Go Noodle House有间面馆 Best Noodle in the World

GO Noodle House The Starling – Best Noodle in the World

GO Noodle House The Starling – Best Noodle in the World

Imagine being invited to eat a piping hot bowl of the Best Noodle in the World at GO Noodle House, The Starling!

Known as the San Xian Tang Mi Xian (三鲜汤米線), these silky-smooth noodles merely is delicious.

GO Noodle House is the haven for legendary Chinese Imperial Noodles (三鲜麵).

Famed for being a Chinese Emperor’s favorite noodle, this restaurant is a popular lunch spot for office workers.

The pungent aroma of Chinese Wine is nicely fragrant for this light soup lunch.

GO Noodle House The Starling

A popular noodle restaurant with overwhelmingly positive customer response, this noodle house has many Mall outlets.

Good quality, wallet-friendly price, and an excellent massive serve are the plus points drawing in customers daily.

I couldn’t agree more when we reach the Qing Dynasty era theme restaurant in the Starling Mall just before lunchtime.

Yes, this is one of those times I try an outlet with Penang’s presence, out of state.

Qing Dynasty Theme

The restaurant is simple, with Chinese-style wooden tables and stools.

There are open cabinets for the Chinese cooking wine on prominent display.

These are the only decorations in the restaurant.

The customer can enhance the flavor and fragrance of the soup by adding an extra spoonful or two of a Chinese Wine bottle, which they can purchase from the restaurant.

Go Noodle House offers free storage for unfinished three-year-aged and five-year-aged Chinese wine bottles for future visits.

The wine bottles are sealed with the customers’ names for safe storage.

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

Open cabinets for the Chinese cooking wine on prominent display. Photo: Doris Lim

Why is the GO Noodle House soup so flavorful?

If you’re wondering why the soup base is so fragrant, it’s simple.

The restaurant uses yellow Wine (non-halal) to enhance the fish-based soup’s flavor.

Yellow Rice Wine (花雕酒)

Some customers may prefer the more robust flavor of the Wine for an extra kick.

GO Noodle House offers four types of vintage Yellow Rice Wine according to the years of brewing.

The older the vintage, the more concentrated and intense the flavors are.

The 3-year and 5-year wines are suitable for cooking.

The older vintages, 10-year, and 30-year can be enjoyed with your meal or on its own with some titbits.

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

The Wine. Photo: Doris Lim

Best Noodle in The World (天下第一麵)

Fish friends Steph and Jeannie recommended these legendary imperial noodles originating from ancient China.

The Kang Xi Emperor’s favorite, the legendary San Xian Tang Mi Xian (三鲜汤米線), is dubbed as the Best Noodle in The World (天下第一麵).

I tasted the Yunnan-style Mixian rice noodles.

It was smooth, light, slurpy, and delicious without being too hard, soft, or al-dente chewy, which is good!

Imported from China, the Mi Xian (米線) is silky smooth. Best of all, it does not go flabby or softens after the soup cools down.

The texture of the slurp-worthy strands is just perfect. It is soft enough and easy to digest.

We saw many seniors and young children having a meal here.

GO Noodle House Menu

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

History of San Xian Tang Mi Xian (三鲜汤米線) Photo: Doris Lim

Signature Clear Soup

Famous for its signature clear superior broth, this fish-based soup is cooked for several hours to bring out the natural sweetness.

The steaming bowls of slurpy noodles are finished with fragrant Chinese Wine.

The garnishing is chopped cilantro and spring onions.

Even without the conventional garlic oil that Malaysians are used to, the soup tasted bright and sweet.

There are noodles and there ARE Best Noodles in The World!

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

GO Noodle House Menu Photo: Doris Lim

Lots of Possibilities to Craft a Personal Bowl

First, choose your noodles. We opted for the Signature Yunnan-style Mixian Rice Noodles.

There is a choice of Superior or Spicy soup. Each bowl of noodles comes with one type of topping.

Additional toppings of optional ingredients include:

  • pork belly
  • beef slices
  • clams
  • scallops
  • ‘song fish’ belly
  • squid balls
  • fresh prawns
  • bitter gourd
  • spinach

The bowls are significant, and some restraint is needed; it’s accessible to over-order.

Steph and Jeannie confessed to going overboard and overindulging when Go Noodle House first opened.

They ordered a large bowl of extra ingredients each and struggled to finish.

From the a la carte menu, you can even order big bowls of broth without noodles.

Just add in fleshy chunks of grouper head and belly if you like a fresh fish for lunch.

You could even order a meaty frog for a bright, distinct sweetness to the soup.

You’re the BOSS of your Noodle Soup.

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

GO Noodles with Frog

What we ordered at Go Noodle House

We ordered two bowls of *No. 1 Bestseller* Superior Soup Bursting Meat Ball (三鲜汤浆爆丸) it was sufficient for three of us girls to share.

The bursting pork balls are noteworthy.

The meat is bouncy, and the minced pork filling is juicy and flavorful.

We finished our shared bowl happily and vowed to return for more.

For starters, we order a Crispy Bean Curd Skin to munch on.

We also love hot herbal tea, which has a sweet flavor.

Cautionary notes: Beware of the heat-inducing homemade Chili Paste, which is dangerously addictive.

Smart Dory took a step back and just dipped in soy sauce.

The experience of Vietnamese chili and pepper is a good restrainer.

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

*No. 1 Bestseller* Superior Soup Bursting Meat Ball (三鲜汤浆爆丸) Photo: Doris Lim

GO Noodle House The Starling - Best Noodle in the World

Crispy Bean Curd Skin Photo: Doris Lim


GO Noodle House The Starling is so popular that the queue is 30 minutes long during weekday lunchtime.

Its popularity is best summed up in three words. Fresh ingredients.

Good taste and good value for money. If you haven’t tried, find out for yourself.

Overall, this is a trendy and casual noodle outlet with a long queue line worth the wait.

In case you’re wondering, the confirmation is GO Noodle House is non-halal certified.

The restaurant serves pork and alcohol in the soup. 

After this review, I have dined at the Penang branch several times.

The restaurant is strategically located in Gurney Plaza (7th floor/ near GSC).

GO Noodle House | B-018, Level B1, The Starling, Uptown Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

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