Top 5 Desserts in Sri Lanka Every Foodie Should Try

Top 5 Desserts in Sri Lanka Every Foodie Should Try

Sri Lanka, a tropical paradise in the south of Asia has shown a spike in tourism, thanks to the peace that has finally been restored in this country after the end of civil war in 2009.

The war lasted 25 years and little did people around the world know about this place or what it had to offer. Sri Lanka is blessed with the tropical weather, pristine beaches, rich culture, and heritage and, not to forget, mouth-watering food. But the real beauty of this place is its people. It is difficult to believe that Sri Lankans have gone through turmoil for over 25 years when they greet you with a warm genuine smile.

Just like the people who are sweet, the desserts this country has to offer are worth every single penny you spend. These 5 desserts are our top favorites.


Also pronounced as watalappan or vatlappam, is a mouth-watering coconut pudding made during special occasions. It consists of coconut milk, eggs, jaggery, and cashew nuts and flavored with spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves. This steamed dessert does not use sugar and is merciful to the waistline 😉 Stop worrying about holiday calories and grab that spoon to dig in! Thank us later!

Curd and Treacle

This dessert tops our list for multiple reasons – its simplicity, freshness, authenticity and the refreshing sensation it leaves behind once eaten. Made out of buffalo milk curd, it is thick, creamy and served in earthenware/ terracotta pots. Kithul treacle also known as the Palm Treacle that’s made from the boiled sap of the Kithul palm is drizzled over the curd and served. A healthy and perfect dessert to beat the heat.

Wood Apple Milk

Not for the faint hearted. Definitely not for the ones who aren’t up for an experiment. But if you have managed to read past these two lines, this drink is a must try! This fruit looks like a coconut from the outside (just the mold) and inside looks like the pulp of the tamarind. It has a weird smell that can be intense when the fruit is ripe.  It tastes close to tamarind too and is a little acidic in nature. Therefore, sugar is added to the milk to reduce its acidity.



This traditional coconut cake is dark in color and made of semolina, jaggery, raisins, cashews and shredded coconut. The beauty of this cake is that it is soft and moist and makes you wanting for more. The cake is sold during festive seasons such as Christmas, and New Year. Although it isn’t available frequently, it will be worth waiting for months when your teeth sink into this delectable goodness.

Avocado Crazy

Also known as avocado pudding, this dessert has cream and sugar blended with the pulp of avocado.  It is then refrigerated, topped with nuts and usually served cold. Some places offer rum to additional flavor while others use condensed milk to further sweeten it. We loved the simpler version of this fruit blended with just sugar and cream. Retains the flavor of the fruit and it is delicious. Holiday calories don’t hurt when food tastes as delicious as these. Enjoy!

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