Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Super Smart Money Saver – Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Super Smart Money Saver – Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Time to check out the Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package – It’s been a whole year since I went for a massage.

I wanted to try a new place with the following criteria

  • strict SOP protocol
  • a blissful spa pampering treatment
  • eat satay (really, really!)

So, after checking out a few places, the Angsana Spa seems to fit the bill for an ideal afternoon treat.

My go-to is a Thai massage place downtown.

After a year of not going for treatments, I shudder to think of going for an intense workout.

Thai Massage Treatment Is Different From Javanese Massage

The Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is a traditional therapy combining assisted yoga postures.

The Thai masseuse normally uses her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches.

She will apply deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure.

Generally, an intense workout.

Angsana Spa @ Angsana Teluk Bahang

The Senja Aman Wellness Centre assessable via the overhead pedestrian bridge (Level 3) is set to open by the third quarter of 2021.

The resort’s award-winning Angsana Spa offers guests “Sanctuary of the Senses” – a place for physical, mental, and spiritual renewal.

The Spa located on Level 4 of the Wellness Centre comprises eight treatment rooms with ensuite shower facilities for added privacy (five couple and three single rooms) and a signature Rainmist Therapy Room with a steam room facility.

The Spa engages a non-clinical and holistic approach using Asian and Traditional healing therapies and a fusion of East and West massage techniques.

Therapists are professionally trained at the Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Thailand, China, and Indonesia.

Guests can select locally made handicrafts, vibrant resort apparel and signature spa amenities and take home the Angsana experience at the Angsana Gallery, located on the resort Lobby Level.

Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Massage

I decided to kick start the new year and spend time reviewing my first-quarter goals in the quiet of my mind.

My treat to myself for another lap around the sun is the Angsana Spa Massage – touted as the Javanese Glow package.

Time to step back, slow down and let nature heal my body.

I could sense the moment as I step in.

The Javanese Glow Package was perfect.

Penang aunty, like me, love a good offer (valid until 31 March 2021)
There were 2 to choose from

  • Individual RM350
  • Couple RM650

The Javanese Glow Package is valid until 31 March 2021 and includes

  • A 60 minutes Javanese massage session (worth RM450)
  • Complimentary Harmony Massage Oil (worth RM100)
  • Complimentary Satay Lilit (worth RM38)
  • 20% Off Selected Angsana Gallery Products.

I went to the Angsana Gallery, did some shopping, and paid for my package to start my session.

Currently, the Angsana Spa operates with four treatment rooms on Level 2 of the Kerongsang Wing.

I met my lovely Therapist, who took me to the treatment room.

The moment I change, I knew I was in a different calibre of Spa.

The little package of rectangular high-quality ladies disposable underwear feels like soft, seamless boys briefs – not those paper cheap elasticated waist and thigh underwear that cuts into your flesh.

Wearing those felt like girls, drawers or bloomers.

In fact, the disposable undies were so comfortable that I wanted to buy from the spa for my travels.

Apparently, it is made in Thailand, and there wasn’t any for sale.

Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package RM350 (Individual) RM650 (Couple) Valid until 31 March 2021

What Is Traditional Javanese Massage?

For the past few years, I have been going for a hard Thai massage.

After a year of working from home and without much exercise, I felt sluggish.

My neck, back, arms and finger feel sore from long hours of writing at my dining table.

My last massage was in 2020, and I badly needed to retune my body – recalibrate myself.

My therapist sprays some hand sanitiser on my hands before I changed.

She waited patiently outside, and I only need to knock on the door, and she will enter the room.

The room has a wardrobe and a hotel safe for your valuable.

Not to worry, the therapist will remind you to remove your watch and store that with your purse in the safe.

Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package – Another Massage Therapy To Try Out!

I used to have a “go-to” for massage therapy.

This time based on the reviews I read and recommendations form the hotel staff; I was excited to try something I’ve never done before.

I’ve tried different massages in the new countries I visited, some as I recall with hilarious consequences.

One massage place in Hue, Vietnam, looked pristine, but the vicinity’s location and shops looked dodgy.

While Thailand often offers the best in terms of the overall experience, the masseurs have varying level of experiences.

I decided to try the Traditional Javanese Massage for relaxation.

Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

What Is Traditional Javanese Massage?

Traditional Javanese massage is an old, ancient technique that originates from Indonesia.

