Let's Eat YL Yong Leong Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant – Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant – Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant is one of the best Chinese Seafood Restaurant in downtown Kuah,

Whenever I land, my clients will often say, “Let’s eat at YL tonight.”

While there are many eateries in Langkawi, from Chu Char restaurants to cafes, restaurants, and hotels, the most important things to consider are fresh ingredients and consistent taste.

In Langkawi, you can get the best seafood and Bak Kut Teh pork dishes.

You can order anything from chicken rice, grilled sambal squid, garoupa, boiled blood cockles, kerabu chicken feet, stir-fried kangkung with belacan, fried oyster omelette, and many others.

Many visitors look for cheap seafood. Budget and wallet-friendly (affordable price) don’t always come with the highest quality of freshness.

If you do your daily marketing at the wet market and cook, you can get cheap eats at home.

Most seafood restaurants’ prices are reasonable instead of cheap and affordable. There is a difference.

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant – A Decade of Great Taste

I’ve been to Langkawi since late 2008, and my recommendation is Yong Long Seafood Restaurant, fondly known to locals as YL.

As Langkawi is a tourist town, business is seasonal. During the high season, the restaurant is packed every night. The customers sit al fresco under the stars just off the pavement.

Some nights are slow. You will get about four to five tables of diners.

YL serves almost everything from vegetables to seafood to pork cooked in different styles. The food may be a little slow on busy days, but the taste is always good.

What to Order at Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant (YL)?

With the abundance of freshly caught seafood of the sea in Langkawi, the best orders are the seafood, of course.

  • Fresh Fish
  • Sweet Clams
  • Fresh Squids
  • Pork Knuckle
  • Vegetable Dish

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant Menu

There is a menu that the locals don’t refer to. Most of the time, we will place our order based on what is freshly caught. The owner will make a recommendation based on the number of pax at the table.

He will most of the time let us “under order” to add more dishes if we feel hungry later.

I think that makes good business sense and saves the customer from over-ordering and wasting food they can’t finish.

You can take a look at the seafood on ice in the restaurant if you prefer.

For us, regulars, we just let Uncle make his recommendations for a fine meal ahead.

How to order?

At most Chu Char style restaurants, the cooking style is Chinese/Asian. Normal recommendations start with seafood. This is a seafood restaurant, after all.

Uncle will recommend the fresh fish; you pick the cooking style.

For extremely fresh fish, just caught a few hours earlier in the afternoon, I will go with steaming. This is the best way to enjoy fresh fish.

Chai Por Hoo – Steamed Fish with “Chai Por”

In Kedah and Langkawi, the locals enjoy a style called “Chai Por Hoo,” a steamed fish served with a mountain of salty-sweet Chai Por (pickled radish) for a nice flavourful crunch.

Each restaurant has a different version. This is one of my favourite ways to enjoy fresh fish.

Please don’t order a Fried Fish at a seafood restaurant!

Verdict: A good rendition of the original dish found in Alor Star

Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi - Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant

Steamed Fish with “Chai Por” (Preserved Radish bits) Photo: Doris Lim

Fresh Squids

The squids in Langkawi are extremely fresh. If you go up to the rooftop of the tallest building in Pantai Cenang, you will see the squid boats in the bay.

There is nothing more delicious than fresh squids (calamari) cooked right. Squid must be cooked for either a short time or a very long time. Otherwise, they turn rubbery and not worth the time chewing.

The optimum time to cook squids correctly is two minutes over high heat.

We ordered the squids in two styles.

  • Squid Fried with Dried Chilis and Spring Onions
  • Deep-Fried Squid

I like both, but the best to me is the crunchy Fried Squids with just flour, salt, and pepper. With fresh seafood, I like the simple minimal cooking to taste the freshness of the sea.

Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi - Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant

Stir-Fried Squid with Dried Chili and Spring Onion and Deep Fried Squid in flour, salt, and pepper. Photo: Doris Lim

Sweet Clams

Langkawi has the best sweet Clams and Blood Cockles. This is the only place I will eat Blood cockles. Most of the time, I’ll give shellfish a miss.

