Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Mongolia 1

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Mongolia

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Mongolia

Mongolia becomes the 73rd country to open the branch of Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc.

Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is not the furthest-flung location.

Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik in Iceland is!

Founders of Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc., Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton began covering the walls of their chain of cafes with rock-and-roll memorabilia in ’79. They replicate this tradition in all the cafes around the world.

Hard Rock Cafe is famous for being called a museum of the Rock and Roll music genre. Rock shop sells souvenir and clothing.

Hard Rock Cafe Mongolia

The Hard Rock Cafe franchise global branding brings the love of rock, superstars, and megastars to the fans.

What pulls the crowd together is a vibrant bar and a live music stage that stages acts.

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Hard Rock Penang (Photo Caroline Wong)

The history and future of music from legendary and contemporary musicians are on display with a different memorabilia collection for each outlet.

Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar boasts of clothing items from Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Rihanna; a guitar from Foo Fighters; autographs by John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and drumsticks from Metallica!

An interesting display is the Shamanic Mongolian Mask collection depicting ancient cave drawings dating to 3000 B.C.

Hard Rock Cafe Mongolia T-shirts

Caroline Wong who got her brand new tee from Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, models for Smart Dory!

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Caroline models her new t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar (Photo Caroline Wong) .

\”Got this precious Hard Rock T-shirt from a good friend…I get to be the first one to wear it in Penang as this Hard Rock Cafe has just newly opened in Mongolia…,” said Caroline.

Where is Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar?

The capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is located at the junction of the Tuul and Selbe rivers!

The capital of Mongolia was founded in 1639 as a nomadic Buddhist monastic center.

The city grew into a major manufacturing center in the twentieth century.

The modern city is a vibrant, eclectic mix of traditional and 21st-century lifestyles. Soviet-era buildings and museums peppered the old quarters.

Known for her strong, resilient nomadic people, and vast, rugged landscapes, Mongolia bordered by China and Russia.

You can reach Ulaanbaatar by Trans-Siberian Railway from Russia or the Chinese railway system.

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

A little rocker taking to the stage at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar. (Photo Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar FB Page)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins

They produce hard Rock Cafe guitar pins to honor dead rock icons. The pins also honor living legends like Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen.

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Red Vertical Guitar Pin 2016, Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2016 Flag Doubleneck Guitar Hard Rock Cafe ULAANBAATAR

Rock On at Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Mon-Sun 10 AM -Midnight | Hard Rock Cafe Ulaanbaatar | Tel: +97670157625 or +97691818945
Hard Rock Café Ulaanbaatar | Naran Place Shopping Complex, Manlaibaatar Damdinsuren Road,
Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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