All You Need is Love To Celebrate Valentine Day In Penang

All You need is Love To Celebrate Valentine Day In Penang

All You Need Is Love to Celebrate Valentine Day in Penang

One of the greatest Malaysian Love Story was penned by Penang’s favorite son, P. Ramlee. The ballad “Getaran Jiwa” was from that story and resounds until today, a firm favorite of the seniors, “orang lama” as well as Gen Y.

Born in Caunter Hall and a Penang Free School boy, P Ramlee was foremost a true artist having composed numerous melodious songs that set the Malay Films ablaze in the early days.

Throwback 1960 – Tengku Zaleha & Ghazali – Antara Dua Darjat

A tragic love story between a woman and a man from a different social status set in the old days.

It was very difficult for a commoner like Ghazali to have a relationship with a woman of royal blood like Tengku Zaleha.

But music united their love as Ghazali was hired as the music teacher to Tengku Zaleha.

Their love was fraught with many obstacles before a twist of events that finally with all of their resistances out of the way, Tengku Zaleha and Ghazali are at last able to be together.

Getaran Jiwa was one soundtrack for this film.

P. Ramlee’s memory lives on. Much loved. And missed by his fans of all ethnicity.


For anyone who has had they broke their heart before Paris: A Love Story by Kati Marton is a memoir of falling in love in Paris or with Paris.

The synopsis is about an award-winning journalist and distinguished author Kati Marton narrating an impassioned and romantic story of love, loss, and life after loss.

Paris is the stage of this deeply moving account of the two men she found intimacy with. And the man she found enduring love with.

What is the price of romance?

Malaysian are such romantics for showing love for their beloved and enjoy nothing more than a nice dinner.

So lovers take heart, there’s a special venue that suits all budget.  Whether its a simple dinner and DVD with ice cream for desserts at home or a favorite café outing to a romantic setting in a hotel or restaurant.

The night is young for a celebration of LOVE.

Smart Dory recommends a night of romantic dining here.

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 1

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 2


Valentine Set Dinner Menu 3

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 4

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 5

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 6

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 7

Dressing up is your game? A quiet candlelight dinner with the works in the heart of George Town?

There are two cool places to check out.

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 8

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 9

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 10

Valentine Set Dinner Menu 11

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kindly contact individual hotels, restaurants and cafes for reservations.

Feature Photo credit: Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La Penang Penang

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