The sweet clams are fat and juicy. The restaurant is meticulous in cleaning these. I watched their food prep and am impressed to see the workers check and sort each clam before bringing it to the kitchen.

Verdict: Sweet juicy, and very delicious.

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant - Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi 1

Sweet n Sour Clams. Photo: Doris Lim

Chinese Braised Pork Knuckle in Claypot

The star dish that we look forward to the most is this gorgeous, Chinese-style Braised Pork Knuckle in Claypot.

Many call this a sinful dish but will order if they can find this on the menu. The collagen beneath the pig’s trotters’ skin is good for the skin.

Getting real good Braised Pork Knuckle is not as simple as putting everything in a clay pot and wait.

Braising is a great method of cooking that produces meat with the tenderness of a braised dish. You will want tender but slightly chewy meat. If overcooked, the pork becomes too mushy and falls apart. If the knuckle is undercooked, it becomes too chewy.

I enjoy the dish’s deep soy aroma with the dark gravy that allowed the fat and collagen to melt completely. This is definitely a gravy you will want to eat with fried mantou to mop up the juices!

Verdict: Very delicious.

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant - Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi 2

Chinese Braised Pork Knuckle in Claypot. Photo: Doris Lim

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant Delicious Chinese Curry

One of my downfalls is eating rice. Chinese curry sauces are usually less spicy than Indian Curry. So ordering a curry here will not completely overpower the more delicate flavours like fish and seafood.

In fact, the curries at YL are mild, creamy, and deliciously flavoursome.

Prawn Curry

The chunky King Prawns in this recipe really makes the dish outstanding. Prawns are just cooked and sweet when you pull off the shells.

Verdict: Delicious. 

Curry Fish

If you have a shellfish allergy, you can ask for fish fillets or chunks, which is easier to eat. Some fish connoisseurs will ask for the fish head instead!

Curry Pork

A good meat curry is always a good thing to order, especially when it comes to Wild Boar Meat instead of just Pork.

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant - Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi 3

Verdict: Creamy Mild Curries that doesn’t overpower the taste of seafood and fish.

Stir Sea Cucumber with Vegs

Gamat, or sea cucumber, is one of Langkawi’s symbols, which great medicinal and healing properties.

Sea cucumbers are very low in calories and fat with high protein content – making these a weight loss-friendly food.

They have many health benefits, including antioxidants.

Consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli is associated with a decreased risk of some cancers. Phytochemicals, especially sulforaphane in broccoli, are believed to offer some degree of prevention of cancer.

So this dish is deceptively simple but powerful in terms of health benefits.

Verdict: Stir-fried Sea Cucumber is springy instead of being gelatinous and mushy when it’s braised. It goes well with vegetables, seafood, and rice!

Sambal Okra

Fresh Okras or Lady’s Fingers stir-fried with Shrimp and fiery Sambal is a potent dish that is not super hard to prepare and very pleasing to sambal chilli lovers.

Stir-Fried Celery

This is a refreshing and delicious dish with crunchy Celery combined with chicken, carrots, soy sauce, and sugar.

Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant - Cheap Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi 4

Real-Life Story at Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant

One night when we were there, the owner was perplexed when making a recommendation for a new customer and throws up his hand in the air as he repeated their conversation.

Boss: You try our fried chicken?

Customer: KFC makes the better chicken.

Boss: You try our fish head curry?

Customer: My mother makes better curry.

Boss: Prawns? Clams? Squid?

Customer: I allergic.

So the moral of the little story is this. If you’re on holiday, have some seafood and maybe fresh fish. YL’s prices are reasonable.

Don’t worry.

Ask first if you have to.

It’s just that the food is good, and the price is reasonable, so you don’t have to settle for stir-fried veggies, onion omelette, and a braised too foo for dinner.

What is Langkawi without cheap seafood, right?

If you want to try another outlet, you can check out my Year-End Celebration at Rootian Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi. The food is exceptional, and the price is not low there.

YL Yong Leong Seafood Restaurant | Lot 36, Persiaran Mutiara, Pusat Dagangan Kelana Mas,
Langkawi | Telephone: +604-966 4895 | Opens Daily: 12.00pm – 3.00pm & 6.00pm – 12.00am


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