Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court 1

Amico Italian Food – The Jetty Food Court

Amico Italian Food – The Jetty Food Court

NKOB Amico Italian Food is the latest addition to The Jetty Food Court.

For tourists and locals, the Jetty Food Court is a convenient and comfortable place to sample some local food in the Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site.

When we went, we saw several western tourists and enjoyed the hawker centre-wide variety of cheap street food.

There are a lot of stalls here to try from. Some of the notable stalls we have tried and liked are the Chinese Chu Char, Thai, Vietnamese, and BBQ style Smoke Papa.

We wanted to order the smoked brisket, alas there wasn’t any that night! Perhaps we will come back another trip for the tender, juicily smoked pork slab cuts.

Beers, fruit juice and drinks are at reasonable prices.

The car park is a bit of a challenge during rush hours, but if you go in the early evenings when the weather is more relaxed – Armenian Street/ Beach Street is an excellent area to park and walk.

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

The Jetty Food Court at the junction of Weld Quay and Armenian Street, Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site, Penang.

How to Order at Amico Italian Food – The Jetty Food Court

With a wide range of cuisines to choose from you can do a site recce of the food court and

pick a table.

Order from whichever stall you fancy.

The Kopitiam Guys will go to your table to take your drink orders.

You only pay for your food when they serve it at your table.

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Amico Italian Food Main Menu – Pasta & Pizza

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Amico Italian Food Snack Special Menu

My Memories of Italian Highway Rest Stops Meals

I remember getting some delicious Italian food eating Italian highway rest stops in the 90s.

Italians would stop and drop everything for lunch.

I can’t agree more and miss the beloved Autogrill that American visitors to Italy praise their worthy food options.

In the 90s, I had my first taste of factory-made products served effectively at a convenient stop on a tour or road trip.

While everyone else frowns, I was blown over by the meats and vegetable dishes served in the buffet like Autogrill outlets.

Purveyors of fine food baulked at rest stop dining, which required little skill to prepare, reduced waste, and maximised profits – I was just overjoyed to be in Italy.

I visited Amico Italian Food – I was lulled into old memories of eating Roasted Chicken or Beef with a side dish of cooked veggies or a Calzone heavily toasted on the panini press.

What’s not to like about bits of mozzarella, pesto and pasta.

Amico Italian Food by renowned Chef Fat Fong

One of my best first meals of 2021 at Penang’s newest eatery, Amico Italian Food.

It was a great meal and a good catch up with Chef Fat Fong.

I’m happy to be back to eating Penang food and checking out new eateries.

What We Ordered at Amico Italian Food

We had 2 different main meals at RM19.90 each with two snacks RM12.00 – RM14.00

We decided to go porky at Amico.

With a choice of a Red Sauce, a White or Spaghetti Aglio e olio, the logical choice would be to go for a failsafe classic!

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Amico Italian Food – Pasta and Pizzas

Sio Bak Spaghetti Carbonara RM19.90

A spaghetti carbonara recipe – you can’t go wrong with simplicity.

The Carbonara is an Italian pasta dish from Rome made with egg, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper.

The purist may argue about the number of egg yolks and whole eggs in the recipe or how much-grated cheese to stir in, or the cranks of pepper.

The addition of Sio Bak (Roasted Pork) is a nice touch.

You could feel the passion Chef Fats pour into the pasta just by looking at the presentation.

You want the sauce to cling to every strand of pasta and not drown in it.

Chef Fats does this perfectly.

We love Sio Bak, so it is good.

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Sio Bak Spaghetti Carbonara RM19.90

Sio Bak Pizza RM19.90

What’s not to like about Sio Bak and pizza? Lots of melty cheese, black olives and a super biscuit-like crust.


Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Sio Bak Pizza RM19.90

Bacon-Wrapped Sausage RM14.00

In the UK, small sausages wrapped in bacon are referred to as “pigs in blankets”. These are a traditional accompaniment to a Christmas Roast Turkey dinner.

The Bacon Wrapped Sausage are a perfect appetiser to munch on. The bacon is crispy, and the sausages have nice.

I tried dipping these in tomato sauce and mayo. In the end, I like to munch on these to get the maximum flavour.

I’m a purist when it comes to food and seldom eat it with any sauces except for Classic Ranch Dressing for my salads.

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Bacon-Wrapped Sausage RM14.00

Salt & Pepper Squid RM12.00

The Squid seasoned with Salt & Pepper, coated with flour and deep-fried.

It tasted fresh without being rubbery and great to snack on.

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Salt & Pepper Squid RM12.00

Review of Amico Italian Food – The Jetty Food Court

Overall, the food experience is good, tasty at a reasonable price.

You can choose from the variety on the menu – I was secretly looking for Pesto.

The speedy service coupled with friendly staff.

I was very impressed by The Jetty Food Court’s cleanliness – one of the cleanest places to have your meal.

It practices good SOP, and the toilets are clean and dry.

We went in the evening for an early dinner, and it wasn’t too packed as it was drizzling.

Lots of stalls to choose from. Service was quick, and the food is tasty.

I would recommend Amico for an excellent Italian meal out without breaking the bank.

Amico Italian Food - The Jetty Food Court

Do you see Pac-Man?

Date of visit: January 2021

Amico Italian Food – The Jetty Food Court
49-F, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Penang
Operating Hours: 10.00 am to 12 am
Telephone: : 011-1143 7178


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