and wore a big smile on their faces.

I remembered this is what Filipino hospitality is all about.

Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight

The smiles are what Filipino hospitality is all about. Photo: Doris Lim.

What to order at Angus Pares?

Pares is a Filipino word that means ‘pair.’

I love to eat simple basic food, and this service of Beef Stew and Java Rice served with a bowl of soup seems a perfect Saturday night date meal.

I remember asking a Filipino man about his order.

Should I take the Noodle Soup or Rice?

“When there is Java Rice, why take noodles?”

My eyes widened.

“It is the most delicious rice, and you must take the big bowl.”

When a local tells me this, I follow the same order.

Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight

The noodle dish at Angus Pares.

Angus Pares – Rich Beef Stew

The Angus Pares rich stew – made from cubed beef briskets cooked with spices and tenderized to perfection is so addictive.

The aroma of this dish is enticing.

The beef stew is full of the flavors of herbs and spices with a captivating taste.

It is a savory dish, rich in flavor, and often served as the main dish.

You will surely ask for more after tasting it.

Beef Pares Recipe Pinoy

Beef Pares is a robust beef stewed in soy sauce with star anise.

This dish is best enjoyed with Java Rice and a bowl of beef stock on the side.

The secret to making tender melt in your mouth Beef is merely using a pressure cooker.

Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight

Angus Pares Set. Image: Angus Pares Facebook.

How to Cook Beef Angus Pares (not the real recipe)

Cooking Beef Angus Pares is easier when you use a pressure cooker, which helps tenderize the Beef quickly without simmering.

The only thing you need to do is to saute the aromatics star anise and onion, garlic, and ginger.

These aromatics bring the depth of flavor and aroma to your dish.

The onion makes the stew sweeter.

Some recipe adds brown sugar.

I like to use freshly cracked ground black pepper. Scatter some chopped scallions and fried shallots for extra flavor!

Beef Soup is best to pair Angus Pares

Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight

Delicious melt in your mouth Angus Pares Stew.

Making a Delicious Beef Stock for Beef Pares

Beef Pares is not complete without the soup.

The ideal way is to make beef soup from scratch.

But if you’re short on time, you can use Beef Cubes.

For the most flavourful Beef Soup, broil Beef neck bones in the oven before boiling.
Start preparing the soup using beef bones.

Beef neck bones the ones that I used in this recipe. I chose this part to make beef stock because it has a good ratio of bone to meat.

Let the beef bones and mirepoix (carrot, celery, and onion) boil and add some vinegar to the mix to break down the collagen making your stock more gelatinous and improve the taste of the stock overall.

You can add Beef Cube to give it that robust beef flavor.

Best results are seen when you simmer the bones for more than 8 hours.

The Java Rice at Angus Pares

In Malaysia, we have yellow rice called Nasi Kunyit, cooked with turmeric. 

Java Rice may look similar, but the way they prepared is distinctly Filipino.  

Java Rice does not use turmeric; instead, the Filipinos use annatto seed to make it reddish-orange.

In essence, Java Rice is an aromatic and savory rice dish noted for its rich flavors, buttery texture, and delicious taste. 

The best part for me is how easy it is to prepare and ultimately cook Java Rice.

Virtually anyone can make this dish if you can mix some simple ingredients, hot steamed rice together!

The ingredients you need are basically 

  • 5 – 6 full cups of steamed white rice
  • One tablespoon of annatto powder
  • ¼ tablespoon Butter
  • One tablespoon of garlic powder
  • Half a tablespoon of salt

Finally, season the freshly cooked Java Rice with salt and pepper as you continue to stir it. 

You will know that it’s ready when all the white rice grains take on the famous yellow hue of Java Rice.

Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight

Java Rice is an aromatic, savory rice dish noted for its rich flavors, buttery texture, and delicious taste.

Annatto seeds taste sweet, nutty, and peppery.

The flavor of the seeds is not too strong, but they do impart a beautiful color.

If you can’t find Annatto seeds, you can replace them with annatto powder, which you can buy from Asian shops.

Serve Java Rice hot with Filipino sweet style barbecues and grilled or fried meat, fish, and even seafood dishes, especially BBQ. 

The best condiment is an Atchara, a grated unripe papaya popular side dish in the Philippines. For me, this is a simple dish that is perfect with Beef Stew!

Java Rice is incredibly tasty with all that delicious garlicky flavor.

Angus Pares Review

The first thing I realized when I looked at this dish was how remarkably fragrant it smells.
The Java Rice (I love carbs) looked so inviting and creamy luxurious (I love Nasi Lemak).

Beef Pares are cubed beef briskets cooked with spices and tenderized to perfection. The aroma of this dish alone is enticing.

The taste is captivating.

You will surely ask for more after tasting it.

Angus Pares Stew has Beef with the right ratio of meat and fats.

It looked so fork-tender and meltingly delicious.

I was so glad that I ordered the Angus Pares Rice supreme.

The dish came with some veggies and a boiled egg.

The pickled veggies are forgettable.

The stars are the surprisingly tender Angus Pares Beef – it melts in your mouth!

Angus Pares - Filipino Beef Pares Delight

My set which I finished. Photo: Doris Lim.

The Taste of Angus Pares Beef

I tasted it with and without the chili sauce. Both versions tasted so good.

Melt in your mouth beef cubes in a beefy broth and the most delicious rice!

The Java Rice is so good and flavorful that Veronique asked to share a few mouthfuls.

My regret was not buying another set as a takeaway for late supper.

I could have bought it for my friends too if only I had more Pesos with me!

AS for the lovely soup, I managed to add a spoonful of the Angus Pares dark gravy into the soup, and it was so beefy and tasty!

If you want to eat in a pleasant clean environment, Angus Pares is clean and conscious of hygiene.

Angus Pares – Fast food restaurant
SM City Manila
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Food Court SM City Manila, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines
Business Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10 am–9:30 pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 am–10 pm.

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