RAW Juicery + Eatery (K Avenue) – Healthy Lunch Bowl Kuala Lumpur 1

RAW Juicery + Eatery (K Avenue) – Healthy Lunch Bowl Kuala Lumpur

RAW Juicery + Eatery (K Avenue) – Healthy Lunch Bowl Kuala Lumpur

I make it a point to eat at R.A.W. Juicery + Eatery (K Avenue) whenever I’m on a stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

There are lots of F&B offerings at Avenue K.; there are tens of food outlets that I could explore when I’m in this shopping mall.

I make it a point to find something good, healthy, tasty, and affordable meals that everyone will like.

For my recent three trips, I’ve been eating at R.A.W. Juicery + Eatery. 

I love to have a colorful meal that is healthy and tasty.

This healthy outlet has the answer.

And like some finds, it comes from an unlikely location, which is a stall at the food court in a local mall.

I like how there’s a good balance between affordable meals and also places to splurge, so there’s something for everyone.

The setup of the counter is a bit like a canteen where you select, point, and are served.

You can choose from the hot and cold spots and trays filled with delicious pesto chicken, roasted cauliflower, and lentil curry.

RAW Juicery + Eatery

R.A.W. Juicery & Eatery

You start by building your lunch bowl. I try to fill this with the Malaysian Healthy 3S Plate.

The base is the carb.

Server: Brown rice or pink potatoes?
Me: Pink potatoes
S: Protein?
M: Pesto Chicken, please?
S: We run out.
M: Sad face… chooses another lean chicken for my choice of protein.

I picked two sides of vegetables. Roasted pumpkin and broccoli are always good.

And to finish your lunch bowl, I pick from a variety of sauces and toppings.

RAW Juicery + Eatery

What combination works best?

They line the counter with a vast variety of popular dishes.

The best thing about R.A.W. is the type of combination with various flavors and pairing.

What is on the menu?

The menu rotates daily. Proteins (Chicken breast only of course)

  • Peri-peri chicken
  • Pesto Chicken
  • Kimchi Chicken
  • Stew Chicken
  • Beef Stew
  • Stir-fried beef
  • Stir-fried tofu (vegetarian)

Veggie Dishes

  • Warm stir-fries
  • Curries
  • Kimchi
  • Acar
  • Braised daikon
  • Pickled cucumber
  • Sautéed mushroom
  • Zucchini/eggplant
  • Stewed pumpkin


  • Spicy, sambal
  • Curry sauce
  • Chimichurri
  • Salted egg and chili sauce (sweet, salty, creamy)

Toppings (Select 2)

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Roasted garlic
  • Chia Seeds
  • Seaweed

Free Soup
They serve all meals with a complimentary bowl of hot soup. You get slightly savory miso or a bowl of minestrone.

Good to note that there are vegetarian-friendly options so you can omit animal protein.

You could just have a light lunch as a vegetarian bowl is your best bet.

Raw Juicery

How much is a healthy bowl?

Prices vary with the size of your bowl.

  • Petite (RM12)
  • Medium (RM14)
  • Large (RM16)

Some days when I’m greedy, I will get the Large Bowl at RM16

Tips for eating at Raw Juicery:

Come early, though, as some more popular dishes (Pesto Chicken and peri-peri chicken) will run out before you step in.

Super Bowl by Raw Juicery + Eatery

R.A.W Juicery + Eatery has neat, clean eats that are hearty and flavorsome.

This is a great healthy option that I have been recommending to my friends.

I’m not much of a salad person. I can pack in just leaves as this doesn’t last very long.

I need a combination of raw and hot cooked food for a good filling meal that will sustain me.

Strangely, I will eat the largest bowl and still feel famished a few hours later.

Here I get to customize a Super Bowl with one base, six mains, two supplementary, and one prime.

That kept me full and energized throughout the day.

Raw Juicery

Raw Juicery Healthy Juices

On my last visit, I was as disappointed as the lady in front of my queue. They sent the cold press machine to another outlet.

R.A.W. has yummy cold-pressed juices at reasonable prices.

My fave is “Beauty and the Beets.”

Supplement your salad with the juices, to keep energy levels high.

The fruit juice is the right amount of sweet-sourish buzz.

Raw Juicery

R.A.W. Juicery + Eatery’s Beauty and the Beets!

Both RAW Juicery + Eatery outlets at Avenue K and Jalan Hang Lekiu see crowds throng in during peak lunch hours, so it’s best to swing by early for your next feel-good meal.

RAW Juicery + Eatery (K Avenue)
Level2, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours (Mall hours)

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