6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

6 Fun Street Art Murals In Selangor For Your Instagram

6 Fun Street Art Murals In Selangor For Your Instagram

You will be surprised to find Street Art Murals in Selangor that is instagrammable for a fun day out.

Surprisingly there are many street art murals that you can visit in Selangor.

I bet you didn’t know that!

Street arts can help the tourism industry by simply turning disused areas into tourist attraction areas.

Here is the list of Street Art Murals in Selangor you can enjoy.

Let’s visit Klang Valley and Shah Alam, where the street arts featured are picture-perfect and well-loved by visitors.

1 Laman Seni 7, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

LAMAN SENI 7 is a continuation of Laman Seni 2 in Section 7, Shah Alam, close to i-City, is a creative and beautiful place for visitors to appreciate the murals.

Shah Alam City Council (MBSA completed this area) to change commercial and industrial sites’ back lanes into safe, clean, and quiet environments.

They decorated various 3D art forms –

  • 3D Drawing
  • 3D Installation
  • Street Furniture

This Street Art 7 features the three concepts.

  • Shah Alam
  • Community
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Green Concept
6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

Image: Laman Seni Facebook

2 Laman Seni 2, Seksyen 2, Shah Alam

In Shah Alam, Laman Seni 2, Section 2 was the starting point for street arts.

Later this creative wave of artwork continued to Laman Seni 7.

The theme for the artworks at Laman Seni 2 is ‘back to school.’

Get ready to breathe in the air of school day nostalgia, where you are greeted by a chair hanging on the wall, a bas Sekolah (school bus), and even animal paintings.

You can enjoy some snacks at a nearby food court when you want to take a break from taking happy snaps of the murals.

6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

Image: Tripadvisor

3 Safari Jejak Warisan, Klang

If you visit the Royal Klang Town, you must stop at Klang’s old town, where many shops sell various Indian communities.

Visitors can stop by to take pictures of the exciting murals with the “Safari” theme along the back alleys of shops in the old town of Klang.

Datuk Zainal Abidin Abu Hassan officiated this mural art on 5 June 2020, where you will be fascinated by various types of animal paintings as if you are at a real safari.

6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

“Safari” theme street art murals along the back alley at night. Image: Selangor Eng Choon Association Facebook

4 Sasaran Art, Kuala Selangor

Since 2008, the Sasaran Art Organization has organized several large-scale art festivals every three years to create street art exposure.

There are various paintings on the outdoor and indoor walls in which visitors can take pictures.

With the Selangor State Government’s support, a 2-story art gallery named “Kuala Selangor Sasaran Art Gallery,” an art center holds local and international exhibitions and festivals to promote culture and the arts.

6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

A giant mural of a rainbow monitor lizard! Image: Amanda Gan

5 Mural Jalan Kenari, Puchong

This mural area is at Jalan Kenari 5, Puchong, and decorated with various mural paintings behind the old buildings on the road.

They completed this mural artwork by 103 final year students from The One Academy, Subang Jaya, within six days.

The murals showcase the beauty and elements of the Malaysian cultures and portray the uniqueness of the country.

6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

Murals depicting local warungs by students of The One Academy shows a colorful slice of Malaysian life.

6 Kuala Kubu Bahru Mural (KKB), Hulu Selangor

Kuala Kubu Bharu town in Hulu Selangor is about 70km from Kuala Lumpur city center.

The town offers extreme sports such as paragliding, water tubing, white-water rafting, and other nature activities.

Check the street art area featuring paintings on the walls of the old buildings in the KKB area.

Forty students and staff from ALFA College completed the eight mural paintings in 2014 with which they describe the urban life in KKB.

6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

The 40 students and staff from ALFA College who took part in the KKB mural painting project in 2014. Image: ALFA International College.


Street Art Murals In Selangor

To sum up, this street mural or Street Art is not only impressive, but visitors can fill their photo memories with pictures of unusual 3D paintings, a mix of images with furniture, unique-themed paintings, and many more.

Street art provides an opportunity for talented artists and painters to display painting ideas on the buildings’ walls, turning these into tourist attraction areas.

6 Street Art Murals In Selangor To Instagram Brag

Vibrant hues wrap around buildings liven up back alleys injecting art into the local scenes.

Tourism Selangor advises visitors to maintain physical and social distancing and follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the Government to prevent any COVID-19 virus transmission.

For more information, please log on to the official website of Tourism Selangor at Selangor.Travel


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