Because of the highly intense strokes involved in this technique, the Javanese massage can be categorised as deep tissue therapy.

A therapist trained in Javanese massage will know how to use all hand parts when massaging a patient.

In Javanese massage, every part of the hand (including the knuckles) is used to massage the body, and this is one of the biggest distinctions between Javanese and other massage types.

Javanese massage is typically done using oils.

The oils help reduce friction and makes for a more comforting experience.

My therapist is a little shy but well trained.
The moment she touched me, she knew where to find the knots and use her thumb and fingers to pressure and circle the various muscles.

I felt the massage predominantly about pushing and stroking – a characteristic motion common to Javanese massage.

What’s The Purpose Of A Javanese Massage?

The belief is that “air or wind” accumulates in the body over time, causes toxicity.

The “winds” are responsible for causing all sorts of aches and pains to one’s physical wellbeing.

The purpose of Javanese massage is to release the body of these “airs and winds” – the technique is performed at such a high intensity to aid this process.

What Does A Javanese Massage Feel Like?

My Javanese massage experience feels very relaxing and calming.

My therapist used a soft approach; she checks if the intensity is too soft, too hard, or just nice.

I wanted a relaxing soft massage, and we both agreed that I needed to sleep as I have insomnia.

She started with almost feather like long strokes to warm up.

Later she moved gently with long strokes that pull, stretch, and pushed.

What Are Some Of The Things I Should Do Both Before/After A Javanese Massage?

Before going for a Javanese massage, you need to hydrate.

Angsana provided a big mug of pure carrot juice, which was invigorating.

My therapist checked to ensure that I stay well hydrated.

As the massage is deep tissue, hydration becomes especially important for muscles to be more pliable and easier to manipulate.

I only remember her working on my neck and upper back before drifting off to a night of deep sleep.

What Are The Benefits Of A Javanese Massage?

Because it’s a highly intense technique, one of the Javanese massage’s main benefits is pain relief.

After my massage, my entire body felt warm, and I could feel my heart beating fast as if I went running.

I woke up refreshed, alert and surprisingly hungry.
I had a cheesecake before my session thinking I’ll burp during my massage or feel queasy lying on my stomach.

However, I felt terrific, relaxed, and enjoyed my food.

Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Smart Dory – happy, relaxed after a massage, enjoying Sate Lilit in the treatment room.

Satay Lilit (Minced Meat Satay)

The sate is believed to have originated from Java, Indonesia

Sate Lilit is a popular dish from the Island of Bali.

I remember my trip to Bali and consuming lots of the meat on lemongrass skewers.

The word “Lilit” roughly means “wrap around”.

The minced meat is usually wrapped around the skewers.

Many variations of the meats used and can be chicken, mutton, beef, or seafood.

Sate Lilit is made by grinding the meat with spices and coconut until it forms a sticky paste.

The paste is wrapped around the lower part of flat, wide skewers made from bamboo or lemongrass.

The Satay Lilit is grilled over a charcoal fire and then served with either a sweet soy chilli or peanut dipping sauce.

It can be served as a side dish or a main dish at lunch or dinner.

For the 6 plump Satay Lilit – my snack, it was served with prawn crackers (another favourite)

Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

Complimentary Satay Lilit (worth RM38)

After my mini-meal and tea, I found that my body expelled the wind immediately.

I mentioned to my Therapist, and she just smiled sweetly, “it means your body is working well to release the accumulated toxins.”

Whenever you go for a massage, remember that the massage is supposed to relax you, not hurt you.

You can ask the therapist to take it down a notch if it is too intense for you.

Most people “go with the flow”,, which isn’t necessarily the best approach to massage as our bodies build differently.

Because of this, the intensity, technique, or the therapist doesn’t work for everyone!

I hope you take this advice seriously.

As for me, I had a wonderful session and went home to a deep, deep, restful sleep.

As it is a deep tissue massage, I still feel tired and sleepy the next day, knowing full well that my body will restore and rebuild when I sleep.

For spa aficionados, you may want to check out the promotions below.

If you love the scent of the Angsana Signature hair and body care essentials – you can enjoy 20% off when you purchase the Angsana Essential Collection products now, including free delivery for purchases above RM300.

Super Smart Money Saver - Angsana Spa Javanese Glow Package

20% Off Selected Angsana Gallery Products.

Gifts perfect for all occasions!

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