A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

A’ La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

A’ La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Doris Lim heads to A’ La Campagne Pattaya to escape city life and retreats to a beautiful village European garden setting perfect for afternoon tea and vintage weddings.  

The van pulled off busy Sukhumvit road and rolled to a stop.

I stepped off and stepped into a European ‘a la Campagne’ or country way of life.

I was welcomed with a refreshing Blue Pea Flower drink with a Lemongrass stirrer and wondered if the lunch today is French or Italian.

The environment is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful.

There are several large buildings in the compound, and I was so pleased that we would be spending an entire afternoon here.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Peaceful, serene, and beautiful A’ La Campagne Pattaya. Image: A’ La Campagne

Somtan Villa at A’ La Campagne

I walked towards the first building, the Somtan villa.

The A’ La Campagne gardens have cobblestone with loose pebbles acting as soak away drainage.

The buildings painted a light grey; has some walls left unplastered with the red bricks exposed.

Gothic arches rise between the brick pillars; I climbed up to the first floor.

I half expected to be seated on transitional Gothic arch style black wooden furniture.

The restaurant has a plain long wooden table and benches.

At the south end of the open-sided structure, the single round ornamental window anchors the room.

The light pours in.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

The ornamental window anchors the room beautifully. Image: Doris Lim

We stood and watched in silence.

I thought for a moment that this could be a small chapel environment.

Later I found out that Thai couples use this beautiful venue for photo shoots and wedding receptions.

A’ La Campagne cuisine

The food at A’ La Campagne’ is inspired by Italian, French, and of course, Thai cuisine.

This restaurant menu has many favorites from the northeastern style secret to Thai food with a balance of the five flavors:

  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Spicy
  • Bitter

Banana leaves transformed the eclectic style dining room and are used as table runners.

At every table, laden with food, we find a sweet little note, “Organic Veggies from Our Farm.”

The restaurant serves both European food and Thai food paired with some famous Italian wines.

Somehow my penchant for good Thai food is insatiable as we order more Thai seafood dishes.

Service was speedy, and they use separate dishes for meats like each liver, pork, fish, chicken, and some very delicious crab cakes.

I ate everything and was so pleased that none of the dishes were too spicy.

I dug in the massive disk of golden deep-fried omelet, crispy on the outside and moist, soft, and eggy inside.

Wholesome Cooking at A’ La Campagne

I kind of comfort food that makes eating fresh food feels so wholesome.

Using fresh organic eggs, vegetables, and herbs in the cooking makes a considerable difference in each dish’s taste and mouthfeel.

Ultimately the delicious Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) stole the show.

The food is authentic Thai, very delicious, and tasty.

I feel incredibly light whenever I have an organic meal.

The verdict: very delicious quality food served you with the atmosphere in European style garden.

I feel as if my stomach sings to thank me for feeding it well.

After a delicious lunch, I was ready to take on the organic farm tour.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Delicious organic lunch with farm-fresh herbs. Image: Doris Lim

Rustic Wine Cellar A’ La Campagne

The owners have designed A’ La Campagne with care, and its rustic charm is engaging.

The second building is a wine cellar; I walked past that into a small courtyard.

There is a fountain in the center with the sounds of its flowing water, adding to the pleasing sights of the relaxing garden setting.

I could fall in love here, I thought to myself.

A’ La Campagne has an onsite Organic Farm

The owner takes the fresh green ingredients for her restaurant seriously.

The organic farm grows most of the greens needed for day-to-day operations with support from local organic farms.

I walked further into a barn where I was shown a handful of fat wriggling earthworms.

The worms feed on a mixture of

  • plant debris
  • grass
  • leaves
  • dead roots
  • soil
  • chicken manure

These are kept in plastic trays stacked high in the dark.

Earthworms help create a type of black soil that improves essential nutrients as an organic fertilizer.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Happy earthworms at A’ La Campagne farm. Image: Doris Lim

There is an organic kitchen garden behind the restaurant.

I was awed when the owner plucked a string bean and said it’s safe to eat off the vine.

I tried one, and it tasted green and surprisingly sweet.

We plucked a few and took the veggie treats to feed the animals on the farm.

Farm Animals at A’ La Campagne

There is a poultry farm with the free-range chicken squawking about, a small Billy goat, and some fat lazy pigs in a pen.

The horses were beautiful, friendly, and came close to us for their treats of

  • long beans
  • apples
  • carrots
A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Friendly farm horses. Image: Doris Lim

Romantic Tea Factory A’ La Campagne

After checking out the third building, which is a souvenir shop and gallery, we headed for afternoon tea in the late afternoon.

The tea factory A’ La Campagne is housed in a lovely glasshouse with European style decoration.

The owner tells us that some of the furniture and wooden seats salvaged from old European buildings.

There are several lovely corners around to take photos and to enjoy the lovely atmosphere and tasteful décor.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

A’ La Campagne’ beautiful buildings. Image: Doris Lim

A’ La Campagne Afternoon Tea called hi-tea

I loved the afternoon hi-tea presented in an elegant silver three-tiered stand with beautiful pink floral and rose theme fine bone china.

We feasted on a delicious spread of afternoon tea favorites paired with few varieties of English and Chinese teas.

  • hot scones with butter and local jams
  • sandwiches
  • savory bruschetta
  • sweet cream cakes
  • chocolate mousse

Of course, I am impartial to the decadent chocolate fudge cake, which I refused to share.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

A’ La Campagne Tea Factory Afternoon Tea Set. Image: Doris Lim.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

A’ La Campagne Glass Tea House. Image: Doris Lim

A’ La Campagne Italian Village

I talked to the kind owner of A’ La Campagne, who reaches out to organize some workshops or fairs to raise money to help the poor nearby.

For ladies who love a romantic place with lots of collectibles, this Italian Village setting is tastefully done and very instagramable!

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Beautiful gardens. Image: Doris Lim

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

A’ La Campagne fountain. Image: Doris Lim

I learned from the owner that a Vintage Wedding is offered here for a romantic and unique wedding ceremony.

The lush greenery, outdoor fountains, abundant natural daylight with scenic backdrops seem versatile enough for any theme befitting a village European garden scene.

A' La Campagne Pattaya – A Romantic European Interlude

Setting for a vintage wedding. Image: A’ La Campagne

One remarkable possibility was converting the Somtum Villa into a classic European chapel for a dream wedding.

I am tempted to return for a happily ever after. I want to live a villager’s life, A’ La Campagne in Chonburi.

If only suitors are waiting in line. Sigh!

A’ La Campagne
21/2 moo 1 Najomtien Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250, Thailand
Business Hours: Opens Daily 10.00 am to 9.00 pm
Phone: +66 91 780 1254


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