Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet Caroling with Roast Turkeys and Cakes

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet Caroling with Roast Turkeys and Cakes

Christmas is when we look forward to buffets with Roast Turkeys, Cake, and other festive goodies to indulge in at Olive Tree Hotel, Penang.

Whether you throw your own Christmas Buffet party or celebrate in a friendly hotel environment, you can do both.

You can order a Christmas Buffet Roast Turkey and Christmas Cakes from Olive Tree Hotel, Penang, for home parties.

Christmas Buffet at Home

Quick and easy Hotel Roast Turkey will come in handy with a Christmas Cake or two to impress your guests.

Prepare to be the host or hostess with the most!

Can’t find a capable caterer to handle everything? Can’t cook? Well, one way is to take your dinner party to the Olive Tree Hotel.

The hotel offers complete buffets with beer and wine for your dinner party. All you need to do is dress your best and enjoy the buffet and the live Christmas caroling.

Order an Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Roast Turkey for your Christmas Buffet at home.

I used to be a sous chef to my cousin, who tries to make the perfect roast turkey every year. We will slave over the bird. After six years, I just gave the turkey a dirty look.

In a home kitchen, a dressed turkey does not co-operate even in death.  For years, we marinated, change the recipe and filling, stuffing. I filled it with lemons, oranges, and finally (whatever)!

I watched many videos on “How to Truss a Turkey” and figured I could never trust a bird!

So, after futile displays of roast turkeys laid on the side. Left, Right. Whatever, but never on its back. I give up ever trying to cook Christmas dinner again.

I will retire to make roast potatoes in a pan. The little cousins love this.

My recommendation and I am earnest about this.

Please order a hotel roast turkey. Everyone will be HAPPY.

It will be the centerpiece of your dining table, that Grande damn (oops) fame of all Christmas feasts.

So save everyone and lie through your teeth and say prettily, “Why, you’re very kind. I learned all my recipes from YouTube!”

The same goes for I can’t bake. My former colleague used to tell me to “pretend” to “buy” a cake from Secret Recipe and say I bake that cake. Hmmm…..

Why do you think it’s called “secret” in the first place?

Olive Tree Hotel Cakes

Invite Santa and his reindeers to your party with a Yule Log Cake (MYR75+). They wrap the log cake with a layer of chocolate ganache, and believe me; it is delicious. I had three thick slices.

Indulge in the Chocolate Mousse Cake (MYR80+) or get your favorites Orange Cranberry Poppy Seed Cake or Banana Blueberry Cake (MYR65+)

Don’t worry; the 1 kg cake size is just nice to share if you don’t have friends who eat three slices of cake per sitting!

Olive Tree Hotel Cake Menu

  • Fiber Muffin Cake Pc MYR65+ for 2 dozen | MYR35+ for 1 dozen
  • Banana Blueberry Cake 1 kg MYR65+
  • Hazelnut Cake 1 kg MYR70+
  • Lemon Custard Cake 1 kg MYR80+
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake 1 kg MYR80+
  • Orange Cranberry Poppy Seed Cake 1 kg MYR65+
  • Ginger Bread Man 1 piece MYR6+
  • Ginger Bread Star 1 piece MYR5+
  • Turkey 1 bird MYR369+

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet

Step into the world of The Nutcrackers at Olive Tree Hotel

Olive Tree Hotel has on a display larger than life traditional Christmas Nutcracker dolls.

These decorative nutcracker figurines most frequently resemble a toy soldier.

In German tradition, the dolls are symbols of good luck, frightening away evil spirits.

Check out the two giant Christmas trees and three eco-friendly made trees brightly lit up, accompanied by decorations of reindeer and Santa’s sleigh at the hotel’s exterior grounds.

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Festive Dinner at Sukkah Coffee House

As the busy year winds down, it is the best time for leaders, colleagues, and business associates to gather and socialize outside the workplace.

A festive buffet dinner with the right combination of Christmassy and international dishes is the best way to unwind.

For a budget-friendly epic Christmas dinner with family and friends in tow, check out the promotions at Sukkah Coffee House.

Sukkah offers the right choice of mouth-watering authentic Asian cuisines à la carte for regular dining hours.

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet


Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet Promotion – Buy 5 Free 1 for everyone to enjoy together.

During December, Sukkah Coffee House will feature a Festive Buffet Dinner every Saturday of the week. Two menus will be on a rotation basis throughout the month.

There is a massive feast of international and local delights to savor. Start with the salad bar, cold platter corner, and seafood on ice.

