gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

[email protected] is where you shop eat sleep well

[email protected] is where you shop, eat sleep well

The [email protected] is a great place to shop, eat and sleep if you’re flying in or out from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 – klia2.

KLIA Transit / Express terminal is located inside the [email protected] mall.

You can find the same priced quality goods in [email protected] as the Kuala Lumpur city center shopping malls.

Shopping-wise, you can find high-end and streetwear with top-line shops selling ‘high-quality apparel at reasonable prices.’

Where is [email protected]?

The  [email protected] is an integrated shopping complex strategically located between the Departure’s drop-off area and klia2 Main Terminal Building.

The bustling integrated complex is designed to welcome 25 million people per year into the world’s largest low-cost carrier terminal, KLIA2 airport.

How do I get to [email protected]?

The transport hub at [email protected] links klia2 to the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit service.

You will find well-designed allotted pickup and drop-off areas for coaches, taxis, rented vehicles, and private transportation.

You can reach [email protected] by

  • Private Car
  • Grab
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • KLIA Ekspres (rail)

By Bus

Getting to KLIA2 by bus from K.L. Sentral is the cheapest option, which costs RM10 – RM12 for a one-way fare.

The travel time is around 1 hour, 15 minutes, depending on the traffic.

The buses depart every 15 – 20 minutes from K.L. Sentral, from 3.00 am to 12.30 am every day.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

SkyBus terminal at 1Utama. Photo: Doris Lim

International departures

I advise flight passengers to take a SkyBus from K.L. Sentral / 1 Utama 4 hours before the flight’s departure.

Domestic departures

I advise flight passengers to take a SkyBus from K.L. Sentral / 1 Utama 3 hours before the flight’s departure.

Journey length

The journey between K.L. Sentral and LCCT KL/klia2 – KLIA is estimated at 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The route between 1 Utama and LCCT KL/klia2 – KLIA is expected at 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I’ve taken the SkyBus from 1 Utama to klia2. The bus is prompt, leaves, and arrives on time, even with only one passenger on board.

Please ensure that you have enough time to travel and ensure that you are clear that your destination is klia (international) or klia2 (domestic)

By KLIA Ekspres (rail)

KLIA1 and KLIA2 are both on the KLIA Express train route, so a 3 mins train journey connects them.

When you leave the KLIA2 terminal, the first stop is KLIA before the train makes its way direct to K.L. Sentral.

The ticket cost is 4 R.M. between KLIA2 and KLIA.

Who goes to [email protected]?

Travelers who depart from, arrive at, or on transfer to board your next flight flying.

What are the Airlines operating at the klia2 terminal?

Air Asia operates the most flight at this terminal. klia2 airlines list include the following

Air Asia Carriers

AirAsia (A.K. flights)

  • AirAsia X (D7 flights)
  • AirAsia Zest (Z2 flights)
  • AirAsia Indonesia (Q.Z.)

Other Low-Cost Carriers

Jetstar Asia (3K flights)

  • Scoot (T.R. flights)
  • Thai AirAsia (F.D. flights)
  • Cebu Pacific Air (5J)
  • J.C. Cambodia (Q.D.)

How big is [email protected]?

The [email protected] is spread over four levels with an 8-story car park lots (6,500 bays) Block A and B.

What is [email protected] like?

There are many stores to buy your last-minute souvenirs or even a change of clothes. It is a great place to spend time while waiting for a flight.

If you’re looking for fast food, you can find

  • K.F.C.
  • Texas Chicken
  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Subway

What to eat at [email protected]?

I’m at the airport for all the times I will make a beeline to indulge in the extra creamy and soft French vanilla soft serve at the Family Mart.

It’s a preference. I also like the soft soy serve at IKEA (RM0.90)


Make a beeline to Family Mart for their signature sweet and cold Matcha soft serve.

If you have time to kill and on a tight budget, check out their other snacks apart from the super yummy Oden!

There’s a lot of yummy food that you can try there, so don’t miss a final chance to visit before your fly off whenever you are in KLIA2.

Incidentally, the price of the Strawberry Sofuto at FamilyMart outlets in KLIA2 is RM3.50.

Location: L3-12 & 13, Level 3, [email protected] mall
Business Hours:  24 Hours

There are many coffee places, but the one that caught my eye to try is Huggs Coffee.

Huggs Coffee

Touted as the comfort coffee for The Working Crowd, Huggs Coffee is a franchise concept from Singapore.

In fact, this coffee is so popular that it has been a regular caterer to some banks in town.

Huggs Coffee is homey. It reminds me of the kopi sent by the coffee shop to the banks in Penang in the 1980s.

