Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

Ambush Muay Thai combines the specialty of an ancient combat skill with the need for simplicity that modern women want.

A close-up on Thai Martial arts – Muay Thai

Think Martial Arts, and your mind’s eye flashes swift movements, fluttering robes, and how the damage was done with accuracy and without gag-inducing gore. 

Then there is the appeal of the historical significance.

Thai Martial Arts provides all this and more. 

Elegance at every step is a given. 

Recognition and respect among peers and luminaries make them a reliable and handy tool to learn and keep in your armory.

Thai Martial Arts are appealing and graceful, even minimalist in movement. 

This is in addition to being keenly effective in conveying power. 

The simplicity of the fighting style makes it applicable to young and old, male and female, and virtually everyone who practices it with care.

It’s no wonder that anyone interested in simple but effective self-defense needs to look no further than Ambush Muay Thai.

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Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

Traditional Muay Thai Boxing in action.

How do these benefits translate to our day-to-day?

For a woman, an attacker can come in from an ambush or a seemingly known source.  You need to know these essential safety tips and the dangers of traveling.

Women young and old are attacked by someone they have admitted into the house themselves. 

An evening at a local watering hole or an oft-used walkway can become a setting for an attack or worse in minutes. 

Knowledge and practiced application of martial arts can be a savior like no other.

It’s almost a no-brainer that everyone needs this knowledge. 

Ambush Muay Thai doesn’t call for existing knowledge of combat. 

What’s more, you can focus on the benefits it brings you – and they’re multifold.

Let’s see what the self-defense technique brings to the average individual – women in particular:

Adds swag to your step: You will never scurry down a lone path in fear. 

The shrinking terror of being followed or ambushed can be debilitating. 

When you know how to fight, at least to give yourself enough time to get away, you fill up with confidence.

Ambush Muay Thai is the perfect self-defense for women who travel alone.

Keeps you alert: Muay Thai and other Thai Martial Arts, like several different East-Asian styles, keep the trifecta of mind, body, and spirit aligned and agile. 

This is a solid reason why schoolchildren, women, and even seniors prefer this martial art form. You gain balance in more sense than one. 

You remain unruffled in a fast-paced world.

Packs a punch when things go South: Quite literally. 

There’s nothing delicate or wimpy about Muay Thai. 

It’s not for nothing that it’s called Thai-Boxing. 

You protect your face and head at all times. Simultaneously, you learn how to break the opponent’s guard. 

Next, you deliver a rapid-fire of blows that send the attacker crashing to the ground.

Turn heads for your looks: It’s not just the air and bearing. 

All the training gives you excellent muscle tone, and your skin begins to glow. Is it the confidence showing or pure, glistening skin that makes you look great? 

Who can tell…? But it is a great plus.

Fit as a fiddle, ripped as a set of washboard abs: No, it’s not about mere good looks. 

Training in Muay Thai gives you a perfect sense of accomplishment. 

Conquering fitness goals puts you in a growth mindset where you automatically champion solutions instead of getting bogged down by issues. 

Where others see challenges, you see smart fixes. 

You achieve them with care. 

Muay Thai can alter your belief system. You will learn to care for yourself and your loved ones in ways that matter.

Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

Enroll in a professional Muay Thai class and learn self-defense.

Why should your choice be Muay Thai?

In Thailand, Muay Thai is famously the “art of the eight limbs.” 

The fighters use their fists, elbows, knees, and shins to deliver pointed strikes.

Even when the assailant is at close range, the simplicity of striking makes Muay Thai perfect for women who travel alone. 

You won’t be looking over your shoulder always. 

Whether or not you enroll in competitions to distinguish yourself, Muay Thai’s lessons make you combat-ready.

Being the rigid, bony structures that you, the fighter, can control with perfect precision, these points of your frame, supported by supple tendons, deliver resonating blows.

To a spectator, it would look like the first few blows are offered to disarm the opponent. Flailing the arms, the opponent would no longer protect their vulnerable areas.

At this point, a massive, measured strike to a temperate region, often the jaw, springs out.

When delivered right and with apt timing, the person at the receiving end of such a blow has no choice but to crumple.

Like any boxing face-off, it’s about defending self from attack while offending.

Grabbing the opponent’s leg and attempting to upset their balance in other ways are common.

Ambush Muay Thai is handy when things are happening fast.

You buy time to land a debilitating punch or at least enough to get away from the scene.

Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

Women can train to be healthy.

Ambush Muay Thai – salient features

Attacks on women and vulnerable persons inflict damage and quickly go out of hand because of the element of surprise. 

An attack that you don’t expect makes you freeze. 

These few seconds in the nick of time are enough for an attacker to overpower you. 

You could be tied up or might even lose consciousness.

A set of techniques to grapple exclusively with this form of attack is Ambush Muay Thai. 

To learn, you need a base level of hand-eye coordination, but not much more. 

Expect to have drills, mock-ups, and stand-offs. 

You will have both shadow boxing routines and partner pad rounds, and clinch sessions.

Ambush Muay Thai lessons usually span three months or more. 

Institutions that offer training have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for convenience. This allows them to give more one-on-one coaching and correct slip-ups.

Quick facts about Ambush Muay Thai

  1. It’s not kick-boxing, but it is similar.
  2. It’s a study system that begins with the stance, perfecting footwork, raining various strikes – punches, kicks, and combinations.
  3. There are sparring sessions with a Kru (instructor) on hand. It’s a real test of skill that obliges you to bring your learning to the fore.
  4. It is rigorous training and often results in weight loss. Still, could you not go looking for it? Look at Muay Thai as a holistic pathway that helps you in many aspects.
  5. You need not be an advanced learner or a fitness enthusiast to take an Ambush Muay Thai class. Ambush Muay Thai is for beginners.
  6. Expect to learn from the instructor as well as your fellow learners. You refine your technique and form with time—form trumps technique.

Every self-defense class tells you to go for the attacker’s eyes, keep your keys in your hand, or aim for the knees. 

Ambush Muay Thai – Best Self Defense for Women Travelers

For solo women travelers, you need to defend yourself in case of an ambush attack.

Ambush Muay Thai is more than that.

It gets to the point, and you don’t need weapons. 

It’s a system of study to which you give your all. In return, it keeps on giving.

Be safe wherever you are. 

And more importantly, turn the tables on the attacker before they know what hit them. 

Ambush Muay Thai is a time-tested technique that can save the day even today.

Written by Daniel Hardy


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