Pentagon 5 Studio @ Penang Precinct 10

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang

Pentagon 5 Studio is a Western restaurant in nearby Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

The last time I was at Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang, the location was another café.

We had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant and wanted a place to chill over cakes and coffee.

The other outlets that we used to hang out have changed.

Perhaps I’ve been away from Penang too long, or maybe I just eat at the same place all the time.

Hippy but Empty

I like the minimalist deco of Pentagon 5 Studio.

The interior of the Cafe is modern and straightforward, with hanging light bulbs and bare cement floors.

I rather like the use of metal, wood, expanded metal mesh, and rebar are reminders of my days in architecture.

Alas, it was almost empty save for three tables on the Monday night that we went.


From what I’ve heard about their better-known branch Raja Uda Butterworth, – this instagramable café serves decent fusion Western, local, and Thai delicacies, meals to cakes, coffees, and soft serves.

I might head here the next trip home to check out the food items.


We ordered some coffees, and these are decent except for the smallish serves.

The hot and cold beverages were about the cup size at different prices.

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang_Hot Long Black

Hot Long Black

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang_Iced Long Black

Iced Long Black


There were four cakes available, and we tried 3 of them as we didn’t fancy having a New York Cheese Cake.

The Mississippi Mud Cake and Devil Chocolate Cake are rather decadent and lovely.

We were in the mood for a sweet taste of sin and ordered Pentagon’s version of an Almond Tiramisu Cake balanced in a crunch with glazed almond nuts.

The classic Italian dessert Tiramisu is typically made with light, fluffy Italian sponge finger biscuits called Savoiardi or Lady Fingers with combined with a cream made of cream cheese, mascarpone, powdered sugar, and Kahlua (a coffee-flavored liqueur from Mexico).

This version was made with a sponge cake instead!

And the thing which is sorely missing is the “cake” being soaked in a combination of espresso, Kahlua, and sugar.

Well, I suppose you could sting on the alcohol and use a Strongly-brewed coffee like an Espresso instead, but this cake lacks the fundamentals to be called a proper Tiramisu.

The mixed candied nut sprinkle on top is a nice touch but is not in any way traditional.

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang_Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang_Almond Tiramisu

Almond Tiramisu

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10

Soft Serve

Matcha Soft Serve is excellent, with the taste of the mild flavor of Matcha is not too strong, and which is not too sweet.

Aside from the ice-cream, we were eyeing the Mojito Jugs, which can serve 4 for RM39.

After the Almond Tiramisu, we were wondering if the mixture percentage of the alcohol may be on the lower side.

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10 Penang_Matcha Soft Serve

Matcha Soft Serve


The service at Pentagon 5 Studio is polite. We did order a drink each, but it would be nice if they also served us some plain water to take away the sweetness.

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Precinct 10

Review of Pentagon 5 Studio

Pentagon 5 Studio is a spacious, comfy modern restaurant with both indoor and al fresco dining to enjoy a meal and beverages with family or friends.

Pentagon 5 Studio @ Penang Precinct 10
10-C-20, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjong Tokong
10470 Tanjong Tokong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-890 0225



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