Hard Rock Hotel Penang Joins World with Solidarity Light Display

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Joins World with Solidarity Light Display

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Joins World with Solidarity Light Display

As a message of hope in tough times, Hard Rock Hotel Penang shows heartfelt appreciation to healthcare providers, relief workers, and first responders with a light display.

The Malaysian Prime Minister has announced the movement control order (MCO) with social distancing regulations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

With the suspension of hotels’ operations, the hotel industry has joined together to create a solidarity movement – a message of hope and solidarity and to help each other and their communities during the coronavirus crisis.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Lights Up

Hard Rock Hotel Penang hotel lights on to signal a giant heart and the country abbreviation for Malaysia with “❤MY” as a message of love during the crisis.

The general manager of Hard Rock Hotel Penang, John Primmer, said that the hotel’s windows were lit up to instill hope to the local community affected by COVID-19 and raise the spirits of Malaysia’s devoted frontlines who are fighting this battle.

Their ongoing commitment to the residents’ health and safety is indeed evidence of great leadership to the world.

Shining a light to help spark hope and solidarity

Primmer also dedicated this glowing light display to show solidarity and continuous support to our employees and travel trade partners affected by the curtailed international tourism.

“Although our doors are currently closed, our hearts remain open with our motto ‘Love All, Serve All,’” he added.

The Hard Rock Hotel Penang team is confident that the hospitality and travel industry will soon bounce back stronger after the hotel and hospitality sector heals itself from the wounds of travel bans and the economic crash.

The hotel’s team works from home during the COVID-19 pandemic with the hotel’s temporary suspension of operations.

Hard Rock Hotel encourages all Malaysians to stay healthy and stay focused while staying at home during these challenging times.

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