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List Of Toddy Shops Kedai Tuak In Penang and Butterworth

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List Of Toddy Shops Kedai Tuak In Penang and Butterworth

The Toddy Palm Wine of Asia, Tuak is a common drink among the local Indian communities in Malaysia.

Toddy Shops or Toddy Bars (Kedai Tuak) are legalized Liquor Shop in Malaysia. This is to prevent moonshine distillers from selling methanol-contaminated alcohol, which can have lethal consequences.

Penang Island

1. Kedai Tuak Lorong Pasar (Market Lane)
2. Kedai Tuak Lebuh Macallum (Macallum Street)
3. Kedai Tuak Jalan Cantonment (Cantonment Road)
4. Kedai Tuak Kampung Baru (Kampung Baru)

Butterworth (Seberang Perai)

1. Kedai Tuak Butterworth, JKR 86, Jalan Paul, Butterworth
2. Kedai Tuak Perai, JKR 175, Perai, Seberang Perai (Prai)
3. Kedai Tuak Kepala Batas, JKR 20, Jalan Kedah, Kepala Batas
4. Kedai Tuak Bukit Tengah, JKR S-7, Jalan Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam
5. Kedai Tuak Nibong Tebal, Jalan Baru, Nibong Tebal
6. Kedai Tuak Sungai Bakap, J 16 Jalan Stesen, Sungai Bakap
7. Kedai Tuak Simpang Empat, Jalan Besar, Simpang Empat

What is a Toddy Drink?

Toddy or Palm Wine is an alcoholic drink. It has the characteristic flavor and contains alcohol. Toddy is served at room temperature or chilled (in the fridge). The fresh palm sap is a sweet, non-alcoholic beverage called Neera or Padaneer (Tamil) Toddy is known as Tuak (Malay) or Kallu (Tamil). It is usually drunk after fermentation. Normally by the end of the day. It is as strong as wine. It becomes more sour and acidic day by day and vinegar in taste. Toddy has a short shelf life of about 24 hours. It may be refrigerated to extend its life.

Freshly harvested Palm Sap from the tree is tasty and has a sweet taste. It does not contain alcohol.

What is Jaggery?

Toddy becomes “Jaggery” when the liquid evaporates. This is an unrefined sugar used in Indian snacks and sweets. Jaggery is used in fried sweet pancake, spongy cake or sprinkled in Puttu and Puttu Mayong.

The Chinese community uses Toddy to make steamed rice cakes!

The Chinese community has been using toddy to make Chinese steamed rice flour cake called “Huat Kueh” in Hokkien, “Fagao” (发糕)in Mandarin and “Pak Tong Koh” in Cantonese.

This Toddy Huat Kueh is an important offertory item for the Chinese New Year 8th Day Hokkien New Year and the “Phai Thien Kong” also known as the Jade Emperor.

This secret ingredient helps to make a good rice cake which “smile” when steamed. Finding a good recipe is iffy as it all depends on the quality of the toddy. Not many people would ‘dare’ to make this type of kueh for fear that it will not rice correctly or the toddy may turn sour.

List Of Toddy Shops Kedai Tuak In Penang and Butterworth
Beautiful smiling Toddy Huat Kueh made by Goh Guok Hwa.

Cooking Tip:

If you’re buying toddy, you need to tell the seller that you’re buying this for making kueh and not for drinking.
The fresh toddy must be refrigerated immediately after you buy it. Please do not leave it in your parked car as it will ferment and might “explode”.

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