Simply Marvellous MARKUS Modern Italian Restaurant, Penang

Simply Marvellous MARKUS Modern Italian Restaurant, Penang

Simply Marvellous MARKUS Modern Italian Restaurant, Penang

Fed up with fake Italian chain restaurant food? Want to try the most authentic freshly prepared real Italian food in Penang.  Follow this local’s lead to MARKUS, Modern Italian Restaurant in Pulau Tikus, George Town. This is a restaurant in which to relax and enjoy a leisurely Italian journey. Become a laid back Italian for the evening and lose yourself in the romance of Italy.

Chef Markus Lee has created a modern Italian menu using the old school Italian way of making traditional pastas in-house. Chef Markus marries this tradition with modern techniques and cutting edge sauces.

All Pasta is Freshly-made each day and cooked perfectly, “al dente” and is a joy to savour. Fresh Pasta is slightly translucent and has a heavenly “mouthfeel.”

I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice and Lake Como. The taste of fresh pasta with its higher ratio of egg yolk has stayed with me through the years.  Chef Markus has replicated this perfectly in his restaurant.

Chef Markus believes in eating seasonally. “This is what lifts the soul and makes great Italian food divine.”

Chef Markus’s selection of specially imported and fresh local produce is integrated into the à la carte and seasonal menus. Each dish is created to introduce the diner to the unique flavours and provide them with the best culinary experience.


In Italy, every meal is an adventure to be enjoyed by all.

Every great dining experience starts with the bread.  Chef Markus makes fresh sourdough breads in the restaurant. The Sourdough Focaccia has summery sun dried tomatoes – olive oil, sea salt and herbs and is delicious.

Beautiful in its simplicity, with a crumbly texture it is best eaten dipped into the olive oil and good balsamic vinegar. Seriously it was hard to stop at two pieces!

Complimentary Sourdough Focaccia at MARKUS, Modern Italian Restaurant.

The secret of Bruschetta lies in getting the base right.

Chef Markus’s fresh Tuscan bread is baked daily.  It allows the natural fruity olive oil and ripe vine tomatoes to shine at their best. The bread is ‘toasted over hot coals’ to give that special crunch.

Do I like these? I was happily popping the Bruschetta`s in one after the other.

Delicious Bruschetta.

Delightfully light and refreshing, this classic cold Capelli d’angelo “angel hair” pasta is beautifully presented in a seawater emulsion. It is served with Sashimi Grade Scallops, topped with Black Caviar.

The marriage of the salty emulsion and al dente noodles creates a silky, smooth texture. This is my new favourite way to eat pasta.  It’s perfectly simple way to enjoy the clean taste of scallops and fresh pasta.

Photo shows cooked pasta topped with scallops and black caviar and basil. Photo by Smartdory
Capelli d’angelo

Crabmeat Linguine. An impressive dish, with a depth of flavour created by cooking the crab in its own juice.
The rich, creamy, flavourful vodka enhanced, pink sauce is a favourite in modern Italian cuisine.

Linguine al Granchio

For Executive, “On the Go,” business lunches, a Girlfriend’s Lunch or choose from the ala carte menu.


Gnocchi are tiny morsels of homemade dumpling, cooked al dente with four types of Italian Cheese. It is topped with Crispy Handmade Grissini marbled with Prosciutto. This dish is rich and creamy and lip smacking cheesy.

Gnocchi Ai Quattro Formaggi

Two entirely different cuts of lamb on one plate. A roasted rack of lamb served with delightfully light Cauliflower Popcorn. This is complemented with a juicy slow roasted pulled shoulder formed into a patty.

Agnello Cotto In Due Mondi

Thinly sliced herbed oyster blade of beef topped with a light tuna mayonnaise, borlotti beans and fresh arugula. A wonderful cold combination of flavours lifted with a hint of lemon zest.

Manza Tonnato

The Lava Cake is formed with “Valrhona Guanaja” Chocolate. This dessert is served with fresh fruit and ice cream. It is served warm and crispy on the outside with a warm molten heart.

Signature Chocolate Lava Cake

A delightful hot soufflé freshly made with a generous glug of home-made Limoncello Liqueur. This dessert is baked to order. The soufflé cannot be rushed. The diner must wait for the soufflé as the soufflé will not wait for the diner!

Limoncello Soufflé

Markus’s temperature controlled Glass Wine Cellar is a testament to the restaurant’s aim to be a wine centric restaurant. There is an extensive wine list consisting of both Old & New World wines to delight the wine aficionados.

There is an extensive range of wines & champagnes, perfect for a food and wine pairing.

Corkage Policy | Wines & Champagne; RM30 per bottle | Hard liquor is RM80 per bottle | Service and glassware is provided.
Corkage Free Day | Customers are encouraged to BYOB for Wines & Liquor only on Wednesday`s.


I have had several delicious and memorable meals at MARKUS, Modern Italian Restaurant.  Chef Markus ensures that all food is as fresh as possible. He makes all pastas and breads on the premises.  Chef Markus proves time and again that dedication is what it takes to cook Italian recipes well.

The restaurant is the ideal venue for a leisurely dining experience. Take time to savour the aromas of the freshly prepared food. Experience the full and bountiful flavours as they unfold on your palate.

I believe the source of Chef Markus’s impeccable flavour lies deep in his passion for traditional Italian cuisine.

Make yourself the time for a complete Italian dining experience, you will not regret it.

Markus Modern Italian
37F, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Pulau Tikus, Penang
GPS: N 5° 25′ 56.4”, E 100° 18′ 43.4”
Call:  +604-2261.443

Business Hours
Lunch 12.00pm Till 3pm (Last order 2.30pm)
Dinner 6.00pm Till Late (Last order 10.00pm)
Closed on Tuesday & on certain public holidays (will only open to special events or private parties only) Call to enquire.

  1. I enjoyed your review of Markus and have to agree with every word. His care and detail in his food preparation is extraordinary and he produces flavours that always tantalise the taste buds. It’s our favourite restaurant in George Town.

    1. I’m so pleased to know we share the same sentiments about the good food at Markus. Right now, I’m curious to know your favourite dish. Mine is the Capelli D’Angelo Freddo. I love that Chef Markus uses truffle oil, scallops and caviar on the cold pasta… I love fresh truffles even more. Thanks for reading!

  2. Very informative review from Smart Dory! My boyfriend and I had the most amazing time dining at Markus for his birthday. The restaurant was very nicely decorated with warm, soft lightings. The staff was very attentive and the food was great. A perfect place for couples to dine for a romantic meal and family friendly.

    1. I am happy to know you enjoyed your romantic celebration dinner at Markus. It must be a perfect date night for you both. Thanks for reading!

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