What I like about Huggs Coffee is that it has adapted to local tastes.

Huggs Coffee presents artisanal coffee from Medellin, the Huila region, Columbia, Brazil, Sumatran, and Vietnamese origins.

Each variety is roasted individually to bring out its smooth body, rich flora, and chocolaty undertones.

The flavor on the palate is deep long-lasting. I appreciate the coffee for its low acidity.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

A good cuppa. Image: Huggs Coffee Facebook

The company’s central kitchen freshly makes the pastries and wraps.

Grab-and-go items include Muffins, English Scone, a variety of croissants, and wraps.

Huggs Coffee has targeted the working crowd to choose locations and offerings with the new outlet at [email protected]

You will find travelers grab-to-go a cuppa and a muffin before their flights.

One of my favorites is the flaky Butter croissant (heated up without asking) and my Melbourne Flat White.

Free WIFI and power sockets for it to be a more work-friendly space.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Huggs Coffee at [email protected] Photo: Doris Lim

Location: L3 – 39, Level 3, [email protected] mall
Business Hours: 6.00 am to 10.00 pm

Samtai YAMCH’A

Samtai YAMCH’A is perfect for those who want a hot but light meal before taking off.

This modern casual dining concept restaurant is where you can enjoy a reasonable dim sum and Malaysian delights.

Interestingly, the restaurant’s name is a combination of both Malay and English words. Santai is used in Malaysian to mean relaxed.

“Yamcha,” which is associated with getting together for dim sum and tea.

Santai YAMCH’A is a place where your families and friends can come together to relax and enjoy an excellent meal.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

A variety of food surrounds the Cute Bao. Photo: Doris Lim

Santai YAMCH’A is a great place to grab comfort food. I love the dim sum and the Cute Bao with salted egg filling that oozes out when you press on it.

The setting is relaxing, modern, and contemporary.

This is one of the few places where you can sit and watch your baggage trolley.

You can also monitor the flight schedules from the place.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Image: Santai YAMCH’A

L2-39, Level 2, [email protected] mall
Business Hours: 8 am-12 am
Website: Santai YAMCH’A on F.B.

Soul Chicken

A Korean couple who have been operating Korean restaurants specializing in Korean food started Soul Chicken fried chicken in Kuala Lumpur.

The soy garlic fried chicken is the best; the color is golden.

It is Very crispy fried chicken, tasty and not at all oily.

I tried some dishes with my friends.

  • Bi-Bim-Bap (RM21.90)
  • Korean Spicy Ramyean (RM17.90)
  • Soul Chicken Cup –popcorn chicken with Coca Cola (RM15.90)
  • Korean Soy Garlic Fried Chicken – 4 pcs (RM18.90)
gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Soul Chicken at [email protected] Photo: Doris Lim

Location: L2-133 & 134, Level 2, [email protected] mall
Business Hours:  24 hours
Website: soulchickenklia2 on F.B.

Busy Mango

Ever since I visited the Philippines, I’ve fallen in love with mangos.

This dessert stall has shaved mango ice drizzled with mango syrup and topped with fresh mango slices.

Busy Mango at [email protected] may have a small dessert menu, but it pulls great punches with tropical fruits.

If you missed out on trying a Durian, you could have their Durian flavor ice-cream potong. This is something different and memorable that you may try before your Departure or arrival.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Busy, Mango sweet desserts. Photo: Doris Lim

Location: L2-43A, [email protected] Mall
Operations Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.
Website: busymango on F.B.

Shop and enjoy [email protected] Mall as you wait for your flight

There are many retail shops here that you can also found in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

The prices here are the same as downtown.

I got to check out my favorite stores, and the prices here are the same as downtown.

  • H&M
  • Uniqlo
  • Brands Outlet
  • F.O.S.
  • Giordano
  • Padini Concept Store
  • The Travel Store
  • Vincci

Many stores for shopping, and with a tasty variety of food.

Several restaurants are selling fried chicken; K.F.C. and Texas Chicken are my most favorite restaurants here.

Don’t forget to buy some Garrett Popcorn as a souvenir.

What to do at night at [email protected]?

My recommendation is to have a nice dinner in a relaxing ambiance.

If you like an alcoholic drink to relax, you can check out LOFT33.


LOFT33 is the only outlet to feature full-fledged bar services offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and various snacks and meals.

Travelers can unwind at the bar area or the comfortable lounge seats.

The chill ambiance is perfect for working travelers.

There are ample power sockets for it to be a work-friendly space.

What’s more, patrons could grab a coffee or a fruit juice to quench their thirst on the run.

