Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Head to Bao Teck Tea House if you fancy an Afternoon Tea Time Yum Cha (‘drink Tea’ in Cantonese) with attentive service and quality bites.

For my non-Yum Cha kakis who fancy a spot of English afternoon tea with a pot of Earl Grey and delectable bites – you’ll enjoy the relaxed ambiance and eclectic furnishing of a refurnished shophouse rickety staircase, and all.

What is Bao Teck Tea House?

Operated by the people at Ming Xiang Tai, this Chinese/English Tea house is rare in Lebuh Melayu in George Town, Penang.

Parking in the Georgetown Heritage Zone is hard to come by, and you might have to park a bit further and walk.

Bao Teck Tea House is a charming two-story restaurant with lower and upper floors.

The exterior of the Tea house belies what lies inside.

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Eas got some Green Apple Enzyme for takeaway.

The ambiance at Bao Teck Tea House

We were surprised when we stepped into a different old-world romance.

It was a place to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of our daily worries and escape, slow down, and drink Tea.

The only thing missing was an old gramophone playing and Lin Dai’s classic Mandarin song  ‘Bu Liao Qing’ *Love Without End.

We took a moment to drink in the atmosphere of the Ground Floor.

Kath and Eas look at me and said,

“A place to rest your mind.”

That is what friends are for.

Bao Teck Tea House Lower Level

As you enter, To the left is an antique bar where baked goodies are on display.

To the right, a Tea corner.

The Mystery Garden is the little courtyard air-well decorated with an indoor lush moss garden, tranquil sound of running water.

Three white reindeers stood guarding the fishes in the small pond.

The most exciting part is the dramatic dry ice white mist effect.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide and is commonly used primarily as a cooling agent – remember the fog machines at theatres?

While it looks pleasantly pleasant and reminded Kath of her time in the Mossy Forest, I wasn’t that keen to sit and be enveloped in the white mist throughout my meal.

The interior is winsome, and the ladies loved the retro style of olden times.

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

The Mystery Garden is the little courtyard air-well decorated with an indoor lush moss garden.

Bao Teck Tea House Upper Floor

You will see several beautifully restored Antique Peranakan Straits Chinese wooden display cabinets used in a Baba Nyonya family back in the 1920s.

The seating on the lower floor is a Kopitiam marble top table, matching chair accessories from yesteryear.

Go up a rickety staircase, and you have two areas.

A lounge settee with a low table towards the front.

After the air well, you have another dining area with a large round marble top table where you can seat 4 to a table.

The hardwood floors are decorated with area rugs to create a consistent theme successfully.

The rug and hardwood combination highlights the wooden decor and ties in with the ambiance of green walls and a wooden strip ceiling.

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

There are two sections to the Upper Level separated by the air-well. The washroom is at this level.

The menu at Bao Teck Tea House

While the menu is bilingual English and Chinese, we found that a picture menu helps to order Dim Sum.

For years, we are used to pointing visually at the items on Dim Sum carts to order.

The young man was rather nice and showed us to view the items on their IG.

The menu offers sTeamed and deep-fried dim sum items with traditional Chinese dessert.

Selection-wise, the menu has limited items; however, the dim sum is freshly prepared when you order and are served piping hot!

Tea Menu at Bao Teck Tea House

There are several Chinese Tea options available for Tea connoisseurs.

We are not Chinese Tea drinkers and are pleased that there are English Tea options.

We chose a pot of Earl Grey.

The Chinese Teas

  • Big Red Robe (Yan Cha)
  • Big Leaf Tea (Gu Yun) reserve year of 2018
  • White Tea (Shou Mei)
  • Oolong Tea (Yan Yun)
  • Liu Bao Tea reserve year of 2008

Guests may also choose to bring their own Chinese Tea, and a small fee is charged per pax.

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Kath enjoying her tea time treats.

Bao Teck Tea House Dim Sum Menu

The hottest Dim Sum spot in Penang confers a right mix of English and Chinese culture, but expect the food to be pricer.

We are talking about old school Chinese restaurant Dim Sum with pushcart prices.

The menu is not small.

You will do well with learning some Basic Dim Sum Etiquette.

Most people visit to enjoy the ambiance and have a little tête-à-tête, post for some photos and eat a little.

As with most small plates dining, if you have more friends, you could order more dishes.

We started with Tea and ordered a pot of Earl Gray RM38.

The best part of dining here is no cart chasing, washing your utensils with hot water, and waving your card to order.

Here, the experience is a lot more “cultured,” whatever culture may mean to you.

Most of all, be warned that you may need to break out your credit card to pay if you order without reading the menu – the food items are priced above average.

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Bao Teck Tea House Menu Image: Facebook

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

Eas picking up the Prawn Roll And Beancurd Skin, Kath with her cuppa and Dory capturing the action.

What We Ordered At Bao Teck Tea House

We asked the staff to recommend some must-eat items packed with Dim Sum’s goodness from the list of menu items.

Dim Sum Deep-Fried Menu

Prawn Roll And Beancurd Skin 3pc RM8.80

The Prawn Rolls are delicious and filled with generous fresh and plump Prawn filling wrapped in thin, beancurd skin and deep-fried.

Dim Sum Steamed Menu

Crystal Seafood Dumpling 4pc RM23.80

Served in a wooden box and individual spoon, the dumpling is rather expensive at almost RM8 a mouthful.

Snowy Char Siew Bun 3pc RM8.80

The bao skin has a soft and fluffy texture, but I’m not too fond of the sticky starch filling with little Char Siu and a little too salty.

Dim Sum Special Menu

Golden Sesame Ball 3pc RM8.80

I’ve had some good ones in KL where you can squeeze out the gooey custardy filling.

The deep-fried glutinous rice ball is coated with white sesame seeds, with a filling of lava textured salted egg.

The filling for this is different from my expectation.

I expected the Chinese Fried Sesame Balls served during Lunar New Year with a filling of mashed red beans.

Signature Egg Tart 3pc RM8.80

Flaky pastry not too sweet, just lovely.

Bao Teck Tea House Trendy Afternoon Tea Yum Cha

L to R: Crystal Seafood Dumpling, Golden Sesame Ball, and Signature Egg Tart

Review of Bao Teck Tea House

If you love afternoon Teas but don’t fancy scones with jam, clotted cream, and sweet cakes – this is the place for Tea and Dim Sum lovers to enjoy a good brew of either Chinese and English Teas with your Har Gow, Siu Mai, Char Siu Bao, and Egg tarts galore.

Aside from dim sum, Bao Teck Tea House prides itself in serving high Tea.

Alas, on the day we went, apparently, they either ran out or didn’t have enough three-tier stand sets to go around.

I find it challenging that the staff speaks to me in Mandarin just because I’m Chinese.

Overall the experience is a well-rounded one with attentive service, useful recommendations,s and an explanation of the food.

My only comment is, a picture menu is appreciated for the Aunties and Uncles.

We can’t read the small menu fonts.

My favorite cafes will read me the menu and tell me the items and amount on the receipt when I pay.

But then again, that is just me, so Aunty.

The girls were more than happy to pose for “that” perfect photo and busied themselves over the Tea sets and helped me arrange the food for the photoshoots.

The ambiance is good, but as all good things do, Instagrammable places come with a certain price tag.

Do check out the menu price before going.

Business hours start early from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm.

Bao Teck Tea House closes on Wednesdays.

Bao Teck Tea House  
Address: 25, Lebuh Melayu, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.
Operating Hours: 8 am to 8 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
Contact Number: 604- 263 1100
Bao Teck Tea House Facebook Page

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