Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat from Krabi

If you only visit one place in Krabi, island hopping by long-tail boat is a must on your bucket list.

The waters of the islands are unbelievable and must be experienced.

On a sunny day, you will find a bright turquoise ring of water around the Islands.

The color changes to a deep ocean blue as the seafloor drops away into deeper water.

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Chilling out before our Krabi 4 Islands trip by Longtail boat. Photo: Doris Lim

Hong Island (Koh Hong)

Koh Hong is the brightest emerald jewel of Krabi’s gem-studded seas.

This is the largest island with a vast lagoon that has eroded from the island’s inside towards the sea.

Small boats enter the lagoon via a narrow channel formed by eroding tides that have ebbed for centuries.

This is a peaceful kayaking territory quiet enough to hear the cries of a variety of birds.

You may even hear the cry of the great hornbill in the distant hills.

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Perfect kayaking territory. Photo: Doris Lim

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Longtail boat ride. Photo: Doris Lim

Phang Nga Bay

The long-tail boat will all park on the eastern coast.

There is a beautiful beach that swings around into a pretty side bay. The emerald green lagoon is carved out like a natural swimming pool.

This is the perfect place to spread your beach towel for a picnic.

Wade in if you can’t swim. You will see where the strong swimmer.

There is a bit of a current if you go further out. Generally it the lagoon is calm.

Generations of bold, striped sergeant major fish swarm around swimmers.

The schools of fish are used to being fed, and if you’re quick enough, you can touch them.

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Swimming in the bay. Photo: Doris Lim

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Fun time snorkeling. Photo: Doris Lim

How to Get To The Top 4 Island

Longtail boats depart Ao Nang in Krabi throughout the morning.

We walked on Ao Nang Beach and spoke to a few operators. You hire or charter a private long-tail boat with a boatman and an assistant for a reasonable price.

Going by long-tail boat is the local way to travel. It is noisy and a little bumpy but so an adventure.

Plus, this is a great photo opportunity to take some great photos.

Some speedboat operator offers a packed lunch with a few other stops.

We went during the low season, so it was much quieter.

We enjoyed the fine weather and the beach at

If you go during the low season, the prices are very reasonable, and some boats offer a packed lunch with a few other stops. Phang Nga Bay was almost deserted as we arrived early.

Life jackets are provided, and depending on the boat operator, some may not allow you to take them for snorkeling.

Our boatman wanted us to pay extra to use this.

We declined as we have snorkeled in shallower waters before with better visibility.

For snorkeling, lie face down and float while all these fish swim around you. How much you will see depends on the day, the tides, and the weather.

Phang Nga Bay’s incredible beauty and unique geography are so beautiful that I’ve been there twice!

Each time you visit, you will fall more and more in love with the bay.

Touring the Islands of Krabi is such a pleasure every time. It was a trip to paradise to swim, snorkel, and soak up the sunshine.

The long-tail boat will take you to the four islands just off the coast of Krabi at Ao Nang.

The Top 4 Island

The Four Islands that make up the 4 Island tour for sightseeing and taking photos unbeatable.

Postcard-perfect shots of a paradise holiday sum up the Island Hopping trip.

We come back brown and happy. There are many other off-the-beat islands in Thailand to explore.

Koh Gai

Translates to Chicken Island, as it bears uncanny resemblances to a chicken, from the right angle!

Koh Tup

Just a few hundred meters from Koh Gai and is linked by a sandbar that surfaces at low tide.

In Thai, they call this Talay What.

It’s possible to walk to the other side; however, the boatmen will caution you as the tide may rise, and you’ll be stranded on the other side.

Koh Mawr

The third in the group is an uninhabitable small rocky island with cliffs jutting out of the sea and lush vegetation on top.

Koh Poda

This is another large Island with a coconut plantation at the center.

The boats all park at one end of a long beach where you can find toilets and some kiosks selling Thai food like BBQ chicken and som tam (papaya salad).

There are other snacks like fruit and drinks and ice creams.

Longtail Boats

Remember the postcards you have seen of long-tail boats moored off a white-sand Krabi beach.

The crystal clear turquoise waters teeming with brightly colored tropical fish.

And yes, I swear it does look every bit as beautiful here.

It isn’t easy to imagine a more tropical image.

Some tours include the rental of a good quality silicone mask and snorkel set per person.

Snorkeling is pretty easy, it’s just breathing through a tube, and even most first-timers get the hang of it after a few minutes.

Kids love it, but it would be advisable to bring your mask and snorkel for younger kids (6-7 and under).

Top 4 Island Hopping by Long Tail Boat From Krabi

Charter a long-tail boat from Ao Nang beach. Photo: Doris Lim

***Tips for a Perfect Paradise Island Trip

  1. Please remember to keep this place as beautiful and as natural as you find it.
  2. Take away any wrappers or rubbish away with you or use the bins provided.
  3. Do not use soap in a bath. You can return to the hotel for a good shower. This is the fun part of island hopping!

If you’re like me, the reason we head to Thailand for the holidays is simple.

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