For dine-in, LOFT33 has excellent pizza, burgers, and fries.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

LOFT33 signature dishes. Photo: Doris Lim

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

LOFT33 bar area. Photo: Doris Lim

Location: L2 – 1-4, [email protected] Mall
Operations Hours: 24 hours daily.

If you want a quick relaxing massage without changing out of your clothes or wondering where to leave your luggage.

The best place is to head to the Rest N Go. 

Rest N Go Exclusive Lounge at the klia2

At the Rest N Go Exclusive Lounge, customers can rest and relax at its GINTELL massage chairs equipped with pre-set massage controls while waiting for loved ones or waiting to depart.

The Rest N Go offers the latest technology massage chairs by GINTELL, free Wi-Fi, beverage, phone charging station, and luggage keeping services.

The Lounge is operational 24 hours, and its accommodation rates start from as low as RM28.00 per hour.

You can leave your extra luggage and carry it on at the Luggage storage services.

You get to explore and shop at [email protected] unencumbered while your belongings are safely kept for you.

Rates available at RM15.00 for 3 hours, RM25.00 for 6 hours, RM35.00 for 12 hours, and RM45.00 for 24 hours.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Rest N Go Exclusive Lounge. Image: [email protected]

Location: L2-24, Level 2, [email protected] mall
Operations Hours: 24 hours daily.

When I travel, I will look for a place to rest while I kill the endless hours at the airport. Cinemas top airport wish lists and are the best places to relax.

Where to sleep at [email protected]?

Sleeping in KLIA2 is prohibited in most areas. You will be shooed by the security guards who patrol the area the whole night.

However, there are some spots where you could sleep, depending on the length of your layover and your preference.

So, if you are on an extended layover, be sure to book accommodation in advance.

Sleeping Options for Layovers at [email protected] sleeping area

There are lots of sleeping options available. Now that you know this, you can put away your worries.

  • Missing the connecting flight
  • Early morning flight
  • Endless hours to kill in transit

You could choose to sleep inside the departure areas of klia2, outside the departure hall, or stay at hotels located nearby and 15km from the airport.

Some of these have shuttle services available.

You will need to check if the shuttle is free and available when you want to leave for the airport.

Personally, I prefer to be as close as possible to the gate.

I have sometimes stayed 30 mins from the airport, but I was forced to run through the airport to check in my luggage and board my plane because of some traffic jams.

Klia2 is a big airport.

It depends on where your gate is and how far you are.

Tips and advice for sleeping comfortably in the airport during flight delays, layovers, and overnight sleepovers.

Klia and klia2 are two separate terminals of the same airport. You can move from klia to klia2 via the KLIA Ekspres train, which departs from level 2 of the [email protected] mall.

The train journey takes approx—3 minutes between the two terminals.

There are a few places to choose from.

I would recommend Capsule Transit KLIA 2, where I enjoyed a restful sleep.

Capsule Transit Airport Hotel @ KLIA2, Level 1

Capsule Transit (Airport Transit Hotel) KLIA2 is the first minimalist capsule-style airport transit in Malaysia. The hotel (non-smoking) is located at the lower ground level of KLIA2, where AirAsia and other Low-Cost Carriers operate.

If you arrive late in the night, it is easily accessible to you going through the [email protected] mall.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Photo: Doris Lim

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Twin beds. Image: Capsule Transit KLIA 2

Lot L1-2 & 3, Gateway, Terminal klia2, KL International Airport, Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia.


Plaza Premium Lounge Malaysia (KLIA2) – Transit Hotel

Four stars (Inside Gateway Mall at Kuala Lumpur International Airport). At Level 2M of Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) Gateway, Plaza Premium Lounge Malaysia is a transit hotel with air-conditioned rooms offering free Wi-Fi, food, and beverages.

gateway@klia2 is where you shop eat sleep well

Image: Plaza Premium Lounge Facebook

Convenience while traveling is the little things that delight.

Summary of facilities & services:

  • Baby Rooms
  • Bus Services
  • Car Rental Services
  • Custom Services
  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Disabled Friendly Facilities
  • G.S.T. Refund Counters
  • Buggy ride to klia2
  • Hotels near klia2
  • Immigrations Counters
  • Information Counters
  • Lost & Found
  • Lounges & Resting Area
  • Medical Services
  • Parking Facilities
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Security Pass Counter
  • Smoking Area
  • Storage/ Locker Services
  • Strapping/ Wrapping Services
  • Taxi Services
  • Train Services
  • Information Counters

Information counters are located throughout the klia2 terminal. These counters are located at Arrival Hall, Departure Hall, and the Satellite Building at the Main Terminal Building and the [email protected] mall.

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