  • Sun-dried Tomato Spinach Rice Pilaf
  • Grilled Chicken with Mango Curry sauce
  • Korean Spicy Rice Cake
  • Grilled Prawn with Chimichurri sauce
  • Pan-fried Atlantic Salmon with Orange
  • Lemongrass and Beurre Blanc

Sweeten your holiday feast with Christmas desserts

  • Assorted macaroons
  • Christmas Pudding with Vanilla sauce
  • Orange Cranberry Poppy Seed Cake
  • Yule Log cakes

Listen and Join in Singing Christmas carols.

Olive Tree Hotel offers a real treat to diners to enjoy Christmas carols.

It was heartwarming to see young carolers singing Christmas songs when sharing the joy of the Yuletide season. Check out the date to enjoy the musical voices singing in unison with their voice is crisp and clear.

On top of the delicious treat, the hotel will spread Christmas joy through Christmas caroling at Olive Tree Hotel Lobby on these Saturday dates.

  • 7 December 2019
  • 14 December 2019
  • 21 December 2019
  • 28 December 2019

Festive Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet Dinner

Date: 7, 14, 21, and 28 December 2019 (Saturdays)
Time: 7:00pm–10:00pm
Price: MYR95+ (adult) | MYR50+ (Child/Senior Citizen)
Location: Sukkah Coffee House, Level 2

Christmas Celebration

Feast and be merry with our buffet dinner of celebratory highlights, covering Salmon Gravlax, Seafood terrine, Seafood on Ice, and soup and salads to kick start Christmas Eve and Day celebration.

Fresh out from the kitchen is selecting our warm dishes such as Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Lamb Jus, Beef Stroganoff with Mushroom & Parsley, Chinese Braised Oxtail, and more.

In addition to the signature dishes is the Raspberry Duck Confit served with Tortilla at our action counter.

Be sure to end your meal with delicious desserts like Almond Stollen, Honey Melon Sago Panna Cotta, Crispy Jackfruit Dumpling, and assorted Ginger Bread cookies.

Christmas carolers will help usher in the festive vibes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas spirit will continue to linger around with live music and clown performance to keep the children entertained throughout these two nights.

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner

Date / Day 24 December 2019, Tuesday
Time 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Price MYR138+ (adult) – inclusive of 2 glasses of beer or wine
MYR75+ for a child (aged 5 – 12 years old) | a senior citizen (60 years and above)
Top up MYR30+ to enjoy the free flow beer or wine for the evening.
Location Sukkah Coffee House, Level 2
Live Entertainment: Christmas caroling and Clown performance.

Christmas Day Buffet Dinner

Date 25 December 2019, Wednesday
Time 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Price MYR138+ (adult) – inclusive of 2 glasses of beer or wine
MYR75+ for a child (aged 5 – 12 years old) | a senior citizen (60 years and above)
Top up MYR30+ to enjoy the free flow beer or wine for the evening.
Location Sukkah Coffee House, Level 2
Live Entertainment: Christmas caroling and Clown performance.

Offer Confirm and Pay by 16 December to enjoy a special rate of MYR118+ (adult)

Only for Christmas Day Buffet Dinner

In keeping with the tradition, the buffets are also offering live carving station of Whole Roasted Turkey with Raisin and Chestnut stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding, Honey Glazed Turkey Square with Pineapple.

There are Slow Roasted Top Sirloin Beef and Roasted Lamb with BBQ sauce on the eve and Christmas day, respectively.

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Corner

Christmas is a season for giving and sharing.

Head down to Olive Tree Hotel’s Christmas Corner, Level 1, for a meaningful holiday shopping experience.

There is a wide variety of Christmas crafts, and decorations will be on sale throughout December.

With every purchase of these items, the hotel will donate the proceeds to an orphanage in Penang.

Olive Tree Hotel, Penang Marketing Communications Manager, Lim Hui Hui, said that the hotel’s Christmas corner is a great way to make a difference for the orphanage children.

Donations from the sales will make the season bright for them. The hotel hopes their guests and diners will join in to support this worthy cause.”

For more inquiries or bookings on our buffet dinner, please contact +604-637 7873 or email at [email protected]

Order Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Roast Turkey and Cakes Home

To add the touch of festivities to your Christmas celebration at home, grab a Christmas delights for a joyful celebration with family and friends.

We can make orders through https://olivetreehotel.easy.co/
Or +604-637 7873, starting from 1 December 2019 until 31 December 2019.

Olive Tree Hotel Christmas Buffet Review

I’ve enjoyed many meals at the Olive Tree Hotel, and their menus are good with tasty food.

Come early to enjoy the famous dishes.

Join in the festivities and shop at the Christmas Corner as proceed from the sales will go to a worthy cause.

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