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Little India Oldest Toddy Shop Market Lane Penang

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Little India Oldest Toddy Shop Market Lane Penang

Little India Oldest Toddy Shop Market Lane Penang

Little India Oldest Toddy Shop Market Lane Penang

Forget the beer, if you’re looking for an authentic local drink head to a Toddy Shop instead.

Locally known as Kedai Tuak, the drink sold here is traditional homemade palm wine.

It is made with from the sap of the coconut palm and palm sap, yeast and sugar.

The sugary palm sap is collected in bamboo containers.

Fermentation takes place almost immediately as the palm sap is collected due to the residual yeast in the bamboo containers.

There is natural yeast in the air as well.

The fermentation process yields a drink with a slightly milky white consistency. For just RM2 a glass, this drink with a sweet aftertaste is a choice beverage for Penang’s local Indian population.

Most locals will buy take away toddy in a 1.5L recycle mineral water bottle or cola bottle. The interesting local flavor is a popular drink at home dinner parties. Sometimes it’s mixed with Guinness Stout.

It’s worth a try but be warned. It is rather potent and after a few, if mixed with other alcoholic beverages, you may find yourself walking unsteadily.

Toddy is used for making a Hokkien Sweet Rice Cake called Huat Kueh. This sweet cake has the distinct flavor of Toddy.

“Wrong Tree” Sculpture

Market Lane Tuak Shop is celebrated with the “Wrong Tree” steel-rod Sculpture, erected as part of the Marking George Town project. This sculpture is the “Wrong Tree” sculpture caricature which depicts an Indian toddy collector climbing up a betel-nut tree instead of a coconut tree. There is an explanation of how the tuak is formed.

Getting there

Market Lane is off Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. You can reach it by going down Stewart Lane form Goddess of Mercy Temple and turning left down Muda Lane. You will face the Market Lane Tuak Shop directly in front of you.

There’s another Toddy Shop on Cantonment Road, Penang

Market Lane Tuak Shop (Kedai Tuak Lorong Pasar) | At the intersection of Market Lane and Muda Lane, George Town, Penang |Opening hours: Daily from 9 am

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